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Philips Headphones & Headsets Reviews

Updated: Apr 24, 2018 23:04
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alaScore 74

Philips SHE9503

I bought these as I was abroad and left my usual headphones at home. The sound is a little tinny with hardly any bass. These are primarily used with my phone and poweramp. I found that I had to increase the bass to max on poweramp in order to get a...

1 expert reviews | 239 user reviews

alaScore 74

Philips SHN4600

According to Philips, the SHN4600 is ranked above the entry-level and cheaper SHN2600. Does it deliver as guaranteed? We find out.

1 expert reviews | 35 user reviews

alaScore 74

Philips SHE4505

Really disappointed with these earphones. Though very comfortable with a useful volume adjuster, they'd broken within a month and I've had much cheaper earphones last much longer.

30 user reviews

alaScore 74

Philips SHQ1017

Pros: Sound was good(not quality but loud w/ base). Cons: The sweat-proof covers do help but the sweat seems to collect in the ear hole anyway, which makes you constantly take them out of your ear to drain out moisture. The headphones I purchased broke...

160 user reviews

alaScore 74

Philips SHB6000

These earbuds tend to slip out during vigorous exercise, but they provide excellent sound quality for use around the home.

1 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 74

Philips SHB6017

I had some problems at first making them fit, but after finding out how to adjust them they sit pretty well and comfortable. Sound quality is great. Connection can drop out at times, but doesn't happen very often. It can be used in quite a distance....

1 expert reviews | 131 user reviews

alaScore 74

Philips SHH2660

At the end of the day, the SHH2660 is not designed well and doesn’t perform well. It’s a very thoughtful gesture of making the headset compatible with other phones by adding an extra connector, but it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t work properly....

2 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 74
alaScore 73

Philips SHB7102

Kind of odd for me to write this review since at this moment the device is only dispatched from on the site of Amazon UK. On top of that: I live a few miles from the headquarters of Philips [aka Royal Dutch Philips]. Well, this product...

1 expert reviews | 24 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHE1360

Came in handy and original part tore up. It was cheap and came fast so that I was able to use mp3 player quickly.

2 expert reviews | 588 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SBCHC8440

The box had obviously been used and the headphones did not work. A complete waste of time and my money

453 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SBCHP800

I've used these headphones for the past three years and not even once have I run into any problems with the sound or the wire or anything related to that. The headphones simply rock, I love the sound, I love the way they fit on my head, I just love them.

3 expert reviews | 37 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHD8900

An elasticated inner headband automatically adjusts to fit any size head and is supremely comfortable. Similarly, the actual ear padding is large enough to cover the entire ear and is made of a soft cloth that won't sweat

2 expert reviews | 151 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHM6100

I've been using mine for years. Good sound for the price I paid at the time - $10. Philips must have stopped making them. CnergyVentures' price of over $30 is ridiculous. You can get them for $10 if you shop around.

65 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SBCHS430

I looked high and low for these headphones and were't able to find them in any stores I visited. The next thing was to search on line, I purchased these to replace the same brand I bought many years ago. The only problem with the old ones is that I...

57 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHE5920

I really enjoy the overall sound quality and yes I would buy another pair in a heartbeat because I really like the sound of the base and a separation of the headset very very nice sincerely Patrick

191 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHD9100

A decent pair of cans, but not really enough for the money

6 expert reviews | 93 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHE2650

The angle coming off of these makes for a unique profile that I thought would be good for using while sleeping. While they're labeled as in-ear headphones, I consider these more of the ear bud-type. They worked okay for sleeping but still had enough...

136 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHJ080

Work very well, this is my 3rd pair. They are built kinda poorly, so if you work out 4 times a week and plan on wearing these every time, they'll fall apart in about 12 - 18 months

75 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHJ026

They look very nice and expensive which is nice but I wore them twice and never again. I am disappointed because I bought them to go running so that they wouldnt fall out but they do... badly.

58 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHE2661

Really disappointed in this purchase and expected more from Philips. These are not the most expensive earphones so I wasn't expecting miracles, but the sound on them is really dull, muffled and awful. They'll be going to the bin once I find some other...

32 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHE2644

I bought these ear buds and thought they sounded great! After awhile though, the soft white covering kept coming off the buds, but since I used them a lot I chalked it up to overuse. I also started noticing that I was getting shocked every so often...

80 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips SHN5200

Not too happy with these. Obviously with the price I wasn't expecting Bose or anything, but there is no noise canceling at all. The ear pieces are deceptively small. I didn't want the huge, bulky ones that suction over the entire ear, but they hardly...

18 user reviews

alaScore 72

Philips SHB6100

When using the headphone with my laptop I was able to use the buttons on the headphones to skip between tracks, play and pause etc. but this was not something that I was able to do when using the headphones with my Windows Mobile device

1 expert reviews | 84 user reviews

alaScore 72

Philips SHE9600

Alas, these headphones have been discontinued by Philips. In fact, the "Neckstrap" format seems to have gone the way of the Dodo. Good audio performance for me with excellent balance and good bass response. They fit well into my surprisingly small ear...

1 expert reviews | 40 user reviews


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    Philips has a large line of audio accessory products, including headphones in the low-to-mid-price range in all categories. The company has a joint venture with Nike to market Nike-Philips-brand sports headphones.

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