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Mixer & Blender Reviews

Updated: Nov 28, 2014 13:46
alaAverage 2

Cuisinart CPB-300 Compact Portable Blender

I bought this a few weeks ago and use it everyday for my morning shakes. The kids usually make a smoothie in the morning or after school. Works great with no problems. I am buying one for my Mom too.

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Brentwood JB-200 7-Speed Blender

Whenever you purchase a blender cheaper is not always better, as we soon found out. We purchased this blender from Macy's in our local shopping mall. It looked simple enough and the price was only thirty dollars. So that is why we decided to get this,...

2 user reviews

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Oster (002577-000-000) 250 Watts Hand Mixer

I bought the Oster 250watt hand mixer as a post wedding gift to myself with high hopes of putting Martha Stewart and Julia Child to shame with my frugal purchase and fabulous desserts. But just like you may be thinking, I was wrong and was instantly...

3 user reviews

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West Bend 7010 Stainless-Steel 800-Watt Juice Extractor with Blender Attachment

I bought my juicer with high hopes. It leaves a lot of pulp and even large chunks of fruit. It takes quite a while to clean it, so it is not very useful in the morning before work along with my regular morning routine. I wish I had bought the Jack...

2 user reviews

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Team International CMM18262 225 Watts Hand Mixer

I bought this unit, the price was ok, the design was great. I got it home, assmbled the unit and it tried to burn my house down. As soon as I tested it, it started smoking, the smell of burnt rubber and metal is still lingering. Once it cooled down I...

3 user reviews

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Oster 6830 Core 10-Speed Blender, White

Oster 6431 is good for SMALL amounts of frozen foodstuff...better for non-frozen. I purchased this product from Walmart but loss the receipt so cannot bring it back. It does OK for the frozen foodstuff but you have to put it in in SMALL amounts at a...

2 user reviews

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Betty Crocker Appliances BPL-306U 2-Speed Hand Blender

Its was a big mistake for us,got a BC blender. After first use, the plastic base of the blender attachment has several hairline cracks in it and the shaft is falling out of the base. That it.

2 user reviews

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Dr. Weil 9803 The Healthy Kitchen 48-Ounce 2-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

The motor emits a weird smell, and the buttons don't work properly. I have bought several Dr Weil products and they're all disappointing.

2 user reviews

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Hamilton Beach Wave Station 53155 2-Speed Blender

For the price, it is a great blender. Cleaning the "spout" that the smoothie comes out of is a job but other than that, it is a good quality blender. I don't think it would be good for every day use.

2 user reviews

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Farberware FSB100 10-Speed Blender

I ordered an electric knife and was sent a blender. Apparently the item number on the website belongs to the blender and not the knife. I returned the product and had no problem getting my money back. Im satisfied with the service i received with...

4 user reviews

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15 user reviews

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El Paso Chile 10056 Marg-a-rama 90-Watt 1-Gallon Frozen-Drink Maker

I really thought buying a name which I love wouldn't sell such a falsely advertised item. (margarama -margarita machine)El Paso Chile Co.

16 user reviews

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Oster 6641 12 Speed White Blender

We love this product, because it replaced our traditional mixies. We were looking for something that would grind rice and dhall for our daily use. Especially, for South Indian kids looking for idly and dosa on their everyday breakfast. This is one is...

20 user reviews

alaAverage 1.9

Oster Immersion Blender

don't buy this -- it will break apart before you've even made your first cream soup! OK, i exaggerate -- I used it exactly TWICE before it fell apart. Hoping there weren't pieces of plastic in the soup that I served!!!

70 user reviews

alaAverage 1.9

Euro-Cuisine Blender 1ea.

Avoid this blender. You can do better with a low-priced model from your local discount store. Sometimes it won't turn on, sometimes you turn the switch to 'off,' and it won't turn off. Parts of the bowl's handle/spring apparatus also tend to come...

8 user reviews

alaAverage 1.9

Black & Decker BL12475 12-Speed Blender

A joke. So loud it sounds like an airplane is taking off. It "locks" into place but then when you want to take the container part off, it unscrews from the bottom, and your food goes all over the place. I've tried using this multiple times, thinking I...

92 user reviews

alaAverage 1.9

Black & Decker BL1900R 5-Speed Blender with 48-Ounce Glass Jar, Red

My wife bought this blender because it was red. I make smoothies using frozen fruit a couple of times a week. It worked for about a year until this morning when the bottom screw stripped, making an awful sound and smell. I found an old Oster blender...

84 user reviews

alaAverage 1.9

Black & Decker BLC10650HB Cyclone 10-Speed Blender with 48-Ounce Glass Jar...

I bought this blender around 5-6 years ago, and used it only occasionally until recently. My main issue with it is that the threading on the base matches the threading on the carafe. This means that if you're not careful when you're removing the upper...

7 user reviews

alaAverage 1.9

Back to Basics Smoothie Pro 700 Blender, Chrome

My kids are smoothie junkies and I loved this smoothie maker! Initially, I purchased the 600-watt machine by the same manufacturer and the motor burned out. Thought I needed to ramp up the power and I bought this one - TWICE. The the first machine...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 1.8

Black & Decker BL1900 5-Speed Blender with 48-Ounce Glass Jar, Brushed Stainless

We received this blender for a wedding gift. Once we started using it we went through 3 of them in less than 3 months. The glass jar keeps cracking. The blending power is OK, but at this price the jar should not crack

117 user reviews

alaAverage 1.8

NEW Black & Decker BL1900 5 Speed ProBlend Blender

Unit failed and burnt out after I used it 5 times! It always had a burning smell coming from it when i used it.

89 user reviews

alaAverage 1.8

Black & Decker BLT5650 ProBlend Die-Cast Blender with 48-Ounce Glass Jar

Very nice piece oof equipment. Easy to use, very strong with the glass and steel. Great purchase considering the price paid.

26 user reviews

alaAverage 1.8

Black & Decker Cyclone 12-Speed Blender

This blender is the worst product I have ever bought from Black and Decker. I wish that I never bought it. Using it, you honestly need ear plugs... Bad ....

15 user reviews

alaAverage 1.8

Brentwood 5-Speed Blender JB-800 / JB-810 Color: Red

One of the worst piece of equipment that I have met. The internal fan broke if any reason. It sounds very, very loud when working, like a truck inside your kitchen. Piece of trash. Don't buy it.

8 user reviews

alaAverage 1.8

Sunbeam Heritage Series Black 4.6 Qt. Mixmaster Stand Mixer, 2353

I received this mixer as a gift. (If I had a receipt, I'd be demanding a refund from someone!) The problem with mine is one of the beaters falls out during mixing. When it drops from the locked position, there's a god-awful clanking noise because it...

11 user reviews