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PlayStation 4 Game Reviews

Updated: Oct 22, 2014 22:21
alaScore 97

InFamous: Second Son (PS4)

Infamous: Second Son builds on the best of the previous games in the series, even while mired in repetition.

27 expert reviews | 894 user reviews

alaScore 96

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Being an Assassin Creed game, it would be remiss for us not to talk about stealth. Black Flag, surprisingly, brings a healthy dose of that for players. Despite being a game focusing on piracy, there are a lot more options and missions for players to...

60 expert reviews | 1432 user reviews

alaScore 95

The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)

How many times do you have to die before you feel like\r\nyou\'ve given a game a fair shot? That\'s the quandary I faced while trying to\r\nreview Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones. Unlike other indie darlings that\r\ncelebrate the challenge and...

7 expert reviews | 389 user reviews

alaScore 94

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

The Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider is a marginal presentational enhancement to the undeniably excellent 2013 release.

26 expert reviews | 187 user reviews

alaScore 93

Sniper Elite 3 (PS4)

To give credit where it’s due, Rise of the Dark Spark elicits some genuine emotion from this Transformers fan. Unfortunately, those emotions are anger and disappointment. Activision and Edge of Reality have squandered the good will established by...

9 expert reviews

alaScore 92

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4)

This is an environment in which you’re going to want to play and remain for some time to come. With a combination of full-controller utilization, expansive gameplay, and aesthetic beauty – both in the woods and up close, with plenty of blood –...

26 expert reviews | 426 user reviews

alaScore 91

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

Nintendo’s decision to put Smash Bros. on the 3DS struck me as an exceptionally weird move, even for a company that pressed its beloved characters into mortal combat in the first place. Smash is, after all, an over-the-top social game...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 90

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PlayStation 4)

MachineGames won't be bringing this franchise back to its original legendary status this time around, but with Wolfenstein: The New Order, we're back to killing Nazis in a big-budget shooter for the first time in a while, and the final result is...

9 expert reviews

alaScore 89

Battlefield 4 (PS4)

The Battlefield series has come a long way from a niche FPS shooter on the PC platform, to a bonified system seller that can stand toe-to-toe with any other FPS on the market. Not looking to rest on its laurels, EA and developer D.I.C.E. look to push...

11 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 88

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4)

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the critically-acclaimed franchise into the next generation. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

11 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 87

Knack (PS4)

Sony's new throwback title Knack has been released as a launch title for the Playstation 4! But is it worth your money? 411's Gavin Napier checks in with his full review!

22 expert reviews | 154 user reviews

alaScore 86

Resogun- PlayStation 4

Powerstar Golf treats clubs like prized weapons in a role-playing game, golfers like the knights and wizards who wield them, and caddies like mages who enhance abilities from afar. Most of the golf courses are grounded in reality and look like places...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 85

EA Sports UFC (PS4)

This is a great game to buy for any MMA fan or sports fan in general. The graphics look amazing and the number of playable fighters is massive. My only draw backs are the lack of choices in career mode and the new more difficult submission system....

114 user reviews

alaScore 84

Watch Dogs (PlayStation 4)

I like this game but it is like gta but u get 2 hac

1207 user reviews

alaScore 83

Sound Shapes (PlayStation 4)

I can only hope the community breathes some life into this title. While the few songs that are included are a decent afternoon distraction, in the end, it feels like a wasted effort; the illusion of innovation wrapped in the familiar shell of LocoRoco,...

7 expert reviews

alaScore 82

NBA Live 14

NBA Live 14 brings basketball to life with the most realistic graphics and physics.

9 expert reviews | 57 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)

I already pre ordered mine, looks amazing. You guys should buy it as well :)

1 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaAverage 5

The Crew (PlayStation 4)

To be able to build the car the way you want it is amazing. Great graphics, and a lot of fun. I haven't played it... but I can tell it will be amazing. To be able to make a crew and do objectives.

2 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Madden NFL 15- PlayStation 4

Hearthstone’s multiplayer matches and arenas are augmented with its first downloadable adventure, a dungeon dive into one of World of Warcraft’s most revered raids, Naxxramas.

2 expert reviews

alaAverage 4.3

Alien: Isolation (PS4)

Despite the aforementioned gripes, Alien: Isolation kept me coming back for more time and time again, even when it was kicking my arse. As a gamer who prides himself on being quite resilient to the tension tactics of your average horror title, when...

2 expert reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

With movies like Guardians of the Galaxy landing like a sack of pigeons to the applause of tiny hands all over the globe - is 2.0 just a money..

2 expert reviews


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