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Navigon GPS Reviews

Updated: Dec 1, 2015 01:38
alaScore 84

Navigon 7310

Navigon continues to enhance its 3D navigation with the competent 7310 sat-nav.

26 expert reviews | 51 user reviews

alaScore 84

Navigon 70 Premium Live

Faced with stiff competition from mobile sat-nav apps, hardware equivalents are having to up...

14 expert reviews | 997 user reviews

alaScore 83

Navigon 8110

Navigon has got some cojones, entering into the saturated UK sat-nav market after most...

36 expert reviews | 176 user reviews

alaScore 83

Navigon 70 PLUS

For some the 5" screen is going to be exactly what you want; others will prefer something a...

13 expert reviews | 1053 user reviews

alaScore 83

Navigon 2100 / 2110

Navigon's 2100 max entry-level widescreen GPS unit proves that you get what you pay for. While...

65 expert reviews | 1254 user reviews

alaScore 83

Navigon 8410

Overall we were really impressed with the basics that Navigon have got right in the 8410. The...

25 expert reviews | 245 user reviews

alaScore 82

Navigon 40 Easy GPRS

Does Navigon's new naming strategy come with groundbreaking new features?

9 expert reviews | 746 user reviews

alaScore 82

Navigon 40 Plus

Overall, the Navigon 40 Plus has to be classified as a very decent mid-range sat-nav. If you're...

7 expert reviews | 1246 user reviews

alaScore 82

Navigon 6310

We were impressed by the Navigon 6310, except for its annoyingly slow satellite fix issues of...

10 expert reviews | 165 user reviews

alaScore 82

Navigon 40 Premium LIVE

The most significant addition to the map view is Active Lane Assistant. Navigon’s Lane Assistant...

8 expert reviews | 1459 user reviews

alaScore 82

Navigon 4350 max

A great sat-nav device for those looking to get a new device but we feel it may be a bit...

16 expert reviews | 367 user reviews

alaScore 82

Navigon 8450

Navigon enters the 'Live Services' fray with its 8450 sat-nav.

14 expert reviews | 99 user reviews

alaScore 81

Navigon 1400 DACH - GPS receiver - automotive

What you ultimately end up with is a GPS that's not going to break the bank, not going to take up...

7 expert reviews | 100 user reviews

alaScore 81

Navigon 7210

Navigon's 7210 sat-nav looks impressive on paper but what's it like to use when driving about?

22 expert reviews | 57 user reviews

alaScore 81

Navigon 7100 / 7110

Though the Navigon 7100 offers some handy navigation tools and integrated Bluetooth, the...

32 expert reviews | 390 user reviews

alaScore 80

Navigon Mobile Navigator 1.5.1

Navigon MobileNavigator is a solid performer and a good choice for anyone looking for a do-it-all...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 80

Navigon 1210

I will have to agree to Bill Price's previous review. I too bought this cab on all the hype I...

16 expert reviews | 36 user reviews

alaScore 80

Navigon Mobile Navigator 4

This navigation app is actually pretty decent when compared to the other ones that are currently...

10 expert reviews | 48 user reviews

alaScore 80

Navigon 2410

Once you have chosen a destination, you are also given the option to head for a car park in the...

7 expert reviews | 383 user reviews

alaScore 80

NAVIGON 3310 max

Is the Navigon 3310 max a worthy alternative to a TomTom or Mio sat-nav? James finds out.

10 expert reviews | 218 user reviews

alaScore 80

Navigon 6350

The Live version of Clever Parking is reminiscent of the fuel prices available with other live...

7 expert reviews | 68 user reviews

alaScore 79

Navigon 1300

The NordicTrack Elite 1300 is a feature packed and formidable elliptical. It can take a user...

7 expert reviews | 69 user reviews

alaScore 79

Navigon 5110

The Navigon 5110 like its larger brother is a great device packed with some useful innovations...

15 expert reviews | 18 user reviews

alaScore 79

Navigon 2150

Navigon’s 2150max is certainly reasonable value at this price. Lane assistance, text-to-speech...

13 expert reviews | 39 user reviews

alaScore 79

Navigon 2200

The Navigon 2200T takes some time to warm up but the GPS offers a lot of bang for your buck...

15 expert reviews | 164 user reviews



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