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PlayStation 2 Game Reviews

Updated: Apr 17, 2014 02:22
alaScore 90

MLB 07: The Show (PS2)

Thanks to Sony's dubious track record when it comes to first-party sports games, its excellent MLB series hasn't always received the recognition it deserves. But after the outstanding MLB 06: The Show, people are taking notice of SCEA's yearly baseball...

11 expert reviews | 53 user reviews

alaScore 90

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2)

Easily leapfrogging the performance of Guitar Hero II with room to spare, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock thrashes out a strong mix of classic and modern tracks, and is further enhanced with the online features its predecessor should have had. Now...

12 expert reviews | 14 user reviews

alaScore 90

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (PS2)

Overall the game is a fun, extremely enjoyable stealth-action game from Ubisoft. You can find it at your local gaming bargain bin and it's worth it. Pick it up and try it out. If you like stealth you'll love this.

21 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 90

Disney Sing It: Pop Hits (PS2)

This game's cover is the last chance to see Taylor Swift next to the Jonas Brothers.

3 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 90

Fahrenheit (PS2)

The first thing you notice about Fahrenheit is its substitution of ‘new game' for ‘new movie'. It's a mere indication of what is to come and the ambitious intent of its developer; to tell a story and create a game that sacrifices neither narrative or...

26 expert reviews | 171 user reviews

alaScore 90

Rugby 08 (PS2)

Rugby 08 isn't much of a step-up from the previous game in the franchise, but it still offers pick-up-and-play fun for both novices and rugby fanatics.

18 expert reviews | 9 user reviews

alaScore 90

Fight Night Round 3- PS2

After much success with the first two installments EA Sports has finally brought us Fight Night Round 3. As with any sports series it's important to keep improving and innovating the title to keep the series fresh and new. Fight Night Round 3 comes...

25 expert reviews | 127 user reviews

alaScore 90

Fight Night: Round 2 (PS2)

Last year's Fight Night 2004 reinvigorated boxing video games, as boxing had become a sports genre that many people had written off years ago. After a sequence of mixed results in the Knockout Kings series, EA Sports' Fight Night came along and...

35 expert reviews | 51 user reviews

alaScore 90

Dragon Ball Z : Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (PS2)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 marks not the third, but the sixth console release in what is rapidly becoming a long series of games. The latest member of the family is a bit bigger, a bit more balanced, and a bit more fun to play than its...

15 expert reviews | 35 user reviews

alaScore 90

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (PS2)

It's highly unlikely to convert the Fire Pro devotees, and the removals are sure to create a lot of disapproving moans and complaints, but if you were to erase everything that came before it from history, then there would be no denying that Smackdown...

2 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 90


Life in the Old West must have been gritty, violent, and short if it was anything like Gun, a new Western-themed action adventure from Tony Hawk series developer Neversoft. Featuring an open-ended environment that you can traverse on foot or on...

35 expert reviews | 106 user reviews

alaScore 90

SSX On Tour (PS2)

Though it has often found itself lumped in with Tony Hawk and the rest of his action-sports cronies, the SSX series has always been more of a racer, albeit a racer with an affinity for ridiculous airborne stunts. Last seen in 2003 with SSX 3, the...

35 expert reviews | 29 user reviews

alaScore 90

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2)

Just like the first Disgaea, this strategy role-playing game is best suited for fans of other stuff like it, and it's chock-full of depth, lasting value, and surprisingly good humor.

18 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaScore 90

MLB 08: The Show (PS2)

Editor's note: Larry is a new author joining the team here at Talking About Games. Please give him a warm welcome!

10 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 90

Peter Jackson's King Kong (PS2)

The first-person action adventure/third-person gorilla beat-'em-up combo genre has been born in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. As the long-winded title suggests, this is the game based on the upcoming retelling of the 1933...

26 expert reviews | 120 user reviews

alaScore 90

Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2)

Tony will not shoot women or children. You can try, but the game won’t let you. If you aim at a woman and go to pull the trigger, nothing happens and he says something like, "I’m no vermin," or, "I’d shoot myself before I did that." If you recall...

31 expert reviews | 52 user reviews

alaScore 90

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2- PS2

The Shin Megami Tensei series' demonic tradition continues with Digital Devil Saga 2, a game that brings about a conclusion to the events chronicled in the original Digital Devil Saga. It's a delightfully dark and bizarre ride through the realms of...

22 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaScore 90

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (PS2)

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast offers a fun, accessible experience to racing fans who just want to jam on the accelerator and go.

28 expert reviews | 53 user reviews

alaScore 90

Sega Mega Drive Collection [European] (PS2)

With the possible exception of Nintendo and perhaps Capcom, few videogames companies have a retro back-catalogue which could begin to rival that of Sega. It's no surprise then that the Sega Mega Drive Collection is so bursting with quality that anyone...

17 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 90

SingStar 80's (PS2)

Sony continues to establish a foothold in the American market for its SingStar karaoke franchise with two more releases, SingStar '80s and SingStar Amped. The former ought to be self-explanatory--sing your favorite cheesy pop songs from the 1980s--and...

28 expert reviews | 85 user reviews

alaScore 90

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider -- Legend (PS2)

It's been almost 10 years since the first Tomb Raider was released, and while video games have come a long way since then, the Tomb Raider series hasn't kept pace. Problems such as clunky controls and a frustrating camera, which were excusable in the...

29 expert reviews | 388 user reviews

alaScore 90

Steambot Chronicles (PS2)

It's hard to imagine a crazier name for an open-ended mech-driven adventure than "Bumpy Trot," but the good folks at Atlus normalized the title and changed it to Steambot Chronicles for domestic release. Steambot Chronicles is an interesting little...

23 expert reviews | 14 user reviews

alaScore 90

The King of Fighters XI [European] (PS2)

The annual King of Fighters series is more than a decade old, and originates on arcade hardware that's older still, though the series' solid and varied gameplay has continued to bring the faithful coming back for more each year. Although many hardcore...

14 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 90

Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia (PS2)

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia is a conventional role-playing game in most respects, but it strays from the well-worn path of similar RPGs by incorporating elements of the dating sims and visual novels that are immensely popular in Japan. It sounds like...

27 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaScore 90

Shadow Hearts: From the New World (PS2)

The Shadow Hearts series has been steadily gathering notice in the realm of console role-playing games, due in large part to its great gameplay, bizarre occult-laced narrative set in the world of the early 1900s, and consistently crazy characters and...

29 expert reviews | 15 user reviews


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