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iPod Docking Speaker Reviews

Updated: Jul 28, 2014 00:47
alaScore 74

XtremeMac Tango Studio

The Tango Studio is an excellent deal for budget-conscious shoppers who want to get more out of their iPods.

3 expert reviews | 15 user reviews

alaScore 74

iHome IH11

My daughter loves this alarm clock/charger. It is very easy to program and the display is large enough to be seen clear across the room. This was a great purchase for a 13 year old who loves her music and her iPod!

99 user reviews

alaScore 74

H & B HF-288I

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to spend this amount of money. The sound is fine, however, it's not going to match an incredibly expensive product.

49 user reviews

alaScore 73

Philips AZ1330D

good as input, remote - good features, what i want and use... only bad say is - sound quality is not great - disappointing...the DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) make very little difference...if the sound have been...

15 user reviews

alaScore 73

StreetParty Size 0

The StreetParty Size 0 won't disappoint if you're looking for a good-looking, decent-sounding sound system to take on holiday with you - and at just £50 you won't go far wrong. The sound quality is easily good enough for travel needs. But beware, take...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 73

Philips DC310

This clock is impossible. I got it as a gift a year ago, and I still haven't figured out how to use it. Even my computer geek husband struggles with it. It has no battery back up, and the display is way too bright even on the low setting. The...

18 user reviews

alaScore 73

Bose Wave Radio II - Clock radio - platinum white

At almost $700 and with no outstanding features you’d be mad to purchase the Wave Radio II. However, if you did, you would be absolutely amazed by the quality sound it produces.

1 expert reviews | 47 user reviews

alaScore 73

Altec Lansing InMotion iM414

Vendor: Altec Lansing Price: 99.99 Finding speakers for your Zune device is no easy task,because  at the moment there simply aren't that many options.

3 expert reviews | 266 user reviews

alaScore 73

XtremeMac Tango X2

The Tango X2 feels like a speaker system that's been rushed to market and meant to play off its forerunner's success.

3 expert reviews | 21 user reviews

alaScore 72

Homedics SoundSpa Fusion SS-6500 - Clock radio with iPod cradle

Maxell’s Encore EN-5 offer a rich, full sound for an affordable price, beating out nearly all of the headphones in the test. However, our testers didn’t think they were very comfortable, nor did this pair do a good job staying put during use....

1 expert reviews | 34 user reviews

alaScore 72

Ozaki IP 835

The alarm clock is quirky, my 2 daughters loves the colourful lights, but the only downfall is that there r different light settings, however, in order to av back light to display time, you will have to have the rainbow lights on as well. Shame no...

12 user reviews

alaScore 72

Altec Lansing M302

I bought this iPod Speaker Alarm Clock despite the so-so reviews because of the Altec Lansing name. I was very disappointed with the sound quality however. The sound is very "muffled", and overall is not pretty to listen to. It works okay as an alarm,...

28 user reviews

alaScore 72

iPod Nano Portable Folding Speakers and Dockstation

it's ok but can't charge mp3 player when in use. apart from that is is not to bad so will need to make do, or sell it on.

20 user reviews

alaScore 72

Revo Icons iPod/iPhone docking station

Bought this mostly for the music streaming and internet radio and it's sadly lacking on both - it says it's connected to the network but often fails to stream music or radio, if you try to change mode while it's stuck on "connecting" the screen goes...

14 user reviews

alaScore 71

iHome iH52B Bookshelf System for iPods with AM/FM Radio (Black)

The four trebles and subwoofer offer superb sound quality compared to the two treble / mini subwoofer iH51 system which actually costs more. The sound is rich, deep, and clear. The EQ settings on it are preset, and the ones with higher treble cause the...

15 user reviews

alaScore 71

Ozaki iMini Rainbow IP830

I got these speakers when I got my new nano for my Birthday last year. I was really impressed with them, although the instructions were a bit hard to work out. The sound quality on the speakers is quite good and I often play my music through them. I...

13 user reviews

alaScore 71

ILIVE Radiowecker/Lautsprecher IC618B

Pros: Stylish look. many dock inserts for all ipod types. plays my music at descent quality. remote is useful and there is a nice holding slot for it. charging feature works well. cons: WARNING: this clock will get increasingly louder at a very rapid...

26 user reviews

alaScore 71

Teac HD-1 - Clock radio with iPod cradle

THis clock radio has it all! HDFM reception and an ipod cradle. I got several as gifts and kept one for myself. I also use a Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver to wirelessly link music from a laptop or cellphone equipped with Bluetooth to the radio. It...

118 user reviews

alaScore 70

Mint Studio Speaker System

The Mint Studio Speaker System combines a great-sounding iPod speaker dock with the ability to wirelessly stream audio from any PC or Mac to up to three speaker docks.

1 expert reviews | 138 user reviews

alaScore 70

Cygnett CY-A-GTP

This could make an ideal first iPod gadget for the younger user; it may even induce some enthusiasm for getting up for school. It's fun looking and great for kids, blatantly kitsch, but easy to set up with a small footprint. Its line input is...

2 expert reviews | 20 user reviews

alaScore 70

iLive iT188B iPod Speaker Bar Sound System - Clock radio with iPod cradle

Best looking piece of Junk I have ever purchases. product has a 90 day warranty. I have owned two, First on broke down at day 82. Company difficult to deal with. The retailer, radio shack, was nice and gave me a new one. Second one broke down at day...

143 user reviews

alaScore 69

Kinyo DS-122

This stereo is awesome. The sound Quality is terrific. It's perfect for the ipod video. The plates for the ipod don't fit!! My ipod still fits though. I use it for a stereo for my bedroom so it is perfect. This stereo is perfect for any ipod lover who...

15 user reviews

alaScore 69

dreamGEAR i.Sound DreamTime - Clock radio with iPod cradle - white

It works and wakes me up, but the sound could be better. I wish I had gotten an instruction manual with it so i could find out if i could dim the clock display or turn it off. The first night it completely illuminated my room and I did not sleep...

11 user reviews

alaScore 68

Hercules I-XPS 250

The i-XPS 250 can handle most popular music and has good loudness for its size, though the pickiest audiophile will want to spend a few more dollars on a speaker that sounds more complete.

7 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 68

ILUV iPod Dockingstation I189BLK

Given the tremendous number of iPod docking speaker options that we saw at CES and Macworld earlier this year, it's obvious that there are going to be lots of bland-sounding iPod speakers out there, differentiated mostly on looks and price. Right now,...

1 expert reviews | 20 user reviews



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