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Panasonic DVD Players Reviews

Updated: May 24, 2018 22:56
alaScore 71

Panasonic DVD-LA95 EG-S

Picture quality is very good.

4 expert reviews | 19 user reviews

alaScore 71

Panasonic PV-D4743K Progressive-Scan DVD-VCR Combo , Black

DON'T BUY A PANASONIC!!! I've had several different Panasonic DVD players and they all died... This time I had 2 of them die on the same day. Seems like they set them up to die within a certain amount of time. I used the PV-D4743S only 3 or 4 times and...

42 user reviews

alaScore 70

Panasonic DVD A320

I've had this player for close to a year now, and it's an absolutly amazing piece of equipment. I'm very picky with things like this, and this was my third DVD player. I'd previously returned an RCA player, and a Hitachi player before settling on this...

20 user reviews

alaScore 70

Panasonic DVD-S35K

A good choice for current or future HDTV owners on a budget, this capable player also does MP3 and photos very well.

1 expert reviews | 89 user reviews

alaScore 69

Panasonic DVD C220

I've really enjoyed this player, with only small quibbles: -it has a difficult time playing CD-R media -there are no time display choices (i.e. it only displays count up) -it sometimes seems stubborn in choising a disc for removal (conversely, the...

29 user reviews

alaScore 69

Panasonic DVD A115

We have several dvd players. All work fine with all dvd's, except for this Panasonic. It will play some dvd's every time, but there are other dvd's that it will never play (and, yes, I do have the correct Region code for the dvd's). Approximately 1/3...

20 user reviews

alaScore 69

Panasonic DVD RV31S

Mine died just after the warranty period. Got the dreaded "error" message and tried everything to bring it back to life!!The new "Panasonic" is not the company of old. They sell garbage and feel little remorse. It would be easier to swallow if it was a...

95 user reviews

alaScore 69

Panasonic DVD-RV41

Just got this one. Man, the picture and sound are great! I like the ouput options on the back - standard cable or digital out. Easy to use controls on both the unit and the remote, though the remote's reaction is a but spongy... you have to PRESS and...

15 user reviews

alaScore 69

Panasonic DVDRP56

If you're looking for a bargain player with a nice set of features and you don't care about appearances, the RP56 is perfect. Otherwise, spend a little extra on something more satisfying.

1 expert reviews | 167 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DVD X410

We bought this product because we believe that DVD is the upcoming format for videos. At the same time we could use it with DIVX and regular CD's.

12 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DVD L10

I purchased my L10 2 years ago when it first came out and it has been my constant companion ever since, traveling the globe, entertaining friends at parties, this is the go anywhere DVD.

18 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DMR-E20K DVD Recorder and Player, Black

I have two of these which I purchased new in 2001-02 time frame. They both still function flawlessly, play back and record perfectly after hundreds of discs(~500+) recorded in them. On playing back DVD-Rs recorded in these in other players. If you use...

58 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DVD RP62K

I got the HO7 error code too -- supposedly means the motor has a problem. I've had this DVD player for about 4 years. I expect them to last longer than that. Also, I'm sick of the machine's delayed DVD eject -- you have to wait like 5 seconds for...

37 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DVD-S55S

Hace had this for a couple of years now. It is ok and does its job. Often goes to the setup screen which is apain to get out of when you want to watch a DVD. Buy if cheap enough but look around as this unit is nothing special.

60 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DVD S25S

Folks, this product was one of the best that I have ever purchased! Panasonic makes incredible products! The prices was wonderful and the product worked (and still does) without ANY problems/glitches/confusion...)! Wonderful product!

116 user reviews

alaScore 68

Panasonic DVD F65K

I was fortunate enough to get mine at a true steal. Someone was selling the player for twenty dollars on ebay because the remote was missing. A quick trip to the Panasonic web site yielded the product number for the remote, and another ebay search...

45 user reviews

alaScore 67

Panasonic DVD A310

Purchased in 1999. Late review here.. he unit played dvd's flawlessly for a period of 1 year and t ...

20 user reviews

alaScore 67

Panasonic DMR E20S

Have had mine for about a year now. I am amazed that is still works, just as well as when I first bought it. A few times, the recorder would fail to read blank disks correctly or record onto them. This had me scared. Then, I found out that the problem...

20 user reviews

alaScore 67

Panasonic DVD CV51

It work great Love it needed it got it all Thanks to One Problem now i do not have to get out of bed Thank you again Mr Donald Teixeira Bye Till next time

78 user reviews

alaScore 67

Panasonic DVD S25K

After a few years of normal use, my S25 player started freezing in the middle of movies. No error codes or anything would come up on the display, the picture and sound just stops while the read head tracks around trying to find itself. I've cleaned...

48 user reviews

alaScore 66

Panasonic DVD-A110 DVD Player

Bought this machine in 1998 for $600 CDN, bought it because of DTS out, which few machines at the time had. The machine runs well, I can't imagine how many discs I've watched or listened to over the years. With the advent of CD and DVD burners, ...

35 user reviews

alaScore 66

Panasonic DVD CV40

Me parece que el DVD debe ser tomado como un nuevos sistema y no permite comparación con la vida real.

12 user reviews

alaScore 66

Panasonic DVD A120

I bought this new from Sears in the Spring of 1999 and it has never given me any problems. It plays my entire CD and DVD collection. The only DVD that it refuses to play is "Never Say Never: Directors Fan Cut". Fortunately, I can play that on another...

193 user reviews

alaScore 66

Panasonic DVD CV50

With a back injury that limits mobility, I love being able to load DVD/Cd choices and let the player do most of the work! Glad we finally found one!

62 user reviews

alaScore 66

Panasonic DVD CV52EG-S


1 expert reviews | 77 user reviews


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