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Nintendo DS Game Reviews

Updated: Sep 16, 2014 09:04
alaScore 93

Radiant Historia- NDS

An almost flawless game, Radiant Historia is everything I hope for in a modern-day portable RPG...

14 expert reviews | 13 user reviews

alaScore 93

NDS LEGO Batman 2

Again, the collectathon component is what will get most people over the line, or for Batman fans...

7 expert reviews

alaScore 93

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2- NDS

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell is a regular contributor to GameShark and is the cohost of Jumping the...

24 expert reviews

alaScore 93

Kingdom Hearts Re: coded- NDS

Not content to tell the tales of battles fought and won, the Kingdom Hearts franchise continues...

49 expert reviews | 28 user reviews

alaScore 92

Mario Kart DS (DS)

If you've ever been the proud owner of a Nintendo system, or have at least befriended somebody...

83 expert reviews | 1148 user reviews

alaScore 92

New Super Mario Bros. [European] (DS)

As many Internet reviewers have commented, the necessity of number scoring is understandable but...

76 expert reviews | 443 user reviews

alaScore 92

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem- NDS

Unless you desperately want the new level editor, I'd think it's more of a level pack, and then...

21 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaScore 92

The World Ends With You (DS)

It's pleasing to see that Square Enix--despite having the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and...

66 expert reviews | 56 user reviews

alaScore 92

Puzzle Quest 2 - NDS

Like peanut butter and chocolate or French fries and ice cream, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the...

25 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 92

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future- NDS

The Professor Layton games occupy a brilliant little niche in the puzzle game genre, delivering...

13 expert reviews

alaScore 92

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (DS)

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth gets a lot of things right in its new take on the...

45 expert reviews | 33 user reviews

alaScore 92

de Blob 2- NDS

The game also introduces a few side-scrolling segments to keep things fresh, but on the whole...

21 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 91

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS)

Ecclesia steps outside the castle walls and summons one of the greatest Castlevania titles in years.

33 expert reviews | 11 user reviews

alaScore 91

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation- NDS

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation marks the first time this role-playing classic has reached...

13 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 91

Pok?mon Conquest (DS)

In Japan, the announcement that Tecmo Koei was working on a new Pokémon game came as quite a...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS)

As brilliant as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was when it was released 11 years ago, Konami...

59 expert reviews | 41 user reviews

alaScore 91

Pokemon SoulSilver- DS

It's absurd how many variations of the Pokemon role-playing games have been released since the...

17 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 91

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (DS)

Nintendo had moderate success with Rhythm Paradise on Nintendo DS, yet Elite Beat Agents failed...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Big Bang Mini (DS)

Beautiful visuals, great music, exciting gameplay, and an innovative control scheme make Big Bang...

33 expert reviews | 14 user reviews

alaScore 91

InFamous 2

But these are minor issues that are nothing but a thorn in the grand scheme of things. Infamous 2...

9 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (DS)

Mario may have bigger adversaries to tussle with these days, but sometimes, age-old conflicts...

41 expert reviews | 56 user reviews

alaScore 91

Kirby Mass Attack (DS)

Creativity and innovation make this touch-centric Kirby adventure a must-play.

11 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Zuma's Revenge (DS)

Zuma’s Revenge is not a terrible deal on DSiWare at $7.99, but the retail release at $19.99 seems...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Pokemon White Version 2 (DS)

Look no further - the perfect realization of Pokémon on the DS has arrived.

4 expert reviews



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