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Headset Reviews

Updated: Mar 4, 2015 15:39
alaScore 66

Aliph Noise Shield Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Sound was clear! However, the part that goes around the ear broke! So it was hard to keep in my ear.

1274 user reviews

alaScore 66

Cardo S-2

I put the Cardo S-2 through its paces and I have to say that it did perform well in many of them. Sound quality and basic functionality was flawless once you got it paired with a device. It was the pairing though that frustrated me to no end. It would...

7 expert reviews | 247 user reviews

alaScore 66

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 1 Home Wired Phone Earpiece (Left Ear)

So after trying several wired ear pieces (I prefer the sound quality of wire vs. wireless) I stopped into the B&O showroom and bought the single line home phone system with three handsets and one of these right-ear ear pieces. I have had the thing for...

29 user reviews

alaScore 66

Motorola X205

Not a bad headset, for the price I paid, I hope it lasts a lot longer than the microsoft headset. The sound is fair and is a little uncomfortable, but so far it works well. Also if you move the connection too much it can get fuzzy.

66 user reviews

alaScore 66

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3

iPhone/iPod Accessory Review: Bang & Olufsen Earset 3Reviewed by: Cyprian Peters-Official websitePrice: iPhone/iPod Accessory Review: Bang & Olufsen Earset 3Reviewed by: Cyprian Peters-Official websitePrice: $199.95Bang & Olufsen make a variety of...

1 expert reviews | 33 user reviews

alaScore 66

Samsung AEP420

I have had the product for less than one month and already the earpiece is falling apart. I can see inside the earpiece where the wiring is.

26 user reviews

alaScore 66

Jabra EarWave Boom with Universal 2.5mm connector

This arrived defective and broken so I returned it on principle. I don't recommend purchasing it if you want a good product.

84 user reviews

alaScore 66

Motorola S9

This is the second one I bought for my wife and again people complain they can't hear her on calls. She is on 3-4 hours of conference calls a day and always charges it overnight. For music she loves them, but not for phone calls.

484 user reviews

alaScore 66

The Singing Machine SMM-107

The Singing Machine wireless microphone could be a good item but unfortunately, the screw cap on the microphone won't close once you put the 9 volt battery in. I purchased two of them and had the same problem with both of them. I tried different brand...

12 user reviews

alaScore 66

BlueAnt T8 micro Bluetooth Headset

The T8 comes packaged with a wall charger, ear gels of assorted sizes, a felt ear piece cover, and a detachable ear hook. Also included is a user guide that details the functions of the device rather well

2 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 66

NetComm V25 Stereo VoIP Headset

A well designed set of headphones, the V25 isn't outstanding by any means, but it does offer pretty good value for money.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 66

Coleman CL-100 72000 1.5-Watt 15-Volt Solar Panel Battery Trickle Charger

Having a degree in electrical engineering, i was skeptical how well these would work. There should be a component called a diode in it to prevent the circuit from draining the battery when there isn't enough sun to charge it. Either that circuit...

40 user reviews

alaScore 66

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702 Bluetooth Headset

Just had to replace this after a couple of year's use. It still works OK but the rubber grommet in the hinge has split and it does not exist as a spare part.

14 user reviews

alaScore 66

4 in 1 wireless headphones

All functions poor. Audio response noisy and intermittent. Wireless difficult to tune and when tuned to best reception did not retain the reception when moving about. Not much going for it I'm afraid.

25 user reviews

alaScore 66

Motorola S200

If you have a hard time hearing and want hands free with your Razr then this is the headset. It was comfortable and clear sounding. Too bad my cell phone bit the dust.

116 user reviews

alaScore 66

Nokia WH 701

does not work for the N900. default seller offered replacement. no action/nothing received after 2 weeks. if you plug the headphones in slowly they work as headphones temporarily and do not show icon for headphones plugged in.

2 expert reviews | 199 user reviews

alaScore 66

Discovery Kids Ice Cream Maker

F- worst frozen dessert maker ever. The plastic scraper on the drum couldn't take rain off a windshield let alone break the eventual ice dam created by this contraption. Some summer student intern is heart broken that his summer project was an epic fail.

55 user reviews

alaScore 66

Earphones with Mic for iPhone 3GS - White

I ordered these thinking they would work.My son opened them and they just ripped and the right ear was torn already. I would rather buy iphone earphones for £25 than that cheap crap.

10 user reviews

alaScore 65

Logitech Stereo USB 20

By This is outstanding. You plug it in and it works perfectly without any other action (Windows XP). It is ideal for use with skype.

49 user reviews

alaScore 65

Labtec AM-242 Desk Boom Microphone with Base

I bought one of these in 1998 and it still works like new..Snapped it in half about 8 years ago still held together by a bandaid and working perfect!

22 user reviews

alaScore 65

AOpen HS-780

I tried updating drivers to see if that was the problem, because my computer kept telling me that there were no drivers for the headset, but no drivers to download anywhere.

22 user reviews

alaScore 65

TRITTON TRI-UA501 Audio Thunder

The Lack of EAX support hurts a little.. but hey... there is a TRUE 5.1 experience... great for laptop... you dont need a 5.1 card, and you will LOVE CS:Source :D

29 user reviews

alaScore 65

Plantronics Skype-ready Audio 45 USB Stereo PC Headset

I purchased these headphones because of the included usb connector. The connector/driver is tempermental. I sometimes have to reboot a couple of times to get winxpsp2 to recognize it. Sound quality on skype is good for both headset and microphone. ...

31 user reviews

alaScore 65

Plantronics Plantronics MX505 Mobile Headset

This headset works very well. It's comfortable enough for me that I have made the mistake, more than once, of forgetting I am wearing it and walking away from my desk while still wearing it.

10 user reviews


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