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Headphone & Headset Reviews

Updated: Nov 27, 2015 00:28
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alaScore 70

I-Tech Blueband Bluetooth Stereo

They work fine and are easy to get to work but like many modern headphones, they could do with being louder especially in situations like on trains. If you're often in loud environments you may want to investigate other makes of bluetooth headphones....

23 user reviews

alaScore 70

LG HBS-200 Wireless Stereo Headset

This bluetooth headset was great until the neck band broke in half. I had them for around six months before they broke.

86 user reviews

alaScore 70

BlueAnt X5 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (Black)

I needed a bluetooth wireless headband for working out purposes. This was more for Internet chatting or gaming. The idea of removable, rechargeable batteries is a great idea.

93 user reviews

alaScore 70

Motorola PC850 Bluetooth USB Adapter

For anyone who wants a simple Bluetooth adapter, you can't go far wrong with the PC850

1 expert reviews | 56 user reviews

alaScore 70

LTB True 5.1 Headphone USB

So they just arrived, got them nice and cheap from one of the sellers here. I threw them on. Now the drivers have to be downloaded and when I first put them on they sounded terrible and muddy. That's because there's certain frequencies which they are...

33 user reviews

alaScore 70

Aliph Noise Shield Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Sound was clear! However, the part that goes around the ear broke! So it was hard to keep in my ear.

1269 user reviews

alaScore 70

Philips SHE2650

I work in an environment where music is a MUST to drown out annoying talking people in a very large and poorly designed room. I digress. I left my Sennheiser MX580 earbuds at home and my old spare Philips earhook buds were broken. Took a 2 minute car...

80 user reviews

alaScore 70

Acoustic Research Wireless Stereo Headphones

The only good thing about these is they are comfortable, but that doesn't matter if they never transmit sound... Complete waste of money.

42 user reviews

alaScore 70

Sentry Safe HO229

I bought a pair of sentry ear buds and both buds blew out after one day of regular use. I exchanged them for the same design and the right bud blew out after one day. nuff' said.

16 user reviews

alaScore 70

Scosche IUBHK iPod/MP3 Bluetooth Home Kit

This Product is Great, it connects my PC to my Stereo and the sound is great, it's only Stereo sound and not digital, but for what it is, I'm very pleasantly surprised. I did have one hiccup when trying to connect it to my computer. It needs the...

14 user reviews

alaScore 70

Nokia HS-11W Bluetooth Headset

The Nokia HS-11W has a comfortable fit and is easy to use, but its mediocre performance is a major distraction.

5 expert reviews | 44 user reviews

alaScore 70

Microsoft Zune Premium Earphones

I really enjoyed these while they worked. Unfortunately, after only three weeks, the right earpiece stopped working for no apparent reason. Earphones are not any good unless both sides work!!!

119 user reviews

alaScore 70

Lightweight Stereo Headphones

I thought at first the headphones sounded all right until recently when their digital sound went down the tubes. It's fine for kids, I suppose, but I'm not a big fan.

33 user reviews

alaScore 70

Coleman CL-300 4.5-Watt 15-Volt Solar Panel Battery Charger / Maintainer 72001

The quick connects are great for running something straight off the solar cell, or for running something straight off the car battery with the alligator clips-- but when charging the battery, one must actually connect the red clip to the negative...

21 user reviews

alaScore 70

Bang & Olufsen

So sorry I hadn't read previous review. Agree they are WORTHLESS FAKES! Amazon should be ashamed of themselves hosting suppliers of illegal, counterfeit goods.

12 user reviews

alaScore 70

MEElectronics AI-M2 Gold-Plated 3.5mm Connector Canal Sound-isolating Earbud...

i've used many a headphone in my life, and have tweaked many an equalizer to get a fairly flat frequency response from them. these headphones though - you won't get even an approximation of good sound...good luck if you're going to try: pray your...

10 user reviews

alaScore 70

Sony MDR-NC50

Excellent noise abatement, powerful bass, and detailed sound are all pluses, but some users may find the MDR-NC50s a bit uncomfortable over the long haul.

4 expert reviews | 254 user reviews

alaScore 70

Jabra EarWave Boom with Universal 2.5mm connector

This arrived defective and broken so I returned it on principle. I don't recommend purchasing it if you want a good product.

84 user reviews

alaScore 70

ILUV i903 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Build quality could use some improvement. I had this for around nine months before it just stopped charging. No lights, no indication of anything that went wrong and there's no screws so the unit definitely isn't user serviceable. Sound quality was...

60 user reviews

alaScore 70

Sentry Black Wireless Headphone

This head phone is very convient for movements around your turntable I would recommend this to DJs who cannot afford a more expensive headphone. The only problem is that the battery on the headphone runs doun quickly you may have to walk with extra...

26 user reviews

alaScore 70

Labtec Elite 825 Earcup Stereo Headphones

i bought my labtec 825 headphones for my computer a few yrs ago, they have geat sound, very comfortable to wear and very dependable!! GREAT BUY!!!!

14 user reviews

alaScore 70

Panasonic RP-WF930-S

Panasonic's affordable wireless headphones feel comfortable and sound great.

3 expert reviews | 12 user reviews

alaScore 70

Motorola S9

This is the second one I bought for my wife and again people complain they can't hear her on calls. She is on 3-4 hours of conference calls a day and always charges it overnight. For music she loves them, but not for phone calls.

484 user reviews

alaScore 70

H2O Audio H3 Waterproof Headphones LH

In an ideal world, the H3 should have just replaced the H1 at the same price point, rather than serving as a more expensive alternative to it; H2O's tweaks are iterative rather than sequel material. But there's no doubt that these are better for...

1 expert reviews | 135 user reviews

alaScore 70

Universal Earbud Pad Set, Smoke

I got these for my Samsung S20 hard style earbuds, and they kept on falling off the earbuds, when i would take them out of my ears, or put them in my backpack's side pocket, they did make the earbuds sound somewhat better, by channeling the sound...

21 user reviews


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