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Panasonic Microwaves Reviews

Updated: Jun 17, 2018 22:52
alaAverage 4.3

Panasonic NN-SD697S

This is a great microwave. Very easy to use. There is a quick reference guide for those who want the basic steps asap. Just keep it nearby until you get familiar. I love the quick 1 min button which you can tap up to 10 times for 10 mins. and not use...

11 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ

Whilst general microwave performance is more than acceptable with the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ, be aware that there is no discrete ‘oven’ element; the convection oven function is provided by the quartz element. This limits the maximum operating...

1 expert reviews | 611 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ

I have had this microwave for 18 months. Just used to warm packet rice or defrost. Hardly really used. Gone faulty now. Completely dead. Changed fuse but no help. AVOID

559 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN K181MMBPQ

The Panasonic NN-K181MMBPQ freestanding microwave with grill allows you to set multi-step programs, so you can defrost and then cook your food without having to reset the oven in between. But does the grill brown food evenly, or will you have to move...

1 expert reviews | 368 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-K181M

Very good in heating up food or drinks evenly, the grill and oven dont work as well as the microwave. Overall it s a good buy.

281 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-H965BF

I like it alot. It's a great microwave so far. The power output is amazing. The sensor system works really well! The only compliant is the readout is hard to read. Signal sound is quiet. It's huge inside!

186 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-ST663W

Reasonably priced.I have had this microwave for a few months now, and can say the only fault I have found, is it does not have a handle for opening. Great microwave heats thoroughly. I needed reasonably compact and visually pleasing, but still wanted a...

90 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-CT569MBPQ

easy to use great with two plates

64 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-CT565MBPQ

i bought this item, around 5 month ago , it is now broken,

45 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-T573SBBPQ

I wanted a microwave that I could select the power level I wanted, rather than having to input the type of food and weight, and this is exactly what it does.

49 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NNE279WMBPQ

Does what you should expect

42 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Slimline Microwave Grill Convection Oven NNCT569MBPQ Silver

I had a Panasonic microwave before and have been very pleased with it. It has served me almost daily for over 10 years. Thought I had better buy a new one because small rust patches have started to appear. This replacement is just as good and it is...

10 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-SD377S

This is a great little microwave, as long as you do not mind the limited color option.

1 expert reviews | 122 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN GD371S

The freestanding Panasonic NN-GD371S microwave with grill benefits from a delayed start that allows you to set the oven in advance, so it will start cooking at a time that suits you. You can use a combination of microwave and grill power to brown food...

1 expert reviews | 91 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-E 273 Sbepg

Panasonic is a well known brand who has always taken care of the requirements and aspirations of their customers. The Panasonic NN E273S has been created in such a way, so that people can enjoy the technological advancements in every aspect. It has...

1 expert reviews | 85 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-CT569M

Have to say first that I have always been and still am a big Panasonic fan - TV's, DVD players, VCR's, alarm clocks, video camera's - I've never had a problem with any of them and they're all Panasonic! However I have had problems with their microwave...

39 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-E 299 Smbpq

compact and stylish.

40 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NN-CD748BBPQ

Variety of uses, eg microwave, conventional, and grill

3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Panasonic NNCT857


3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Panasonic NN-K 155 W

This product failed just over a month after the guarantee expired. Apart from that, the turntable has never fitted properly and became detached frequently from its seating. I am extremely dissatisfied with this purchase, which as your records will...

49 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ Family Solo Auto Sensor Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

Another Which Best buy that has justified it's rating. The auto defrost works well and the reheat programme is very good. We have a large dish of Shepherds Pie which usually means leftovers for 2 people the next days and it take about 16 minutes on the...

135 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Panasonic NNA873S combination microwave oven

Was really looking forward to receiving this product. Had read mixed reviews but decided to take plunge as it had all features I wanted. What a disappointment. The cooking seemed OK in the short time I've had it but the build quality is terrible. First...

84 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Panasonic NN-E289MMBPQ

At first the microwave was fine, but then after 20 months it started to spark, had burn marks inside. We didn't feel that it was safe to use and contacted Panasonic. They said if we took it to one of their repair centres, once it had been checked, they...

74 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Panasonic TK-929SA Microwave Oven Trim Kit

Our home had a spot built into the cabinet for a microwave. The local appliance stores offered to install a unit in the existing cavity for about a thousand. On a whim I searched my existing microwave on Amazon and found this kit. A friend and I...

35 user reviews


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