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Sennheiser Headsets Reviews

Updated: Apr 22, 2014 03:07
alaScore 100

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

Audiophiles and gamers are two wildly different audiences. You can certainly be both, but it's hard to be both at the same time. Audiophiles want excellent sound quality that reproduces the audio source purely, without any sorts of tricks or tweaks to...

16 expert reviews | 41 user reviews

alaScore 93

Sennheiser PC 36 USB

Sennheiser's latest gaming headphones are undoubtedly its best. The PC 363D headset is extremely comfortable, seems well built and has all the bells and whistles a PC gamer could need.

5 expert reviews | 173 user reviews

alaScore 92

Sennheiser PRESENCE

For a long time have been looking for bluetooth 4.0 version headset, found this on the web, was reading lot of reviews ....finally made the jump and purchased it . Got it within 2/3 days of ordering very fast shipping by Beach Audio thanks folks .The...

1 expert reviews | 22 user reviews

alaScore 90

Sennheiser PC 8 USB

I use these with my dragon NaturallySpeaking software. The pair that came with the software were absolutely awful. I saw these on Amazon at a very good price. Plugged them in and we were off. I like the fact they have a separate volume control and a...

2 expert reviews | 193 user reviews

alaScore 89

Sennheiser PC 7 USB

I was looking for a headset and microphone combo and this fit the bill. Price was reasonable and I've had Sennheiser head sets before so I thought I'd try it. Very pleased because I use it for language classes over Skype and it is important to hear...

17 user reviews

alaScore 89

Sennheiser PC 2 CHAT

Bought 2 of these for my kids and they really like using the on the computer to Skype with friends while playing Minecraft.About me... Budget Conscious

24 user reviews

alaScore 89

Sennheiser PC 360

I was pretty excited to get my hands on a good Sennheiser gaming headset. After reviewing the VMX200 bluetooth headset and not finding it all that impressive, I was hoping that things would change this time around. They did. The Sennheiser PC 360...

12 expert reviews | 518 user reviews

alaScore 89

Sennheiser U 320

The Sennheiser U320 is built with gaming in mind and that is quite apparent with how it delivers. In terms of sound quality and bang-for-buck, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this Sennheiser, especially as it is designed to work with most of the...

6 expert reviews | 81 user reviews

alaScore 89

Sennheiser CX 275S

The Sennheiser CX 275s is an earphone pair geared towards the bass lover on a modest budget. At $69.95 (direct), it's neither cheap nor over-priced, and offers solid, distortion-free audio performance. The boosted lows will scare away purists, and even...

4 expert reviews | 68 user reviews

alaScore 88

Sennheiser SC 60 USB ML

Originally as a first time user of Microsoft Lync, the default Microsoft headset that was given to me by my employer was uncomfortable and made my ears sweat. This Sennheiser headset addresses these issues and, along with the excellent sound quality...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaScore 87

Sennheiser MM 550

The TalkThrough function takes the audio recorded from the tiny mics and actually pumps it in the earcups. This way, you can hear what's going on around you without removing the headset, while still filtering out more distant background noise. You...

15 expert reviews | 569 user reviews

alaScore 86

Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT

I purchased this item mainly because of the brand name and its price; I am glad I did. It feels comfortable around the ears and it is not heavy. I use it to listen to music and online news and the sounds is very good . My other use is for Skype and I...

1 expert reviews | 176 user reviews

alaScore 86

Sennheiser PC 310

Coming from my previous set of PC 150 Headset I was expecting more. Everything sounds a bit muddy on these compared to the 150s

1 expert reviews | 109 user reviews

alaScore 86

Sennheiser PC 320

Overall the build quality of the PC 320 is good, we get a nice light headset which is predominantly black plastic but each segment fits well with the next. Also worthy of note is that the rubber coated cable which is durable and the decent action on...

4 expert reviews | 333 user reviews

alaScore 86

Sennheiser X 320

If you’re looking for truly high-end sound in your gaming experience, you aren’t likely to find a better sounding hard-wired headset than the the Sennheiser X 320. Just be prepared to pay for it.

8 expert reviews | 61 user reviews

alaScore 86

Sennheiser CX 680i

Looking for a pair of headphones that won't fall part among the blood, sweat and tears from your run? You're looking for the PMX 680s.

26 expert reviews | 3859 user reviews

alaScore 85

Sennheiser MM 400

While you get the feeling that you are only using headphones from time to time, the Sennheiser MM 400 Bluetooth headset still makes a great investment for those who long searched for the device that delivers great sound quality. The invisible...

10 expert reviews | 274 user reviews

alaScore 85

Sennheiser HDR 160

If you used to hate wireless headphones because they could never offer the quality of a wired headset, the Sennheiser RS 160 has been built for you. Within a range of 20m, this headphone will give superb audio quality to rival the best corded...

18 expert reviews | 951 user reviews

alaScore 85

Sennheiser PC 21

Works well. Great alternative for when the battery on the wireless is drained. Headband a little stiff but not all that uncomfortable.

1 expert reviews | 93 user reviews

alaScore 84

Sennheiser PC 350

While they might cost you, the PC 350 will look great, perform great, and leave you grinning with every listen.

27 expert reviews | 1248 user reviews

alaScore 84

Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME

Is in-ear worth the money at home?

5 expert reviews | 317 user reviews

alaScore 84

Sennheiser MM 30G

Having tried a great many earphones in recent years, I have found most to be disappointing, both in terms of audio performance, and longevity of life. Thankfully, these earphones have not disappointed so far, although they are not without problems....

136 user reviews

alaScore 84

Sennheiser PC 333 D

The PC 333D G4ME is ideal for gamers on midrange budget that want 7.1 audio. It offers great sound quality for a great price.

12 expert reviews | 175 user reviews

alaScore 84

Sennheiser PC 330

Pros: Mid- and high-range sounds are spot on accurate DJ tilt feature is smart and useful Cons: Headband and cans sit too tightly on the ear, no adjustment option Lows and bass is very muffled and weak General feel of the headset is below average...

8 expert reviews | 170 user reviews

alaScore 84

Sennheiser EZX 60

Today, we're reviewing Sennheiser's Bluetooth headset, the EZX 60. The EZX 60 is a no-frills, lightweight, noise-cancelling Bluetooth 2.1 headset with long battery life. The EZX 60 is a BT 2.1 +EDR set with compatibility with BT 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0, and...

3 expert reviews | 156 user reviews

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