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iPod Docking Speaker Reviews

Updated: Apr 17, 2014 02:22
alaScore 80

Geneva GEN M Soundsystem

I bought the GenevaSound XL when I also bought a new house a couple years ago. The Geneva is the first thing visitors notice. Mine is red and beautiful. First off, people can't imagine what it is. Secondly, they can't believe it when you tell them. The...

21 user reviews

alaScore 80

Docking Station For Apple iPod With Alarm Clock Radio / Pink

The price is really good for ipod speakers (and charger)! But the radio doesn't seem to work and I keep wake up to volume 9, anyone know how to change it so that when i wake up it's 1 instead? Nice colour though and remote is cool.

26 user reviews

alaScore 80

JBL ON Stage 200ID

Maxell’s Encore EN-5 offer a rich, full sound for an affordable price, beating out nearly all of the headphones in the test. However, our testers didn’t think they were very comfortable, nor did this pair do a good job staying put during use....

3 expert reviews | 127 user reviews

alaScore 80

Griffin Simplifi

Clever multipurpose design-and iPod syncing-makes the Simplifi a desktop Swiss Army Knife for nerds.

3 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 80

JBL on time 200iD

I listened to this item in the store at Target and nothing there around the price range can touch it.

2 expert reviews | 43 user reviews

alaScore 80

Logic 3 MIP103

By iPod shuffle standards, there's nothing this system can't do - it's the best shuffle-specific speaker system we've seen to date. Logic 3 took the time to properly design the outside and inside to match the shuffle's unique size, charging and syncing...

8 expert reviews | 532 user reviews

alaScore 80

Gear4 Blackbox 24/7 PG306 Speaker

If you're looking for a simple iPod speaker dock and radio for your bedside table then the Gear4 Blackbox 24/7 is definitely worth considering. It's very easy to use, has a large easy to read display, and the remote can be used to control your iPod,...

6 expert reviews

alaScore 79

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime (iPhone/iPod version) - Clock radio with iPhone /...

Mouse is on the small size, so consider that if you have large hands and prefer meaty mice. The scrolling wheel just feels a little bit weird, but I can't put my finger on why.

25 user reviews

alaScore 79

Memorex Mi9490P

Overall, the Mi9490 is one of the best CD player-centric iPod audio systems we've tested, and the first we've seen with true iPhone compatibility-a very good value for the dollar, and an generally impressive design. While remaining comparable in width...

6 expert reviews | 50 user reviews

alaScore 79


Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for, I was a little disappointed in the over quality of this device. It was touted in the review as having a subwoofer which it technically does. Bottom line - if you're looking for something to use in a home...

1 expert reviews | 28 user reviews

alaScore 79

SendStation Dock Extender

If you take the wire support off of the universal dock insert, how would you attach it to other systems? I have an iHome alarm and a few other speaker systems that have docking systems that are not the same shape as the universal

3 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaScore 79

Logitech S125I

Though it's not surprising that Logitech's portable lineup gets better as you add $30 increments-the $130 Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 is superior to the $100 S315i, which is superior to the $70 S125i-the improvements are not linear. From our perspective, you...

4 expert reviews | 242 user reviews

alaScore 79

Sangean-RCR-1 - Clock radio

76% of the reviews on give this product a positive rating.

1 expert reviews | 101 user reviews

alaScore 79

Philips Fidelio DS7550

Got this for my brother in law, and he loves it. He uses it when he's cooking, working out, or working at his job. I overheard him telling my sister that he didn't think he would get much use out of it when I gave it to him for Christmas, but now he...

3 expert reviews | 339 user reviews

alaScore 79

iHome IH8

iHome's product releases, discontinuations, and revisions are next to impossible to follow; even products with the same model number have, in the past, contained different parts based on different stores they're sold through. As we say at the bottom of...

8 expert reviews | 280 user reviews

alaScore 79


The On Time 200P is a decent, if not standout, iPod alarm clock. Offering 10 radio presets, snooze functions and multiple alarms is handy rather than groundbreaking, but the sound is pretty good for a small bedside unit.

1 expert reviews | 91 user reviews

alaScore 78

Harman Kardon Soundsticks Self Powered Satellite Speakers And Subwoofer System

I've had these speakers for years now, and i've been blasting music out of them since i got them, and they work fantastically even right now as i write this. These speakers really are brilliant! I may even buy a second pair for when i need them in...

33 user reviews

alaScore 78

Tragbarer Lautsprecher B-Tube

I have bought 2 of these - that should say it all! The second one was for my granddaughter who also loves it. Even better is the service provided by LINX. My granddaughter lost her charger. I contacted Linx and a new charger was posted immediately -...

102 user reviews

alaScore 78

iHome iP9

Overall, iP9 may just be a modestly retrofitted iH9, but it's pretty much the product that we'd really hoped for in the middle of last year: though we preferred the body styling and appreciated the slightly better audio found in iP99, the $150 price...

3 expert reviews | 458 user reviews

alaScore 78

Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i - Clock radio with iPod cradle - midnight

Ultimately, we were truly impressed by Horizon Duo-i's overall design: though the system was originally intended to sell for a $250 price that we thought was too high for what it offered, this is the first highly recommendable $200 clock radio we've...

8 expert reviews | 85 user reviews

alaScore 78

Docking Station For Apple iPod With Alarm Clock Radio / Black

I would like to tell you how good the sound quality is or how easy it is to use but after connecting the iPod touch and switching it on. The plug exploded and melted and now my iPod shuffle does not charge!

126 user reviews

alaScore 78

iHome iH41BR


20 user reviews

alaScore 78

Philips SBD7500

Also, later on you use “it's” to mean the possessive of “it”, whereas it really means “it is”.

4 expert reviews | 160 user reviews

alaScore 78

Lasonic I931

This ghetto-fabulous boombox featuring a Famous Stars and Straps pattern designed by former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker sure is eye-catching, and its

2 expert reviews | 51 user reviews

alaScore 77 iPod Docking Speaker / Charger With FM Radio & Remote Control For...

can this be used with iphone 4 as if so will buy one

13 user reviews


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