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Philips Headphones & Headsets Reviews

Updated: Jun 21, 2018 22:55
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alaScore 77

Philips SHL5001

The Philips SHL5001 tries hard, but sound quality is sadly not really its forte. However, for a portable headphone at Rs. 1,099, its minor flaws do not really detract from its good build quality and ergonomic comfort. If you are looking for a thump...

2 expert reviews | 57 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips O'Neill SHO9575

Very well made, perfect for kids of all ages and exactly what we were looking for! Came in very quickly, perfect gift for Easter.

43 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips SHQ1007

Disappointed for sure. How can volume controls fuzz out so soon? Sweat proof? Apparently not for the volume controls! Definitely would buy some other "sweat proof" buds!

42 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips SHE8000

Looking for a budget in-ear headphones to replace your default iPod earphones? Check out what this new Philips SHE8000 we've been using for a few weeks now has to offer.

4 expert reviews | 603 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips SHN7500

The Philips SHN7500 earbud-style headphones have a unique design that's well-suited to frequent flyers, but their noise cancellation is lackluster.

9 expert reviews | 32 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips SHC1300

Philips SHC 1300 is a wireless headphone with strong reception quality from a range of upto 7 metres.

2 expert reviews | 659 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips SHE7005A

Excellent sound, fit and the button works. I didn't use the app, at all. The price is perfect for the performance. These are a better buy than anything costing $50 or more. Get several pairs of these.

1 expert reviews | 225 user reviews

alaScore 77

Philips SHQ1000

Good Product and easy to listen to. Makes my workout a lot better. Would recommend to anyone who works out.

6 expert reviews | 774 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHL9600

I wanted to get a basic headPhone for my iPod, as I broke the ipod earphones the first week. I've used this for a year now, I used it a bit rough I guess as I carry it in my bag every day while I travel to Uni by bus. The best thing about this I like...

1 expert reviews | 111 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE3600

I got these as a replacement for my old £2 earphones which stopped working after a few days. These have lasted much longer and the quality is still great. Definitely worth the money.

101 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE3680

these are a great pair of ear phones that come for abt rs700($16) and they are a great value for money.the bass is amazing!do not go for the cheap sennheiser phones as they are extremel;y not go by the reviews at all.these phones are...

22 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE9551

I searched high and low for these, this is like my 4th pair of these, so I bough the last three they had for sale on Got me an Altoids Mints Tin and put them in there, now when they fall out of my pocket, I'll hear them hit the ground. Dang...

310 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE2630

Im using these headphones for awhile..this is my second first pair got damaged by my dog. This pair isnt as good as the first...but they are still good. maybe im just being harsh because i really loved my the first pair. still a good buy

32 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE9621

These earphones do the job very well. They are a great price and give great reproduction. I have. Good ear for music and sound and have been a professional musician. I love these. This was my second purchase of these even. I loved my first pair so...

122 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE2860

I've bought this headphones because I wanted strong bass qualities. Unfortunately, the actual sound quality is inferior, as I noticed a great amount of distrotion as I've raised the volume. The bass itself is artificial, dry and not fun at all. Build...

75 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHP8900

Title may sound a bit too much, but believe me, it's really what Philips SHP 8900 headphones really are. The earpieces are really big in size so that they cover your entire ear and thus allow for a very little margin for noise. The sound clarity is...

4 expert reviews | 80 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHE4500

This is my second pair and I will purchase a third. The sound quality is great and as far as "ear buds" go, they are easy on the ears !!!

139 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHP9000

had no problems... would definitely recommend them. Very long wire (which for me is a big plus). Very comfortable as well

3 expert reviews | 31 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHS390

The Philips SHS390/98 Headphone offers best sound quality with utmost comfort and stylish looks. Philips has managed to provide comfort and quality sound together in this model with a reasonable price. Overall, it is the best choice for those, who wish...

2 expert reviews | 410 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHH3580

Philips has launched a new set of headphones, SHH3580, which are available in a variety of colors. These headphones are too comfortable for the ears, if put on for long hours. However, the headphones lack bass and thumps noticeably.

1 expert reviews | 35 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHL9300

Overall good sound and comfortable for those who wear glasses. A bit tight on the head at first. Base sound could be better.

106 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips SHB7100

Looking to free your phone from its wire-confines? The Philips SHB7100s are a highly capable offering!

3 expert reviews | 39 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips O'Neill SHO9553

The Philips In-Ear Headphones sounds great are are very comfortable to wear. It has a very balanced bass response and reproduces the music I listen to very well. Unlike so other headphones, the treble is clean and not overly bright which is what I...

261 user reviews

alaScore 76

Philips O'Neill SHO9551

These earphones have a thick cord that is covered with a material that not only protects the wire, but also makes it tangle free.

257 user reviews


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    About Philips

    Philips has a large line of audio accessory products, including headphones in the low-to-mid-price range in all categories. The company has a joint venture with Nike to market Nike-Philips-brand sports headphones.

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