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Klipsch Speakers Reviews

Updated: Jun 30, 2016 22:38
alaAverage 4.7

Klipsch Reference Series RC-35

I completely Love this center channel. I delivers great sound! I've had it a couple of years now and I am proud I got it!

1 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaAverage 4.7

Klipsch G-12

When wall mounted, these are thinner than my LED TV. The G-12 doesn't come with a wall mounting bracket like the G-28. They do sound better when wall mounted than on the stand.

3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.7

Klipsch CDT-2800-C

This is a good middle of the road ceiling speaker for everyday whole house background type listening pleasure. Not intended for higher end theater setting, rear or surround from what I can tell. Obviously it's dependent on the room situation and budget...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.6

Klipsch RF 63

The Klipsch RF-63 is big. Measuring forty-six inches tall and nearly 20 inches deep, the 81-pound tower is clearly the Hummer of sub $2K floorstanders. And trust me, you don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate the sound quality that sort of heft...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaAverage 4.6

Klipsch Reference Series RS-25

Funny the review below me noticed the exact same sounds as I when I played king kong,incredible clarity!!

5 user reviews

alaAverage 4.6

Klipsch Reference Series RF-25

Nice quality and design, superb bass but... the mid range is a little bit poor.

5 user reviews

alaAverage 4.6

Klipsch KSW 15

I finally figured this sub out. I have Rf3's as front stage which are capable of very good bass,this sub seemed to hide and not produce much bass in 5.1,the fix was setting it to 180 out!

5 user reviews

alaAverage 4.6

Klipsch KL-6502-THX

You will get good sound from this in-wall speaker and useful help and support from Klipsch's customer service.

1 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch Reference Series RSW-10D

Subwoofer - 500 Watt - black

7 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch iGroove SXT iPod

The Klipsch igroove HG is an amazing sounding Product. For me it was bettwen this and the Polk Audio miDock Studio iPod Speaker System (Black/White). The sound on this speaker is comparable to my Jbl Hometheater. The only problem with it is that it...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch WS-24. 4-way cabernet Icon W Series on-wall speaker

Now my Klipsch speaker system are completed and the matching sound makes my home theater sound better than the movie.

4 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch RF-7 2-Wege Bassreflex-Standlautsprecher (250 Watt) schwarz

Detail of highs and midrange are awesome. Could use a bit more on the bottom. I plan to buy sub woofer anyway.

2 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Mirage OMD-15 - OM Design speaker - 2.5-way - rosewood

There might be better words to call the sound they produce but ill call it spatial sounding. Its really different from what im used to, more direct placement sounding speakers. But for my personal application where its located in a nook only 1 foot...

2 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch SYNERGY F1. Black floorstanding speaker

I've had these speakers for almost a year and love them. Usually I turn off my sub when I'm just watching TV and don't need a lot of loud bass, and these units provide just the right amount of bass in those circumstances. All frequencies come through...

2 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch Commercial All-Weather Series CA-800-TSW

This subwoofer is high quality with good bass for its size. It does need an amplifier for power, and has no built in crossover, thus right and left speakers can't be connected to/through it. It has a transformer for commercial applications, or the...

2 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch RSW10D CHERRY 10" cherry 500W Reference Series subwoofer

I have had this speaker now for probably 8 months. I like it so much I should have bought two. You can feel every gun shot, every rev of the engine. Unbelievable price, fast shipping.

4 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch Synergy SF-2

I bought a pair of Klipsch SF-2 speakers Labor Day Weekend. I have been very impressed with sound quality. In the last three weeks I have been playing jazz, rock, classical and folk music from CDs, vinyl and FM. The reproduction of the music over the...

1 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaAverage 4.5

Klipsch Quintet

Excellent sounding speakers purchased for a fair price with excellent service

4 user reviews

alaAverage 4.4

Klipsch Quintet Satellite Bookshelf Speaker (Single, Black HG)

I bought two of these speakers to go along with a Klipsch 5.1 speaker system. These speakers are all coupled to a Denon 2312 amp so that I have a 7.1 surround sound system. They work extremely well. Also note that the bases that come with these...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 4.4

Klipsch Reference Series R-5800-W

Clean solid sound in a wall speaker very little if any distortion in most situations. One speaker vibrates when there is a great deal of bass though this may be as a result of the mounting and installation. My installer did the install with a standard...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.4

Mirage OMNICAN OC-55

I loved this speakers. Use them as the back channel of a surround system. Give a very spaces sound field. Aimed then at the back wall and that worked great.

3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.4

Klipsch Vc25 Icon Dual 5-1/4in Center Channel Speaker

This speaker looks amazing and is well built. The issue I have is that they sound very over-saturated. All the Icon Series sound very out of balance. The power is pretty decent. They do not handle 100Rms but 50rms can still give you a great sound. It...

3 user reviews

alaAverage 4.3

Klipsch RF-7II Floorstanding Speaker Pair

It sounds great and looks really nice. I bought speakers from Acoustic Sound Design. They gave me a best deal and super fast shipping.

4 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Klipsch RC 10

Great performance. Rich tones. Great music. Great Price. Klipsch RC-10...

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews


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