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Klipsch Speakers Reviews

Updated: Apr 20, 2014 02:00
alaScore 82

Klipsch F-2

estimated shipping date was between 9/10 and 9/15 and they arrived on 9/9 very pleased about that. these were a fraction of the price i found anywhere else. $189 vs 350-500 other places.. speakers were brand new and flawless inside all original...

74 user reviews

alaScore 82

Klipsch Heritage

Klipschorn Heritage Series Floorstanding Loudspeaker

2 expert reviews | 17 user reviews

alaScore 82

Klipsch iGroove HG

Power and volume are the iGroove’s only front-panel controls; and the remote offers only power, volume, play/pause, and track forward/back buttons—you must rely on the iPod for everything else. But unlike all too many other docking stations, which...

9 expert reviews | 897 user reviews

alaScore 82

Klipsch RF-15

I bought this fish finder as a gift for my brother, who enjoys to fish. He loves this to locate if there is fish around where he wants to fish. Great addition to any person who enjoys fishing.

1 expert reviews | 196 user reviews

alaScore 82

Klipsch Heresy III Three-Way Horn-Loaded Loudspeaker with 12-Inch Subwoofer...

OK; the Heresy III speakers are a love/hate entity. I love them; the supposed lack of bass is overcome by placement against the back wall, near a corner, at least for me. They will never "thump", but bass tones are apparent, strong and clear. More...

20 user reviews

alaScore 82

Klipsch Synergy Sub-10

Klipsch's Synergy Sub-10 is powerful and musical, and that's not something you always find in midpriced subwoofers.

3 expert reviews | 88 user reviews

alaScore 82

Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0

Whatever Klipsch was thinking when it designed the ProMedia Ultra 2.0s, we hope the sentiment doesn’t migrate to the rest of the product line.

11 expert reviews | 312 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch Quintet II Surround Sound System

Nice set of speakers, they are compact and have good quality sound for the price. the built in mounts/stands are handy if you are looking to put them on the wall or ceiling. i've had mine for quite a few years and am very happy with my purchase

59 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch SB 2

I was listening to music through my Bose/Onkyo system which was purchased as a bundle one day and noticed that there was something lacking in the sound. Somehow the sound stage was lacking and rather thin. It also lacked the bass that Bose calls as not...

13 user reviews

alaScore 81


I have a 7.1 surround Home Theaters system. The Front, Center, Side, and Base speakers are Klipsch. The back channel speaker were a different band. The pair of Klipsch S-1 Synergy Surround Speakers I purchased replaced the back channel speakers. The...

1 expert reviews | 15 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch Reference Series RSW-10

I have been a klipsch fan for a long time. I have Heresy IIs, rc 3II, and rs 3IIs. They sound awsome! They were made when klipsch was actually good! Made in the U.S.A. NOT THAT CHINA CRAP where klipsch is made now. But I recently aquired a klipsch rsw...

22 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch Synergy Quintet III

The Klipsch Quintet III speaker system belts out a hugely impressive sound despite the speakers' small size.

3 expert reviews | 30 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch F-1

Want to upgrade your current surround sound speakers to something...

1 expert reviews | 37 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch ROOM Groove Black

All things considered, RoomGroove is different enough in concept from the other wireless speakers we've tested that we wouldn't call them directly comparable: because you can't do anything wireless with it right out of the box, RoomGroove is more of an...

2 expert reviews | 56 user reviews

alaScore 81

Klipsch Reference Series RF-7

Left / right channel speakers - 250 Watt - 2-way - black

1 expert reviews | 50 user reviews

alaScore 80

Klipsch KSW 10

We used the KSW-10 with a pair of Klipsch's new Synergy SLX satellite speakers. The SLXs sound great, but since they produce virtually no mid- or deep-bass on their own, they're totally dependent on the sub to flesh out the sound. The KSW-10 was mostly...

3 expert reviews | 128 user reviews

alaScore 80

Klipsch iGroove

This docking station suffers from a slight hissing sound which is detectable at low volumn. Ans although I had no problems fitting my 2 ipods onto the dock my ipod touch did not fit.

1 expert reviews | 61 user reviews

alaScore 79

Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 Personal Audio System

great speakers great sound but they dont last long had 2 sets about 6 month and they both started to crackle when you turn up the volume get this sorted and they would be 5 stars

1 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 78

ProMedia GMX D-5.1 Speaker System (100 Watts, Game Consoles)

I recently purchased this speaker system to replace my aging Creative 4.1 system. The product arrived on time, in excellent condition. My fist impression upon setting it up was that it was well made. The speakers sit on sturdy iron bases, and all...

2 expert reviews | 697 user reviews

alaScore 78

Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1

I love it it rocks. What sucks is that you really need a nice sound card to really enjoy it. I am using my onboard Nvdia sound drivers with digital optical. I can hear the pc noise in it sometimes. Basically to really enjoy it I would have to buy a...

2 expert reviews | 52 user reviews

alaScore 77

Klipsch Synergy SLX

Klipsch's new trim speaker can provide the basis of a good-sounding--and good-looking--stereo or surround-sound system.

1 expert reviews | 15 user reviews

alaScore 75

Klipsch Quintet II

This entry-level home-theater package, with its expressive horns and punchy sub, kicks butt like one of the big boys.

1 expert reviews | 16 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Klipsch All Weather AWR-650-SM

Most outdoor speakers can't produce a decent base but these do. Easy to install and SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than the ones that I replaced.

7 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Klipsch Reference Series R-1800-C

To be clear this is to only purchase ONE speaker (does not come in pairs like many other options on Amazon). However, I think it is worth every penny. I purchased 4 of these and could not be happier with the sound. Installation was a breeze and you...

8 user reviews

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