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Klipsch Speakers Reviews

Updated: Mar 27, 2015 11:34
alaAverage 3.9

Klipsch Reference Series R-5800-W

If you're looking for a reliable lod speakers with great efficiency this is your choice, if you´re looking for high quality sound I'd rather look at Boston Accoustics or any other european speaker

3 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Klipsch Reference All-Weather Series AW-400

Speakers were exactly as advertised, and arrived on time. The speakers installed easily and sound great with our system. We have all Klipsch speakers in our home, so the tone of these speakers is consistent with the rest of the house. The speakers fit...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3.8

Klipsch Cinema 6

The Klipsch Cinema 6 packs an awesome punch of sound quality into its...

1 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Klipsch Reference Series RB-35

I have had these speakers for 4 years now, and the sound quality keeps getting better as they "break in." Based on quality of speaker, every review here should be 5 stars. However, some people don't like the way the speakers were advertised, so they...

7 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Klipsch KSP 400

Well, here I am again to follow up on the Klipsch KSP 400 and KSP S6 and KSP C6 + Klipsch RSX4, RVX42 & SS.5 (presence/ambiance channels) & KSW 200 (rear channel sub) set up I have.

6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.7

Klipsch Reference II RF-7 II

I purchase these right when they were introduced. Full package with centers, and rear. Absolutely great speakers, huge, packaged well. But the Cherry veneer isn't. I purchased A grade speakers brand new.. First set the veneer was flawed in front....

3 user reviews

alaAverage 3.6

Klipsch Heresy III Anniversary 3-Wege Stand-Lautsprecher (100/400 Watt)...

Sometimes you will hear it said that recordings from the 1950's to 1970's, particularly orchestral and opera, are still competitive to those made today. And you can verify or dismiss this by simply listening to the recordings. In the audio world...

7 user reviews

alaAverage 3.5

Klipsch CORNWALL III BLACK ASH 3-Way Black Ash Heritage Series Floorstanding...

As an owner of the Cornwall II's among other Klipsch speakers I own, this is exceptional. I bought my original pair back in 1986. Since then I have replaced parts, not out of need, but because I wanted them to always sound their best. In 2005 I...

2 user reviews

alaAverage 3.4

Klipsch Reference Series RF-63

The Klipsch RF-63 achieves an impressive level of overall performance, with lots of versatility and a controlled sonic profile that maximizes the strengths of horns while minimizing their weaknesses. The design's speedy midrange and tight, extended...

2 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaAverage 3.4

Klipsch RC 35

I didn't listen to this speaker before I bought it. I got this a lot cheaper. Compared to my Polk CS10 this center channel blows it away. It was even cheaper than the POLK CS10 is going for! I basically like any Klipsch Reference Series speaker I have...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 3.3

Klipsch SW-115

If Klipsch's thought was to design and sell a sub that could take on the Internet Direct brands head to head, they've succeeded. While a 2 foot by 2 foot by 20" tall sub wrapped in vinyl might be a tough sell for the ladies, bassheads are going to flip...

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaAverage 3.2

Klipsch Reference Series RC-25

I bought this speaker in 2005, I am using a SR7500 Marantz receiver. Even though I have owned this speaker for quite some time, I have never been completely satisfied with it. When watching football games, the crowd noise seem to drown out the...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 3

Klipsch SW-311 Subwoofer

The Klipsch's SW-311 is a very small subwoofer with a rather impressive list of attributes and features. Utilizing a 500w amplifier powering a 10" active driver and dual 10" side firing passive radiator's along with Klipsch's proprietary ARC II auto...

2 expert reviews

alaAverage 3

Klipsch Reference Series RB-15

These are an embarrassment for the Klipsch name in the audio world. I have been a loyal Klipsch fan for over 20 years but the quality in construction of these speakers is despicable. I accidentally knocked one off of my couch onto a thick carpeted...

2 user reviews

alaAverage 2

Klipsch 1001179 - IK-650-C In-Ceiling Speaker Installation Kit

I purchased a pair of Klipsch CDT5650 in-ceiling speakers. These mounting kits are required to stabilize the speakers against or in between the studs. Speaker fits snugly in the hard plastic ring, secured by screws. A part of the bracket is flat where...

3 user reviews

alaScore -1

Model LASCALA 100W 8Ohm Tower Speaker

Amazing speakers very detailed sound , punchy bass , very efficient speakers no need to get a powerful amplifier to make them sound loud , clear vocals , one of the best speakers ever built , they were built at first for home use but a lot of people...

5 user reviews

alaScore -1

Klipsch Synergy Custom Series SCW-1

The EnzoTech SCW-1 in its current state is a decent block for your next watercooling project, but as we stated earlier, this block may still be up for another revision or two. In its current state, it beat a mainstream block for a well-known company...

2 expert reviews

alaScore -1

Klipsch Reference Series RB-75

My friend Gene is a professional musician. Back in the early '80s, he used Klipsch Heresys as PA speakers in clubs. One hot August afternoon, I dropped by his Greenwich Village apartment. Just for fun, he set up the Heresys at home. Hot damn, I was...

2 expert reviews


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