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Media Center Reviews

Updated: Aug 26, 2016 09:46
alaScore 100

Sky Q

Sky's top-of-the-range service is here and has now had time with it in one of our own homes.

9 expert reviews

alaScore 99

Amazon Fire TV 4K (2nd Gen) 2015

The latest Fire TV makes some welcome improvements, but owners of the original needn’t upgrade.

26 expert reviews | 172 user reviews

alaScore 99

Google Chromecast Audio (2015)

The Chromecast Audio is certainly extremely easy to use, and that’s good, because ease of use is its defining attribute. As affordable as it is, the device still sees major competition in the market: Just about any powered speaker or A/V receiver...

26 expert reviews | 291 user reviews

alaScore 98

Google Chromecast 2 (2nd gen, 2015)

For just $35, you get a full-fledged media streamer that won't take up much space in your home entertainment center. It's simple to setup, and the new Chromecast app sweetens the deal even further with how easy it is to find new content. Sure it...

34 expert reviews | 1144 user reviews

alaScore 98

Apple TV (4th Gen, 2015)

My old TV had just two HDMI ports, so I had to be selective about what I left plugged in. Even now, with more inputs to fill, I still limit myself to two set-top boxes. The new Apple TV has replaced its predecessor in one of those ports, but it hasn't...

17 expert reviews | 791 user reviews

alaScore 97

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The inexpensive Fire TV Stick remains a great value for heavy users of Amazon TV shows and movies, but most other new devices work better for Netflix and the rest.

38 expert reviews | 11436 user reviews

alaScore 97

Roku Streaming Stick, HDMI (3500)

Roku’s new Streaming Stick delivers an outstanding experience. It’s the snappy click-and-go device we think everyone expects, but somehow packed into a little stick no larger than a small pack of gum. And, as previously mentioned, Roku’s platform...

24 expert reviews | 28368 user reviews

alaScore 97

Roku 4

With or without a 4K TV, Roku’s priciest streaming box is a minor improvement over its cheaper models.

6 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 96

Synology DiskStation DS415play

Synology's four-bay DiskStation DS415play NAS is an excellent storage solution for home or small businesses

18 expert reviews | 84 user reviews

alaScore 96

Roku 3

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30 expert reviews | 44402 user reviews

alaScore 96

Google Chromecast (1st gen, 2013)

The innovative Chromecast might be the ultimate living-room accessory for your phone or tablet, but more traditional streaming devices deliver a better streaming experience.

122 expert reviews | 17161 user reviews

alaScore 95

Roku 2 (2720) 2013

Editors' Note: This version of the Roku 2 has been replaced. A full review of the most current 2015 Roku 2 can be found here.

2 expert reviews | 3554 user reviews

alaScore 95

Sky Now TV box

The NOW TV Box is a great little device, offering a simple, mostly cost-effective way of getting Sky content into your home without you having to sign a pact with the devil.

12 expert reviews | 22 user reviews

alaScore 95

Google Nexus Player

The Nexus Player is a great, if imperfect, introductory showcase for Android TV. It doesn't have an Ethernet port and suffers from a few bugs, but Android TV's simple interface, intelligent voice search and Google Cast abilities more than make up for it.

38 expert reviews | 455 user reviews

alaScore 94

Pipo X7

Let's get a few facts down: the PiPO X7 has a very capable SoC, the case feels extremely solid and the internals seem to be great for the price. I can't recommend it enough for anyone who just wants to browse the web, do some word processing or watch a...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Apple TV (3rd Gen, 2012/2013)

Released in March, Apple's third-generation puck ($100) retains the form factor of its predecessor while adding 1080p playback. The real draw remains the same, though:...

35 expert reviews | 28650 user reviews

alaScore 94

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive

If you've ever wished you could just leave your USB key on your desk or in your pocket and still access the files on it wirelessly, SanDisk's new media drives are sort of what you're looking for. Unfortunately for power users, these wireless media...

11 expert reviews | 79 user reviews

alaScore 94

Now TV

A great little box that provides great content at reasonable prices, image quality could be improved, but Now TV is still a winner

3 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 93

Roku 2 (4210 / 4205) 2015

The Roku 2 is yet another decent media streaming box from the market leader and we like the new Roku Search and MyFeed features. However, these are available on the other Rokus and the slightly high price means you'll want to pay the extra for the...

2 expert reviews | 2131 user reviews

alaScore 93

Roku 1 Streaming Player

A tiny box to make your TV smarter, and a great first step into the world of video streaming

2 expert reviews | 9453 user reviews

alaScore 93

Western Digital WD TV

For a company whose primary business is manufacturing hard drives, Western Digital sure knows a lot about digital media and how to stream it over a network. Each succeeding generation of the company's WD TV Live product has led the market in terms of...

66 expert reviews | 410 user reviews

alaScore 93

Apple TV (2010, 2nd Gen)

That is not this, though. This Apple TV is a PowerPoint presentation, not a finished execution. You can buy it now, but know that you’re doing so in the hope that the App Store quickly gets bigger and better. (And in fairness, Apple’s track record says...

93 expert reviews | 1826 user reviews

alaScore 93


It isn't perfect, but if you want to stream PC games to your TV the NZXT Doko does a good job for sensible money.

5 expert reviews

alaScore 92

Mede8er MED1000X3D

I have it for less a month but I am fully satisfied so far !!

7 expert reviews | 482 user reviews


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