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DVD Player Reviews

Updated: Jul 2, 2015 10:34
alaAverage 5


I bought this mount to mount my BenQ W1070 in my low ceiling basement. My ceiling is only 7 feet so I needed a low profile mount to get my 106" screen as close to the ceiling as possible. With the large bottom of the mount I was able to hit 2 of the 3...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

QVS 1-Meter 30-Pin Male to Female Dock Extension Cable for iPod, iPhone...

I ordered this when I bought my 8" tablet. I've used it for a couple months now, and it's holding up really well. The pen works fine. It's stylish and doesn't look like a toy. Good weight, typical of a metal pen. The only real con is that the rubber...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Titanic (DVD)

My first interest in Titanic was in terms of the ship itself and on how and why it sank. In many ways albeit for the appalling loss of life it did lead to ships sailing with enough life preservers and boats for the entire ship and not for roughly 1/3...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Polaroid PDVD-318

For the price, this dvd player is excellent and was an ideal gift for my 8 year old daughter, it is relatively easy to use but reading the instructions first before use is recommended as it differs slightly to other platers that you would use...

10 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Safe - Blu Ray

Statham back on form and about time !

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Sony DVP-FX770

Great DVD player for watching on the plane. Has 2 sockets for 2 sets of headphones. Good quality picture and 4 hour battery life is very good.

7 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Vivo HDMI to HDMI 10m Dual Shielded High Speed Gold Plated Cable for use with...

price branded ones unless it them ones that can't do 1080.

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Fringe Season 2

The first season of J.J Abrams' Fringe was a real pleasant surprise for me a while back when I borrowed it from a friend and proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable modern update of past shows like 'The X-Files' while bringing in it's own mythology around...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Back to the Future Trilogy Bluray

At long last we can cross the Back to the Future trilogy off our most wanted Blu-ray list. Its high-def presentation tops anything before it and there are scads of bonus materials, both new and old, to comb through. The packaging is a step up from...

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Home Alone Bluray

very impressed with this bluray version,had a few dvd copies that were poor,not much better than vhs,the colours are excellent and the sound is much better,this is the way it was meant to be seen,go buy it!

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Grey's Anatomy: Season 5

Cried most of the way through this season, particularly the final two episodes.

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Once Upon a Time in America [Blu-ray]

I Dont watch gangster films as a rule and i went to the cinema with my friend who was desperate to see it .i am and always will be thankful he took me as it was one of the most wonderful films i have ever watched its a story about friendship and his...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Forbidden Planet [Blu-ray]

One of the BIGGIE'S of Science Fiction cinema Forbidden Planet is undeniably one of the most iconic and influential genre films ever made and what's even more impressive is the fact that it dates all the way back to 1956 and still works just as well...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

The Inbetweeners Series 3 DVD

A must have show on DVD all 3 series are amazingly hilarious!! Brilliant cast full of amazing talent, you will be wetting yourself after every episode I promise, if you dont have this its essential comedy gold!!! Buy them.

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Galaxy Quest (Blu-ray)

fun, laughs and great visuals, the very best sci-fi spoof you can buy............ever

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5
alaAverage 5

Con Air (Blu-Ray)


5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Denon DBP 4010UDCI

Overall, the DBP-4010UDCI succeeds at being an excellent universal disc player. The player handled every disc I threw at it with relative ease. The biggest weakness to the DBP-4010UDCI is its overall responsiveness. If the DBP-4010UDCI will only be...

4 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Labyrinth (Blu-Ray)

I think that is one of the best 80's film with the goonies. I have a question, can someone confirm that have the spanish languages??

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Sherlock Bluray

Even if your're not a fan of sherlock holmes you will still love this. It's very funny and very cleverly done, Sherlock has skills similar to the mentalist and is very clever. Sherlock and Watson work brilliantly together and are so funny. I am...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Yellowstone BluRay

A superb transfer to Bluray and a superbly crafted film. Both entertaining and moving. Highly recommended.

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Elyxio 2200S

For people serious about sanitization and who want a steam cleaner that they can use several hours a week, we highly recommend the Ladybug 2200S TANCS. It's amazing ability to kill germs, bacteria and more, while lifting dirt, removing stains and...

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Apollo 13 Bluray

This is the true story of the fated Apollo 13 Mission where Houston control centre has to bring back to Earth the crippled spacecraft whilst the world watches on helplessly. A fire in the space module some 200,000 miles from Earth and unbelievable...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Notorious Blu-ray

While today's films try desperately to tell more than one tale and tend to wind up with mashed-up, cobbled-together messes.

2 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Monsters inc (Blu-Ray)

Blu-ray all zone

5 user reviews


    Buying Guide

    Buying Guide - DVD Players

    DVDs remain the most popular option for home entertainment, and having a good DVD player is crucial to getting the most enjoyment out of this format. Compared to other electronics, DVD players are very reasonably priced, which has ensured their lasting popularity. After the television itself, the centerpiece of most home entertainment systems is the DVD player.


    Types of DVD Players

    Blu-ray – For anyone determined to have the very best in quality and display clarity, high-definition Blu-ray technology is the current cutting edge for DVD players. Blu-ray offers 1080p video display, the highest resolution available. The added performance comes at a premium, as both Blu-ray DVD players and the discs are more expensive than standard, but the greater resolution is well worth the price to many consumers. Blu-ray DVD players are fully compatible with standard DVDs, so there is no need for an additional player.

    Standard – Standard format DVD players remain a sizable portion of the market, and many consumers are satisfied with the display clarity of these DVD players. Some newer models, when used in concert with an HD television, provide image quality that is close to that of Blu-ray. Standard DVD players come at a sharp discount compared to Blu-ray models.

    Portable – Portable DVD players let you watch movies and television programs while on the go. Perfect for kids in the car, to relieve the boredom of air travel, or for anyone on a long vacation, portable units include the DVD player and a display screen (5”-10” is the norm).

    What to Look for in a DVD Player

    Play Options: DVD players provide you with a number of different ways to control the display, depending on the model. You can choose from several different aspect ratios, from the common 4:3 to widescreen 16:10. You can zoom in and out of the action. There are several different speed settings, allowing fast-forward and slow-motion replay. Some players are compatible with multi-angle replay, although this requires discs that have been produced with this function in mind.

    Disc Capacity: Portable and entry-level units will only have room for one disc at a time, but more robust models feature a carousel that can hold several (usually three to five) DVDs. This reduces the need to change discs when selecting among programs to watch.

    Format Compatibility: Most DVD players can play more than just DVDs. They may also play CDs, CD-ROMs, CD and DVD-R/RW, Windows Media Audio and JPEG files, and more. Look for a higher-end model if you are interested in flexibility and a more expansive range of format compatibility.

    Popular DVD Player Brands

    There are a number of names that you would expect to be listed among the outstanding manufacturers of DVD players. Panasonic, Philips, LG, and Pioneer are all very well-known and respected for producing high-quality DVD players at all different levels of price and performance. JVC and Samsung have distinguished themselves with their mid-range and high-end models, and they are well regarded by home theater connoisseurs. Sony is one of the innovators of the Blu-ray format, and supports it with several models across a number of different price ranges. Funai is known for its value-conscious pricing and solid performing models, while Coby has made a name for itself with a number of exceptional portable models.

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