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Focal JM-Lab Speakers Reviews

Updated: Mar 30, 2015 08:31
alaScore 89

GLL Imagio IC100

I'm always skeptical of branding with "iThis" and "iThat" to ride Apple coat tails, but these are great for cleaning my iPad, Kindle Fire and smartphone. The small packets mean these never dry out, I like the "sheets in a can" types that seem so...

203 user reviews

alaScore 88

Focal CMS 65

The clarity is almost unreal. I'm hearing songs for the first time thatI've listened to for 20 years. True reference quality.

2 expert reviews | 19 user reviews

alaScore 88

Focal BIRD PACK 2.1

REMOTE CONTROL The Bird Pack 2.1 remote control was sleek, smart and will be an instant hit with you. It has just the right amount of buttons in it and the rest of the space on the remote control simply adds to its charm and overall appearance. All the...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 87

Focal Diablo Utopia

The blessing of having owned many of the best loudspeakers the world has known has been a lot of fun. The fact that I haven't owned Focals is somewhat of a head-scratcher. They belong in the discussion with the likes of Bowers & Wilkins, Revel, Wilson...

7 expert reviews

alaScore 87

Focal DOME 5.1

I purchased this system from Creative Audio. In fact I bought no less than 3 of their 5.1 Focal Dome bundles that came with all connecting cables (1 optical cable, 1 subwoofer cable, 2 HDMI cables (1 and 3 meters) as well as 30 meters of speaker cables...

7 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 87

Focal BIRD

The Focal Bird PAK 2.1 system is a smooth-sounding little all-in-one system; with an invisible subwoofer. It sounds much smoother than Bose systems, and is much better suited to good and classical music. While most Bose systems are designed designed to...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 87

Focal JMlab XS Book

Don't waste your money -- total garbage. Pony up a hundred or so more and buy a pair of Vanatoo powered speakers -- unbelievable sound, light years beyond the Focals, and the people who own the company (aka the designers) are totally cool and deserving...

20 user reviews

alaScore 86

Focal Chorus 726V

A compact floorstander from Focal's Chorus 700 range

6 expert reviews | 27 user reviews

alaScore 86

Focal JMlab Chorus

Does size matter? This speaker is significantly larger than most

7 expert reviews | 40 user reviews

alaScore 85

Focal XS

The Focal XS delivers sublime 2.1-channel PC soundfor a mere $600.

8 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 85

Focal CMS 50

Although a bit large relative to your average desktop computer speakers, the CMS 50's provide a level of musicality 'designed for the computer' speakers can't deliver. I've only run them for 10 hours or so and they're still breaking in, but I'm...

2 expert reviews | 22 user reviews

alaScore 84

Focal Chorus CC 700

Brings out the dialogue beautifully. Works awesome with my focal 716 fronts and two 10 inch subs. Scares me watching Star Wars!!!!

11 user reviews

alaScore 84

Focal CMS 40

These monitor speakers ought to be of interest to mobile home studio owners or people who have a very small room to play or mix music. Following the Focal CMS 65 and CMS 50, the CMS 40 is even smaller but not less appealing...

3 expert reviews | 16 user reviews

alaScore 84

DOME 5.1

Focal's Dome 5.1 system mixes quality audio performance with startling looks

3 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 84

Focal Chorus 714 V

Background: I came across these by accident in a store while looking for some other speaker models. The store had only one pair left, which were floor samples. This older version is discontinued, and a slightly different and new version is out....

2 expert reviews | 27 user reviews

alaScore 84

Focal Electra 1038 BE

There's no denying that the Focal Electra 1038Be floor-standing loudspeaker, at $12,495 per pair, is expensive. For many, or perhaps most, it's even outrageous. So why do I consider it to be somewhat of a bargain? Simple: if it were my money and I was...

7 expert reviews

alaScore 83

Focal Chorus 826 V

Takes its appearance as seriously as its sound

6 expert reviews | 26 user reviews

alaScore 83

Focal SIB

The French fashionistas at Focal have obviously come to the conclusion that style plays a large part in the decision-making process when people buy a surround sound speaker system

3 expert reviews | 63 user reviews

alaScore 83

Focal Electra 1028 BE

The sound of the Focal Electra 1028 Be speaker system is one I won’t easily forget. No speaker system I’ve had in my current listening room (10 years and counting) has produced a more consistently enjoyable performance on both music and movies, and few...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 82

Focal Profile 918

Unlike most active subwoofers, the back panel of the SW908 is nearly devoid of switches and knobs. You'll find only stereo RCA inputs for a two-channel setup and a single LFE input (also RCA) for a home theater. While there are two other RCA...

7 expert reviews | 21 user reviews

alaScore 82

Focal Chorus 836 V

Not the prettiest looking or most smooth sounding, but fine value for money with expressive dynamics

5 expert reviews | 28 user reviews

alaScore 82

Focal Chorus 716V

This cunningly shaped and solidly built speaker that delivers thoroughly entertaining sound

6 expert reviews | 50 user reviews

alaScore 82

Focal Chorus 705 V

Works well close to a wall, and has a superior quality tweeter, but there are some down-sides

8 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaScore 81

Focal Chorus 816 V

Passive - Front / Stereo

5 expert reviews | 130 user reviews

alaScore 81

Focal Electra 1027 BE

Passive - Front / Stereo

5 expert reviews | 6 user reviews


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