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Mixer & Blender Reviews

Updated: Oct 5, 2015 23:00
alaAverage 3.8

Oster 6878-042 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, Black

Remember the old Osterizer? They still manufacture it but not for U.S. markets. This one will not replace it. It is a good product if you need to use a blender occasionally and your recipes don't require a lot of horsepower. It will crush ice well but...

71 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Cuisinart Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

I bought this cordless immersion blender a year ago to replace my perfectly functioning 10 year old corded Cuisinart immersion blender. I thought it would be so convenient to be able to use this blender anywhere in the kitchen but it ended up making...

65 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Oster 6642 Cube 12-Speed Blender

Glass Container, Cleans Easily

66 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Food Saver - FSC003-I - 3 bocaux de 0,7L, 1,42L et 2,37L pour appareil de...

This product will not create a vacuum so is not what the advert states, So would not buy again I'm not very happy.

50 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Hamilton Beach 730C Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer, Chrome

My kids love it and use it a lot and I use it for all my baking needs. I recommend it to others.

51 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Cuisinart SB 2 E

Fantastic machine it not only makes soup but is a blender, and smoothie maker I've tried making all and it's been brilliant, I've read about this product on other sites some people said that it is hard to clean this is rubbish these idiots put their...

36 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Black & Decker Gizmo Twist Mixer 2-in-1 Cordless

I had this same brand mixer for the past many years, but the new one doesn't perform nearly as well. There's very little difference between the two speeds and even on high, it doesn't mix the ingredients well enough to remove lumps in the batter. I've...

41 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

I needed a new blender and this one is a powerful stylish and solid one. It's easy to clean too. I use it to make my salsa and love how it works and looks in my kitchen. I highly recommended it.

27 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Blendtec HP3-A 4-Speed Blender

Since I had all my upper teeth extracted I make gourmet baby food & get better nutrition than chewing! My denture will come soon. The timer is a life-saver when I am trying to multi-task. GREAT! Gentle Warrior

28 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Viking Range Stainless/Gray Stand Mixer 7 Qt.

I've had this unit for a couple of years and it has been reliable. However, the clip that holds the high speed attachment cover clip and the slow speed attachment release knob both broke under only light home use. With Viking's reputation for quality...

34 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

TASCAM US-2000 16-in, 4-out USB 2.0 Audio Interface

I have purchased this product to begin recording my own professional music as well as my bands demo material (to prepare for the studio). This unit seemed like a great way to do so with a laptop and seemed to be a great solution to being portable. To...

16 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Hamilton Beach 40-oz. Two-Speed Pulse Blender.

I like the glass jar and capacity. Blends OK. I hardly ever use it though because the lid is really hard to remove. I am strong and capable and so is my husband but we both struggle to get the lid off. The pouring spout should solve the problem but...

15 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3

I bought this in 2007 when they were pretty new. It had an ugly container but works great. I use it about 3 times a day and for a year of this unit's life, I used it in a raw vegan lunch cafe that I opened in the back of a health food store. Store went...

18 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Kenwood BL650

I did not enjoy it

24 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Emeril by T-fal Blender

I bought this blender for $35 at TJ Maxx. It has a powerful motor that can crush ice and anything else I've put into the blender, including pineapple cores. The bottom is slim and very attractive and the jug a bit larger than standard blenders. The...

20 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Oster 40-oz. Osterizer Beehive Bar Blender, Chrome

We've used this blender nearly every day for some 3-4 years and it has held up well. Blends quite well and is good for smoothies, etc. Have not tried using it with ice. At this point, need to replace the gasket ($1.50), but other than that, it just...

18 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Kuchef (Aldi) Professional Blender

Blender worked great for 3 Months but then I turned it on and sounded like if was full of ball bearings. 2 smaller blades and broken off and were flying around in my smoothie. Only ever used it for smoothies so never had anything hard in it. Know of...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Hamilton Beach 62620

This is a great mixer. Love the sleek look and case that holds everything together in one spot. No more searching trough drawers to find parts!

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Kenwood Cooking Chef

I bought this over a year ago instead of the thermomix thinking it was a more versatile machine. I'm not a good cook and thought this would make cooking faster and easier. I've had no issues with with the machine itself but the recipes available are...

14 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Kenwood Sausage maker kit mix for A950 MINCER ATTACHMENT

Plastic rubbish with plates that don't fit --- don't quite understand why any body would be satisfied with such trash

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

New Wave Mia

I purchased this after having a Kitchen Aid that didn't perform up to it's name. The mixer itself is super heavy duty, built to last. It came with 2 stainless steel bowls with a splash guard and three attachments (paddle, whisk, and dough hook), all of...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Cuisinart Power Advantage HM-50LY

This was initially a wonderful mixer. One year and thirteen days later from the time ordered, it quit. Although, I have to say, I bake a lot; we are gluten free and in the Arctic - I have to. So how do you shop for the real tool? I thought Cuisinart...

10 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Sunbeam 2372-200 Mixmaster mixer.

I bought this quite a bit of time ago and am still using it. I can't say enough about this product, except, if you're a beginner at baking or want something affordable, I would highly recommend getting this mixer.

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

KitchenAid Ultra Power Tilt-Head Stand Mixer - White

The thing has a ton of uses... I used it the other day to shred chicken for soup and the leftover chicken went to chicken salad!! -- Get an extra bowl!

5 user reviews