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Updated: Feb 13, 2016 22:30
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alaScore 71

TuneBuds Earphone

I've tried a lot of different earbuds before -- cheap ones they give away on airplanes or conferences, super high end ones, and ones in between. I must say that I can probably tolerate almost any pair thrown at me (although, of course, I do prefer...

22 user reviews

alaScore 71

Kensington Noise Canceling Headphones

PC Mag's got a review of Kensington's new low-cost noise canceling headphones which, unlike some other competing headphones, appear to actually cancel some noise. Don't expect them to completely drown out the construction crew working outside, but for...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 71

Maxell EB-425

For the money, it is an inexpensive neckband headphones and works just fine except the volume is lower than other headphones. The cord is not very durable, but useable.

254 user reviews

alaScore 71

Philips SHE2650

I work in an environment where music is a MUST to drown out annoying talking people in a very large and poorly designed room. I digress. I left my Sennheiser MX580 earbuds at home and my old spare Philips earhook buds were broken. Took a 2 minute car...

80 user reviews

alaScore 71

Sylvania SYL-WH930GB

The headphones work well when they work. You're supposed to be able to plug the transmitter into the audio outputs on a cable box and receive the audio wirelessly. I couldn't get them to work that way so I plug the transmitter into the audio output of...

65 user reviews

alaScore 71

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 1 Home Wired Phone Earpiece (Right Ear)

So after trying several wired ear pieces (I prefer the sound quality of wire vs. wireless) I stopped into the B&O showroom and bought the single line home phone system with three handsets and one of these right-ear ear pieces. I have had the thing for...

29 user reviews

alaScore 71

Zoom Bluetooth Headphones/USB Adapter Skype - Grey

I bought the Zoom 4386 headset and bluetooth dongle. Despite my best efforts I could not get this to work at all in Windows XP. One solution is to pay MORE money for the upgraded Bluesoleil software, but that costs 28 dollars US. A complete waste of...

11 user reviews

alaScore 71

Creative Soundblaster LIVE Player 5.1

After many phones, laptops, graphic cards and software, we are back with some good-ol headphones.

5 expert reviews | 19 user reviews

alaScore 71

Sentry Wireless Headphones HO800

I purchased these headphones based on all the feedback here by other users and cannot believe this is the same product they described - I am very good with equipmnent and right out of the box the battery lid broke off, cheap quality plastic for the...

24 user reviews

alaScore 71

Hama Headset CS-498

I ordered these earphones trying to get something cheap and cheerful and chose these relying on Hama brand. The first headset that arrived did not work from the very beginning, so returned it and got a replacement. It broke a week later. Don't think...

18 user reviews

alaScore 71

Outi Earphone System - White

So I'm not sure why everyone is dumping on the clarity of the sound.... maybe it is their music/music player?!? I am getting amazing sound; now I will admit it has taken me about a week to find the perfect spot on my ear! First, the not so good: 1)...

14 user reviews

alaScore 71

Motorola S9

Title says it all. I couldn't get sound to come through these things, no matter how hard I tried. I could adjust the volume on my iPod... but I couldn't use it. Avoid.

2 expert reviews | 58 user reviews

alaScore 71

Philips SHE 7600

Philips 7600 was awarded "best buy TV" by EISA before any reviewer had a chance to examine it so we expected a solid allround TV. The TV surely looks elegant with its slim frame and metal legs. It offers Android TV, which continues to show promise....

1 expert reviews | 45 user reviews

alaScore 71

Koss KSC 9

I bought these for running. They are painful, heavy, and dont stay in. They are also difficult to put on. I would not recommend buying these.

1 expert reviews | 51 user reviews

alaScore 71

Philips SHS3910

I purchased a set of these headphones 4 years ago, and I was so impressed with them that I just had to have another pair. They are no longer being sold at retail outlets, but can be found here at For a headphone at such a great value, you...

48 user reviews

alaScore 71

Sennheiser OMX 50

These disappointing ear phones from Sennheiser incorporate an over-the-ear design that hinders the sound delivery of the otherwise excellent speakers.

3 expert reviews | 218 user reviews

alaScore 71

LG HBM-730

The LG HBM-730 is a basic Bluetooth headset with decent sound quality and an affordable price point.

1 expert reviews | 42 user reviews

alaScore 71

Sony MDR-NC50

Excellent noise abatement, powerful bass, and detailed sound are all pluses, but some users may find the MDR-NC50s a bit uncomfortable over the long haul.

4 expert reviews | 254 user reviews

alaScore 71

Sennheiser OMX 80 Sport II

Pros: -- Very good sound response for both bass and treble -- Fit well on my ears Cons: -- Can slip off if we sweat a lot. -- The pin cover is not that strong and came-off. I left them in my camera bag, under lens box for about 6months now; and today...

241 user reviews

alaScore 71

Panasonic RP-HC150

These headphones are terrible. Noise reduction or canceling in nonexistent and the sound quality is poor at best. The sound is distorted as the volume is increased and where is the bass?? Save your money and buy another product.

107 user reviews

alaScore 71

Nokia BH-904

The Nokia BH-904 is a Bluetooth headset aimed at professionals who use their phones for business, talk a lot and consider annoying things like environmental noises completely off limit. The gadget is equipped with sliding microphone that will allow you...

2 expert reviews | 17 user reviews

alaScore 71

Samsung WEP 210

A part to attach it to an ear without the hook enters. You can use it.

20 user reviews

alaScore 71

Block Entertainment (tm) - iPod / MP3 - White Stereo Bud Headphones / Earphones

These are the most comfortable earphones I have ever used and find it difficult to use any other styles. My second-hand iPod came with a pair that looked exactly like these, so when I lost them a few years later, these were the only others I could find...

24 user reviews

alaScore 71

Panasonic RP-WF930-S

Panasonic's affordable wireless headphones feel comfortable and sound great.

3 expert reviews | 12 user reviews


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