Review Analytics from alaTest is a set of market intelligence tools that makes it possible to track and analyze reviews from consumers and experts on any product.

Review Monitoring - monitor product launches

  • Dynamically track local and international reviews for recently launched products.
  • Access the full content from your selection of review sources with daily updates.
  • Understand what consumers and experts really think of your (and your competitors) products and interpret how they compare with an easy to use, visual dashboard.
  • Drill down to analyze on brand, product range, categories, individual product or even feature level.
  • Quickly identify issues to plan corrective actions and decrease return rates.
  • Re-calibrate product launch activities based on early reviews and feedback.

Review Insights – analyze your current position

  • Access & analyze all reviews for a category of products with historical data.
  • Create benchmark reports to understand how brands, products or features compare with competitors over time.
  • Monitor trends in reviews to create actionable marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Identify features or language that resonates with customers. Base marketing activities or product development on what customers like/dislike.
  • Reduce market research costs.
  • Improve the performance of your product portfolio.


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