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Philips Headphones & Headsets Reviews

Updated: May 26, 2017 10:19
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alaScore 70

Philips SHS3910

I purchased a set of these headphones 4 years ago, and I was so impressed with them that I just had to have another pair. They are no longer being sold at retail outlets, but can be found here at For a headphone at such a great value, you...

51 user reviews

alaScore 70

Philips SHE7600

Philips 7600 was awarded "best buy TV" by EISA before any reviewer had a chance to examine it so we expected a solid allround TV. The TV surely looks elegant with its slim frame and metal legs. It offers Android TV, which continues to show promise....

1 expert reviews | 38 user reviews

alaScore 70

Philips SHB1300

Because I have ordered a few and every time it has bad battery's and it cost more to return it them the actual items I wouldn't spend my money on it again

16 user reviews

alaScore 70

Philips SHJ030

Stay in my ears for about 2 minutes and fall out even on the simplest workout. I admit, it does help pass the time shoving them back in. Waste of money!

46 user reviews

alaScore 69

Philips SBCHP890

Build quality The luxurious blue velour pads are very comfy, along with the rubber headband, although I would say that the clamping force is slightly weak which is not so good due to the heavy weight of these headphones and they feel as if they would...

137 user reviews

alaScore 69

Philips SBCHC130

I was looking for an, inexpensive, lightweight, short range and on the ear set of headphones. I must say this pair meats of my requirements. I am using the headphones at my desk, listening to my music whilst working. The quality of sound is very good...

34 user reviews

alaScore 69

Philips SHN5500

Good price, nice sound, but the Philips SHN5500 is not so strong on the actual noise cancellation.

4 expert reviews | 144 user reviews

alaScore 69

Philips SHL4100

Bad fit. Snapped in half with first use. Only reason not one star was return worked well.

20 user reviews

alaScore 68

Philips SBCHS900

I just got them in and was impressed right away by the look of them. Used them to watch a DVD on my laptop and the sound was great and they were very comfortable. One feature that is great for lap top users is the L plug in..keeps a low profile around...

1 expert reviews | 33 user reviews

alaScore 68

Philips SBCHE590

These are the best pair i have ever owned. Perfect balance between bass and treble. Sony earphones have too much bass. And the surround sound is actually quite good, but you will have to use it for a few weeks and the sound improves somehow. Also it...

35 user reviews

alaScore 68

Philips SBCHP430

I was perfectly happy with these for about 2 months then the right side of the headphone broke. I taped it back together and a week later the left side broke. Now I am not rough on these head phones as I only listen to them when I'm sitting still on...

23 user reviews

alaScore 68

Philips SHJ020

This is my 4th pair of these things... so hopefully I'll learn this time. They're great headphones, sound and staying in place... but they last 8-12 months tops. And for the $ you're paying, they should last longer. Each of the 4 pair, 1 or both...

116 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SHE2550

I have bought these earphones only for the company: Phillips! I don't like them; they don't fit very well in the ears and after three months exactly, they are broken... Is working only the right one... Befor these ones, I had JVC: they were much...

3 expert reviews | 712 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SBCHS520

The HS520 look good, but that’s about as far as it gets. Even though they aren't overly expensive, you can get a far superior product for little more than what these are worth.

1 expert reviews | 91 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SHS391

I use these sitting in my high back office chair at the computer. That way I can lean my head back and listen to MP3 samples on Amazon without the headphones getting in the way. Sound quality is O.K. It's not Carnegie Hall, but it works for me. HAPPY...

26 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SBCHJ030

Love these headphones and buy them when I can find them for a reasonable price. Have worn out several pairs over the years. I'm a runner and dancer and these have fit my need for headphones that stay put and give great sound quality. They can get a...

126 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SHJ025

Best over the earphone I ever had. They don't fall off when I am running or working out. Been using them for over Two years. Will buy them again when I need to replace my current pair.

32 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SHJ045

I can only use headphones that have the band that sits on top of my head. These fit well, however, was not impressed with the overall sounds quality.

48 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips SHJ023

I love these headphones because I cannot use the earbuds, which never stay in and hurt my ears. The neckband design in perfect in that it holds the earphones in place but doesn't have too much tension so it isn't being forced into my ear. After 5 years...

24 user reviews

alaScore 67

Philips O'Neill SHO4205

With my LG phone the sound was not loud enough, So had to return it. But If you are planning to use this with computer it will probably be ok because the sound was really good and clear. The build quality seems to be good as well.

18 user reviews

alaScore 66

Philips SHM3300

OK but sometimes hard to hear the person at the other end. Microphone works well and is comfortable to use

1 expert reviews | 70 user reviews

alaScore 66

Philips SHS420

Earbuds have become pretty standard fare, with one pair looking like just about any other. However, Philips bucks the trend with its SHS420 earbuds, which employ a unique and comfortable way of securing the buds to the ears.

1 expert reviews | 31 user reviews

alaScore 66

Philips SHJ055

Don't buy this product because the money is not worse the product. It says Nike and Phillips but none of that seems to be in the product. Same problem like everyone has, one side will suddenly stop working (it was the left part on mine). Dieses Produkt...

52 user reviews

alaScore 66

Philips SHJ036

I've had these headphones for over a month and I can understand the frustration that others have had with adjusting them. The secret (for me at least) was finding the perfect fit which meant that the cord from the driver was facing forward and running...

38 user reviews

alaScore 62

Philips SHJ035

The earhooks, although flexible, will not stay on my ears. One side is more firm than other but drives me crazy. I can't wait to get another set of earphones for commute and workout.

14 user reviews


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    About Philips

    Philips has a large line of audio accessory products, including headphones in the low-to-mid-price range in all categories. The company has a joint venture with Nike to market Nike-Philips-brand sports headphones.

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