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Healthcare Reviews

Updated: May 24, 2018 22:56
alaAverage 3.8

Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Touch - BC58.

" So far a fast and simple Blood pressure Monitor with easy to read display "

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Cloths Mop And Broom Floor Cleaner Refills Gain...

Great price, picks up dust from any surface like Velcro it shows up at my door and I don't even have to drive to the grocery.

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Rayovac6 Pack Heavy Duty Batteries, Size C, HD-CD

Yup, batteries; for sure. They don't really have much of a charge, so expect things to go dead quickly (baby toys started to warble after a day or two).

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 60 in Wood Broom Handle with Threaded Metal Tip

This locking handle screws in but doesn't lock in to the bracket for my broom head. Perhaps it should have a size for the self-locking piece in the item description... Apparently, size does matter. Also I seem to be the owner of a mop handle and a...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Ideaworks Telephone Amplifier

I would recommend this product to anyone have hearing difficulty. It was received within the time frame and it was exactly as described. Thank you!

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Hurdy Gurdy Music Box - Tune: You Are My Sunshine

Cheap product. I bought this for my granddaughter, expecting a nice product. I would not recommend buying this product. I am also disappointed with the Music Treasures Co. for the charges of $6.99 for the music box, and then charging me $8.50 for...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Clinical Care Geri Chair Recliner

I am 5'4" and this cane's lowest height is 33", which is a little to high, but is usable. It is sturdy and I really like the handle as it is a cushiony silicone. I have hand pain and this is extremely comfortable. I am disappointed in the colors. The...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Quickie Mfg 910-6 Heavy-Duty Corn Broom

These days, "you are what you eat" is a scary prospect. Our food could be crawling with fertilizers, preservatives, pesticides, spermicides, bug poop, bird spit and itsy bitsy spider whiz. I decided to take my food's cleanliness into my own hands,...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Sportline 725

Watch is bulky but other than that it is really neat. You can't beat the price. I would recommend this product especially since there are no straps required.

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8


I absolutely loved this book when I read it at A level. Very well written, a brilliant story full of surprises. Featuring characters based on real soldiers, doctors, etc, Regeneration is a must read for anyone, not just WW1 literature fans

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

"The Pro" Bath Scale

It's not as pretty or fancy as I would have wanted but I wasn't going to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to tell me my weight. I had to recalibrate it back to zero a couple of times, but that doesn't really bother me, I expected that for manual...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Pledge Fabric Sweeper

This product works well to clean cat hair off my favorite chair. I had not been aware, however, that when it is full, it is supposed to be discarded. I would prefer a product that is not designed to end up in the landfill but can be reused for a long...

270 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Original McKenzie Cervical Roll

This pillow is constructed of foam to soft to possibly work as a pillow.for your neck. It needed to be considerably firmer. I ended up tossing it.

228 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

PC 3

same issue as others. the readouts are not constant. run for about 10 mins stop then it changes readout. run again stop again and so it goes on. do not buy if you want to keep your sanity.

1 expert reviews | 77 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Beurer BG 21

Good scales with multiple functions, it would be 5 stars but for the life of me i cannot work out how to delete a profile without removing the battery and thus deleting all the profiles.

65 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Daffodil HPC300 Digital Medical Thermometer - Highly Accurate and Mercury...

This is indeed a very accurate centigrade thermometer, exactly what I need. I was born in Europe and know Celcus and I very much prefer it. Let ignoramuses not to buy it.

65 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Wenko Tropic

This is a lovely shower curtain, nice and bright and a good thickness. I would highly recommend buying this product.

58 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment and Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 2-Dose Dual...

The RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment and Toilet Bowl Cleaner seems to work fine, however, it has a very strong chemical smell that does not dissipate. This item may be good for the septic tank, but is not a smell pleasant enough to have in a powder...

60 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

TV Listener Rechargeable Wireless Headset 40dB

My husband likes these better than the TV Ears as the can type don't hurt his ears. Recommend them for anyone with a hearing problem and makes my life easier as I don't have to repeat everything that is being said during a movie or turn the TV up so...

52 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Kitchen Meister Silicone Oven Mitts & Pot Holders (Set of 2)

This product did not protect my fingers from the heat and it did not create a firm grip. Going to make puppet mouths out of them.

42 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Health o Meter BFM081DQ-63 Body Fat Scale, Glass with Silver Accents

I couldn't use it because my husband has a pacemaker. I didn't notice any warning that it couldn't be used with a pacemaker until it arrived and there was a warning in the instructions. I sold it to my brother to avoid the hassle of having to return it.

39 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Flip Pillow Case

This cover did not fit the queen size flip pillow although the description of the item had said it would.

37 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Taylor Scales The Taylor 8657 Bamboo Digital Bathroom Scale

I was looking for a digital scale as my scale wasn't digital. All of my accessories in my bathroom are bamboo. It fits perfectly and the scale is right on!

38 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Glad Strong Outdoor Quick-Tie Large Trash Bags, 30 Gallon, 40 Count (Pack of 4)

I love always having household needs on hand. I've been buying these lots for a couple of years and will continue to do so. One less thing to need and not have available.

38 user reviews


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