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PlayStation 3 Game Reviews

Updated: Nov 27, 2015 00:28
alaScore 91

Assassin's Creed II (PS3)

All in all, Assassins Creed II, in many ways, should have been what the first game was like...

128 expert reviews | 316 user reviews

alaScore 91

FIFA 12 (PS3)

Sports games are inherently hard to review. Where those who don't like sports fail to understand...

44 expert reviews | 75 user reviews

alaScore 91

MLB 10: The Show (PS3)

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62 expert reviews | 51 user reviews

alaScore 91

UFC Undisputed 3 (PS3)

The only issue I have with the audio is the lackluster choice of theme music - granted, they had...

38 expert reviews | 11 user reviews

alaScore 91

Assassin's Creed Platinum (PS3)

A conglomeration of small advancements that deliver on Ubisoft's initial AC vision.

58 expert reviews | 123 user reviews

alaScore 91

MLB 14: The Show (PS3)

For years, competitive shooters have struggled to introduce context into a genre centered on...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Starhawk- PS3

You break free from a drop pod after a fresh respawn, and immediately a Hawk swoops within your...

45 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 91

Killzone 3 (PS3)

Killzone 3 will not disappoint fans of the series. Those who know what to expect are going to get...

72 expert reviews | 53 user reviews

alaScore 91

NHL 10 (PS3)

Shoving the goal tender when a shot's coming in and seeing the hotly disputed goal not get...

78 expert reviews | 55 user reviews

alaScore 91

Destiny (PS3)

"Destiny" is the slickest, most professionally produced game I’ve probably ever played. With the...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 91

FIFA 15 (PS3)

"FIFA 15" is a very solid game, but one which lacks the feature or gameplay updates that one had...

3 expert reviews | 32 user reviews

alaScore 91

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon- PS3

Completing the game can take around eight hours, depending on how many side activities are...

14 expert reviews

alaScore 91


Beyond the music, you've also got incredible sound effects - especially for smashing into stuff...

44 expert reviews | 18 user reviews

alaScore 91

Sony Little Big Planet 3 - PS3 (148784)

I love how fresh and innovative this aspect felt in the game. I also enjoy the new various...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 91

LittleBigPlanet Karting- PS3

If it wasn't clear before that Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet is kind of a big deal, look no...

43 expert reviews | 62 user reviews

alaScore 91

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3)

With a game as expansive as this, technical issues are par for the course. I'm happy to report I...

41 expert reviews | 19 user reviews

alaScore 91

Final Fantasy XIV: Online (PS3)

Someone needs to give Square-Enix an intervention for their crystal addiction.

33 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaScore 91

Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)

Of course, the point's the journey, really, and Awakening is another chunk of BioWare's story...

90 expert reviews | 85 user reviews

alaScore 91

Soul Calibur V (PS3)

I could complain a bit more about how I don't really have a character to fall back on in the...

50 expert reviews | 13 user reviews

alaScore 91

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)

If the plot has failed to captivate you for some reason, rest assured that the campaign gameplay...

20 expert reviews | 14 user reviews

alaScore 91

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

The game offers dual audio with both the classic Japanese cast and an English voice cast. As far...

29 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 91

One Piece: Pirate Warriors

This adventure is full of BOOTY.

35 expert reviews

alaScore 91

Prototype 2 (PS3)

The audio's pretty good overall. As I said before, I really dug the voice acting in the game...

50 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 91

Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball's a decent use of time and money. It plays a good game of pinball, and that's all it...

2 expert reviews | 1 user reviews


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