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Updated: Oct 29, 2014 22:09
LED Backlight
alaAverage 3.6

ViewSonic VA1932WM

I am extremely pleased with my ViewSonic LCD monitor! Easy setup; great resolution and I love the built in speakers! Also great service with an awesome price! It is a brand new product in factory-sealed packaging.

6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Futura HD 19A

My wife bought me one of these monitors for my birthday and I've got to say it's excellent value for money. The screen is crystal clear with no dead pixels and it has a very bright image with clear, clean and crisp colours. It is a great monitor for...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

HP Pavilion dv1600 Systemboard (Motherboard) - 412240-001

The HP Pavilion dv1600 is an entry-level thin-and-light notebook with a plethora of multimedia features. Its performance troubled us, but the low asking price and impressive battery life are difficult to argue with.

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Hitachi CML170

Great monitor screen is huge compared to a 17" crt. Image quality is great. Despite some comments I don't find the screen display confusing. And to some of the complaints most companies use 3rd party warranty services.

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

HP L 1902

Basic monitor has easy-to-use on-screen controls, but its physical adjustability is limited.

1 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Samsung S24D300HL

Yeah, I'd definitely buy a few of these if the price comes down again. It was a great value.

9 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Pyle PLVW9IW 9.2'' In-Wall Mount TFT LCD Flat Panel Monitor For Home & Mobile

This is mostly useless in wall because it is a second monitor only. No touch screen features. Save your money and get an elo touchscreen device that you would want to mount in the wall.

9 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Triplett 3274 WireMaster Coax 8-Way Coaxial Cable Mapper

Caused me to rerun a 100+ ft run that was not shorted. Spend more money and get a real cable tester. I sure learned my lesson.

7 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

NEC MultiSync MD213MG

These are not your everyday gaming computer monitors. Please do not purchase this monitor for anything other than displaying grayscale 3 MP medical images. You are wasting your money in a BIG way. The reason these monitors are so expensive is their...

7 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

HX1853Lb Black 18.5' 5ms Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor

If you are not looking stright at the montor ,eyes centerd the picture is very dull. there got to be something better

2 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Gericom LCD Monitor

A 19” LCD monitor will help you make the most of multimedia computing.

1 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Lenco Ipod Tower 2 Dvd

I actually bought this from Comet where, unusually, it was 30% less than Amazon. I am using the unit in my kitchen where it sits on the solid tile floor where I mainly use it for listening to the radio and iTunes on the computer through the "aux in"...

1 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Asus PQ321

The display of the future has arrived. The Asus PQ321, the first 4K monitor to hit PC Labs (and, according to Asus, the world's first consumer 4K monitor), brings 3,840-by-2,160 resolution to the desktop via a humongous 31.5-inch IGZO (Indium Gallium...

6 expert reviews

alaAverage 3.5

HTC - invisibleSHIELD for the HTC EVO 4G LTE - ZAGG Screen Protectors

It's tough. It's been in my bag with keys and coins, with no scratches yet. Only had it for just over a month.Hopefully it holds up for a while. It is a bit sticky though making it difficult to slide images. It could also be a bit wider to fit phone...

8 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

PLANAR PXL2430MW (997-6399-00)

I beleive this is a good overall product, minus the defective one that I received.

6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

GeChic On-Lap 1301

Image quality is average, and the unique stick-on design is rather unwieldy

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Acer HS244HQbmii (ET.UH4HP.001)

a good 3D monitor. but if u are not going to use 3D, this monitor is not good as they advertised.

6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Lenovo Thinkvision L2250P

I've sold dozens of these in my shop, they are really good screens. They look great, I've had no issues with colors, but I'm not an artist. For games, surfing, general use these are fine screens.

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Viewsonic E96f+SB

Did a little research before buying and It?€™s probably one of the best CRTs available as there isn?€™t much of a selection left. It will probably be the last CRT I buy before going LCD. Hope by then LCDs improve and the price of higher-end models drop?€?

6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

BenQ FP531

This monitor is a pretty one, and if it was just about looks this sweet BenQ would hold it's own. As is it is a good performer from a well known company. Delivers as expected. A good choice in it's size range.

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

AOC LM 929

After installing this monitor, it worked for about a minute and a half and then began flashing on and off. The installation booklet said to call Tech support for a return authorization. After the tech rep. admitted there was an "85% chance" the...

8 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

KDS Radius RAD-9p

The Rad-9p offers plenty of screen and above-average sound for a low price, but better low-cost monitors are available.

3 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Compaq P 900

With strong text quality and decent-looking colors, the P900 is a safe bet for corporate users seeking the added security of an extensive warranty.

1 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Philips 105S63

Very sharp text, integrated microphone and speakers, excellent software controls.

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews


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