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PlayStation Vita Game Reviews

Updated: Jul 3, 2015 10:24
alaScore 85

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (PS Vita)

The path of the ninja is a difficult and deadly one. It's brutal and bloody, and if you have the skills to walk it, it's immensely satisfying. 2007's for the PlayStation 3 was a great update of one of the greatest action games of all time. Now, it's on...

25 expert reviews | 22 user reviews

alaScore 85

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (PS Vita)

Mao has a bone to pick with his father. Ever since dad destroyed his SlayStation Portable and cost him millions of hours in saved progress, the outraged son has been plotting his revenge. But such vengeance isn't easily carried out when your father is...

22 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 84

Tearaway (PS Vita)

if you like little big planet, you will like this.

101 user reviews

alaScore 84

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season - PS Vita

This game definitely deserved the game of the year award it received a few years back. Even if you are not a fan of the comics or TV series, this game has an amazing story regardless.

46 user reviews

alaScore 83

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - PS Vita

Maybe not quite as good as the ones made by Sucker Punch, but still a solid entry in the series.

60 user reviews

alaScore 83

Escape Plan (PS Vita)

The PS Vita is ripe for original games with its dual touch screens and, of course, motion technologies. Very few games in the launch lineup take advantage of these features as well as Fun Bits Escape Plan. This grayscale puzzle title uses nothing but...

31 expert reviews | 18 user reviews

alaScore 82

FIFA 14 - PS Vita

I play it a lot and I can't stop. I thank you for giving me this game!

14 user reviews

alaScore 82

Touch My Katamari (PS Vita)

There was a time when the King of the Cosmos was a colorful personality, larger than life. Perhaps his fame had something to do with a jaunt in the sky that temporarily left Earth with no stars, or maybe people just loved his absurd overreliance on the...

28 expert reviews | 23 user reviews

alaScore 81

Borderlands 2 - PS Vita

I was hoping for a closer port of the PS3 game, but I suppose that may have been too much to ask for.

62 user reviews

alaScore 81

Smart as...

Parents need to know that Smart As... is a brain exercise game in the style of Brain Age . While younger children can enjoy some of the games, it is best suited for teens and adults. Some of the games are logic- and observation-based, while others...

9 expert reviews

alaScore 80

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - PS Vita

I bought this game for my son sor Christmas and he likes it

43 user reviews

alaScore 80

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale PS Vita

Bought this for my daughter and she thinks it's very entertaining and engaging.

78 user reviews

alaScore 80

Resistance: Burning Skies - PS Vita

I haven't finished the game yet but it's fun so far just notas awesome as the ones on ps3.

76 user reviews

alaScore 80

Smart as... - PS Vita

Bought as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves it!

27 user reviews

alaScore 80

MLB 12: The Show (PS Vita)

When a new gaming platform is released, the sports games that are launched alongside it are typically stripped of a lot of the expected core features. Surprisingly, that isn't the case with MLB 12: The Show for the PlayStation Vita. Rather than simply...

13 expert reviews | 18 user reviews

alaScore 80

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (PS Vita)

Hot Shots Golf provides a long single-player experience and excellent online integration. Is this enough to make it one of the Vita's must-have launch games?

12 expert reviews | 27 user reviews

alaScore 79

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation- PS Vita

The Assassin's Creed series makes it Vita debut. Find out how it stacks up in our full review.

8 expert reviews

alaScore 79

Little Deviants (PS Vita)

The launch of a new system always brings games that are keen to show off the capabilities of the new hardware. The PlayStation Vita boasts a suite of nontraditional control inputs, and Little Deviants is more than a little obsessed with them. Touch...

36 expert reviews | 30 user reviews

alaScore 78

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril - PS Vita

My son loves this game. The lego characters make it so fun!

21 user reviews

alaScore 78

FIFA Soccer (PS Vita)

There's a reason FIFA Football (that's FIFA Soccer to those in the US) on the Vita lacks the "12" tag of its console counterparts. Many of the franchise's compelling new features, such as the Tactical Defending System, Precision Dribbling, and the...

6 expert reviews

alaScore 77

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS Vita)

The wheels of fate are turning.

6 expert reviews

alaScore 76

Dynasty Warriors Next (PS Vita)

There was a time when the Dynasty Warriors franchise wasn't just exciting for its devoted fan base. Mowing down hundreds of enemies in was a good, early display of the PlayStation 2's power. Since then, however, the series has been scorned for being...

16 expert reviews | 17 user reviews

alaScore 76

Army Corps of Hell (PS Vita)

There is some strategy in advancing. Certain enemies are covered with flames or electrical currents, so you must use your magi while keeping your distance. Other enemies are vulnerable only from the back. A snake that erupts from the ground swallows...

20 expert reviews | 38 user reviews

alaScore 75

Little Deviants - PS Vita

This is a very fun game, it use all the inputs from PSVita.

41 user reviews

alaScore 74

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (PS Vita)

The Vita version of the game employs a number of touch-screen controls, which work well for some activities and not so well for others. For example, throughout the game you have access to eight spells, acquired in stages and presented in a spell-wheel...

10 expert reviews | 2 user reviews


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