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Mixer & Blender Reviews

Updated: May 30, 2016 22:20
alaAverage 3.8

Better Chef IM-811R

this mixer works great, it has different attachments for different mixes.

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Hamilton Beach 52282R Wave-Power BlendMaster 12-Speed Blender

I wasn't going to write about this product but I saw another reviewer mention the electrical or burnt plastic/rubber smell. I noticed that as well and wanted to inform potential customers about this issue. I originally purchased this from a nearby...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Cuisinart CBT-BG-1 Blade and Gasket

Chances are you are looking at this product because your PLASTIC blade housing has cracked on your $140 blender. Even the cheapest of blenders utilize stainless steel for this mechanism. Shame on Cuisinart for not recalling and redesigning this part...

4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Philips HR2096

beautifully made and produces the best fruit punches ever. Very smooth. Brilliant product.

1 expert reviews | 982 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer Attachment

very easy to attach and use with my grinder attatchment , liked being able to adjust the speed of the flow of the meat.

250 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Back to Basics BPE3BRAUS Blender Express Plus 11-Piece Mixing System

All I did was make a strawberry and pineapple smoothie every morning. I didn't use any ice and I added plenty of juice. The blender didn't work after using it for only 5 days. :(

235 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

KitchenAid KHM5APWH

Nice mixer... Like the extra utensils

159 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Grain Mill Attachment

A grain mill I was looking all over merci merci. Antoine

151 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

George Foreman Mix & Go

The Mix and Go Pro is a great blender, and has better reviews than the standard model. I bought one just today and my first test was a strawberry yoghurt smoothie with ice cubes. The smoothie setting had the smoothie done in seconds and the ice didn't...

105 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Kenwood BL370

very good

111 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Handheld/Stand Mixer

I am left with the stand and bowl because this handheld mixer lasted one year with minimal usage before it broke. My old 7 speed Cuisinart Hand Held Mixer lasted 5 yrs. I purchased this handheld/stand mixer because of worsening hand arthritis and I...

101 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Kambrook Blitz2Go

The convenient Blitz2Go is very good overall and does a great job of making frozen drinks and smoothies. The instruction booklet includes some simple recipes to get you started, but part of the fun (particularly as we head into summer) is to experiment...

1 expert reviews | 84 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Hamilton Beach Bébé

I know this is a single serve blender but it is so little! I love it though, it's perfect for me to make smoothies with. My only issue is frozen things, I'm terrified to put anything frozen in this blender because I don't want to break it.

47 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Oster 2 Speed Beehive Blender 4094

I was recently in the market to replaced my Oster 4094, mainly because the blades seem to be wearing a bit and my smoothies weren't as smooth as they used to be. (I use this thing 2-4 times a week after a workout for my 'dinner' smoothie). Other then...

46 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

West Bend Electronic Timer - White - 40055

We order these for our restaurant. Great pizza timers! Thanks!

43 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Hamilton Beach 54615B blender

Just the perfect blender to share your smoothies with your family. I would recommend this blender. The price was right as well.

28 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Oster 6803 Core 14-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, White

works perfectly for making healthy drinks out of fruits, baby spinach, carrots, etc. I think it is not necessary to spend anymore on those ultra-expensive machines to do the same thing. depending on what you put in it, your healthy drink might be very...

33 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

KitchenAid KHBWH

My KitchenAid immersion blender is several years old, and this whisk attachment fits it perfectly. My blender is black and the whisk is white, but that doesn't matter to me. It doesn't wobble at all. This saves me having to use my big mixer for small...

28 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Insignia™ - 5-Speed Blender - Black NS-BL01-B

I use this blender very little but when i do i find it to be very capable. No hiccups or struggles.

19 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Big Boss 9338 Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker, Black/Silver

So, I decided to make myself the hero and buy my wife one of these for Christmas. She has been hinting that she really wanted one, so I caught a break in what to get for her. It arrived, and we followed the instructions in great detail. We even watched...

19 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Bella 12 Piece Rocket Blender

Much stronger than I expected, I am NOT disappointed at all . . . . .

20 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Avancer Stand Mixer

Stay away from this company at all cost! Appalling customer service. Called a few times and the phone was never attended, left voice mails and nobody got back to me. I also Emailed a couple of times and still no reply. Managed to get a reply on...

16 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Hamilton Beach Aguas Frescas Blender- 50162Z

This thing sounds like a jet engine and smells like a toxic waste vat. The instruction booklet that comes with it is completely worthless. It tells you nothing in English, Spanish, and French. What a piece of junk!

19 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Classic Drink Mixer 2 Speed 28 Ounce

Ok so the reviews about someone trying to use this as a proetien shake mixer does not make sense. It is for a single person to make a ice cream shake. Great product. Wish it was bigger so we could make more shakes at a time. It is a small serving but...

24 user reviews