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Digital Photo Frame Reviews

Updated: May 22, 2015 10:26
alaAverage 2.7

Pictorea Pro Bluetooth 10.4" - Black Wood

I purchased one of these and found that the random function does not work and more importantly, when you put it into standby or switch off, it will always restart at the beginning and not where you left off. So, if you have hundreds or thousands of...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7

Largus Fun.Vu KC1.5S 1.5-Inch Key Chain Digital Picture Frame (Silver)

The software for this picture frame was not easy to use and did not work on my daughter's computer (I bought it as a gift for her). I was also disappointed that it held so few photos.

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7

Westinghouse DPF-0703

I own 2 other digital photo frames made by a different company, and you can't compare how the pictures look in them. With my westighouse frame every picture comes out clear and has amazing color. My other 2 frames the pictures are more blurry, and...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7

Sungale ZA701 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame (Black)

I received this product as a gift. It displays pictures nicely and is easy to set up.. but I had to give it 2 stars for a few reasons. It advertises that it holds 2,000 pictures and it only held 105 pictures of mine. My picture sizes aren't that...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7
alaAverage 2.7

Audiovox DPF1000

I returned this product. It is advertised with a resolution of 800x600, when in fact the resolution is 640x480. The item worked well, the interchangeable frame was nice, but I felt that it was overpriced with that lower resolution. I explained to...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7

Media Street 7" Pure eMotion Digital Picture Frame (White)

The image quality leaves something to be desired. It's a novelty. If you want to display sharp crisp prints: print the picture out and display in a nice frame. The software is cumbersome and not what you would expect with today's one-click gagets.

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7

Visuo 1.1" Heart-Shaped Pink Digital Picture Frame Keychain

Don't waste your money on this. Not only is the 1/8 postage stamp size image as small as it is, the clarity of the images, are well..NONEXISTENT(and that's being kind). I haven't sampled any other digital keychains, but if this is any example of what...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 2.7

Westinghouse DPF-0702 7-Inch

Bought 4 of these for Christams last year $80each. @ have since broken shortly after 6 month warranty was up! Westinghouse does not care and can't even tell me where to get it repaired!!!! HOrrible customer service!! Do not buy!!

2 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Ceiva LF3000

I was just shopping for yet another Ceiva to give to my sister as a wedding present (2nd marriage) and began reading the reviews others have written. Well, I am not going to review the obviously "planted" negative reviews, but I am going to review...

29 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Sungale 14" Digital Frame

It can detect external hardisk but cannot see what is in it.and cannot play slide show. It does not have a very user friendly software.

5 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Smartparts SP800B 8-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame

The frame looks good, is well designed, very easy to use. The photos look great. I loaded the pictures on a SD memory card, plugged it in the unit, and the frame operated flawlessly. You can display the photos a number of different ways, controlled by...

13 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

PhotoShare 2.4-Inch Digital Photo Album

At first I was disappointed with this item as it would not easily set up with the pictures that I wanted to use. However, after figuring out how to properly enter the pictures as a thumbnail set, the album worked perfectly. My wife carries the album...

13 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Westinghouse DPF-1021

This widescreen photo frame from Westinghouse has terrific photo quality and plenty of slide-show effects, with the ability to view multiple images at oncebut you'll pay a premium.

2 expert reviews | 33 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Fujifilm Finepix REAL 3D V1

I got this a few days ago, saw it for 400gbp when it first launched, kept an eye on the price and was tempted when I saw it for 320gbp, but glad I waited as I just bought for 199gbp from my local store. It is unique so difficult to compare to anything...

1 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Pandigital PAN7001W01 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame (Black)

This review is for the Pandigital frame in general. I have the 7inch, and it's 7 inches -- diagonally, as all digital screens are measured (think Television dimensions or computer monitor). The difference you are probably noticing in viewing is the...

120 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

7" Widescreen PhotoShare 7D Digital Photo Frame (Silver/Transparent)

PROS: 1. It's so easy that my mother spend hours looking at her granddaughter with no problems. 2. Very portable, my mother carries it to work so she can show off her granddaughter. CONS: 1. DOES NOT read 4GB SD Card

86 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Smartparts SP70MW 7-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame with OptiPix Software

The new digital frame gave me the opportunity to see my favorite photos any time. It is so easy to set up and even to change the pictures frequently. I enjoy putting old family photos showing on mine when different family sets are coming over. They all...

30 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

NEXTAR 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame with Slide Show and Music Function

When the descriptions reads: This product is compatible with SD, MMC, MS Card and jump drives and includes the following accessories: remote control, AC Adaptor, USB Cable and AV Cable What it really is saying is: This product has no built in memory...

19 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Innova - 8" Digital Photo Frame - Espresso

I have had my Innova Digital Frame for 2+ years, and have used it often. During the past 2 months, the pictures are coming out upside down, sideways, now the thing is flashing through 4 pictures rapidly, then repeating the upside down, etc. pictures at...

13 user reviews

alaAverage 2.6

Royal PF141

Given this Royal Digital Picture Album Travel Clock as a gift PF141. Clock works, but that is all. Loaded software, my PC with Windows Vista couldn't see the device. Uninstalled, reinstalled,unhooked, rehooked, etc., but no go. Then I read these...

7 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Smartparts SPDPF70E

Compared to the Smartparts SP72, this unit requires some care & handling. It couldn't process full-size JPEG files (5-7 MB) with any speed at all. I had to resize the files to under 1 MB and reload before it could process them for a slideshow with...

37 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Royal PF56

If you are standing more than four feet away it is not a bad thing to look at. You can see the picture just fine, but if you come closer you will notice very quickly that the resolution is very low and you cannot make out any detailed features of the...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

MagicDots Portable Ultra-thin 10.1 Inch HD 1024*768 4:3 Widescreen LED...

All in all a lovely screen and perfect size for me. I use it to scroll through pictures of the kids and holidays etc on a table in the porch and its great for it. This unit comes from China and so delivery will generally be about 2-3 weeks. I had some...

2 user reviews



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