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Philips Headphones Reviews

Updated: Jul 31, 2015 12:21
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alaScore 84

Philips SHE6000

I bought these to replace some older Phillips ear phones that I loved. The shape of the ear phone prevents you from putting them in very deeply. The shape also put pressure on my tragus making them uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

7 expert reviews | 1767 user reviews

alaScore 84

Philips SHL5605GN

Juste received these in the post. LOOKS They look great, some of the more stylish headphones I've seen. I bought the green denim. COMFORT Definitely the most comfortable over earphones I've tried. This is an important factor for me, with a long haul...

226 user reviews

alaScore 84

Philips SHE9005A

Initially when plugging these earbuds into my phone (before installing the Philips headphone app), I was extremely disappointed with the sound quality as my $11 Sony earbuds sounded far better. After installing the app however, the difference was night...

1 expert reviews | 540 user reviews

alaScore 84

Philips SHL5505GB

I received these headphones in error instead of Philips Foldie On Ear CitiScape Headband Headphones - Black and to be honest on first impressions with the colour I don't think I actually would have initially chosen them but the colour does grow on you...

95 user reviews

alaScore 84

Philips SHE3500

Bass is great but at the same time treble is boosted way too much..great clarity, powerful sound and comfort..The best thing is that they work great with my blackberry..!! So my suggestion would be go for it ..!!

286 user reviews

alaScore 84

Philips SHE9000

Philips' SHE9000 earphones sound decent, but they're a little disappointing at this price

6 expert reviews | 1749 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHL9705A

While earbuds and wireless headsets are an ever-expanding consumer electronic market thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, on-ear cans remain something of a niche (unless you count Beats - I don't). Even more niche than that are...

1 expert reviews | 107 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips O'Neill SHO9575GW

went beyond my expectations, very good sound and bass. this is a great product if you're looking for earphones at a low price

12 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips LFH0234 DeLuxe

Perfect replacement. Comfortable-easy on the ears!! :-)

11 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHL4000

i got this for my wife so she could use them on her pc she says they are ok and do the job

1 expert reviews | 175 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHP8000

I wanted another pair of headphones but with an open or semi open back for an increased soundstage and, importantly a comfortable fit. It doesn't matter how good a pair of 'phones sound if you can only wear them for 20 or so minutes a time. Having...

141 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHL1700

For the cheap price the sound quality is pretty good yet it feels a little uncomfortable in the ear pieces. Either way you get use to it.

130 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHL5905FB

For the price these headphone are perfect and easily rival previous headphones I have owned in a much higher price bracket such as Dre Beats studios. They are supremely comfortable to wear and the sound quality matches. Delivery was very fast and I...

185 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHL5605FB

I've never been a big fan of over ear headphones. They've always felt big and clunky and they never sat on my head comfortably. These, on the other hand, are the best pair of headphones I've ever had. The memory foam stops my ears from being squashed...

354 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips CitiScape Downtown

The Philips CitiScape Downtowns are super-comfy Beats Solo HD beaters on the cheap.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHE3000

For their price (these I got at £9.99, but I've found the white/blue ones at £5 before), these headphones provide a thoroughly decent quality of sound. I can't use in-ear headphones so I couldn't speak for comparative external sound cancellation but I...

2 expert reviews | 349 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHE3501

Awesome buy frnzz.....worth the money.... best in itzz range , better than itzz competitor lyk panasonic,skullcandy,etc whopping bass n awesome looks...looks are to die for..!!! Go n Buy It it wont disappoint you....!!!!!!

50 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHC5102

earphones came but no power adaptor so not been able to try them yet so cannot give affair assessment would have liked a user manual as well

467 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHD9200

I have found these headphones to provide a good surround sound and are comfortable to wear for a long time. They recharge quickly and last twenty hours which is good performance after a four hour charge. The stand is well designed and compact and...

1 expert reviews | 93 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHQ1217

These headphones are great for their price. Sadly after about an hour of use they tend to begin to hurt

75 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHQ3000

Besides offering great sound quality for a good price, Philip's ActionFit SHQ3000/28 can be tailored to fit you like a glove. The headphones come with various-sized ear buds, and the hook that goes over your ear is flexible and will curl to whatever...

11 expert reviews | 1147 user reviews

alaScore 83

Philips SHE3595

Overall, SHE3595WT/00 headphone from Philips is an attractive-looking, extremely comfortable and feature-packed headphone that delivers clear and loud sound with deep bass. It comes in highly reasonable price and easily fits in your ears for listening...

1 expert reviews | 61 user reviews

alaScore 82

Philips O'Neill SHO7205BK / SHO7205WT

For the £60 mark these are great value. They are very comfortable and the sound quality is great. Easy to adjust to fit and the angled jack is great for plugging into mobiles.. Highly recommended at this price.

168 user reviews

alaScore 82

Philips SHK1035

Headphones worked great for our family vacation. Only issue I have is foam pads are easily removed by a 3yo.

49 user reviews

alaScore 82

Philips SHP2500

While the SHP2500 isn't really a solution for music, you would still find solace in the output. Still, I would have liked to see a cable winder, for six meters is a LOT. The device costs Rs 750 and comes with a 1 year warranty, so it's totally VFM. But...

5 expert reviews | 1363 user reviews


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    Philips has a large line of audio accessory products, including headphones in the low-to-mid-price range in all categories. The company has a joint venture with Nike to market Nike-Philips-brand sports headphones.


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