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Updated: Apr 21, 2018 23:11
alaScore 81

Intempo IDS-03W

For its sound quality, and richness, these speakers have astonishing sound considering it is very lightweight!! sounds great! perfect deep bass! good for home listening. not the type of speaker really recomended for a big party, it is fine for a small...

17 user reviews

alaScore 81

Athena WS-100 Wall-Mountable 3-Way Front/Center Speakers, Pair (Black)

I have a pair of ws-100's matched with their brethren, the ws-60 as a center and the ws-15's for surrounds. I have tried, in vain, to integrate other speakers including large NAD floor standers, klipsch bookshelves and mission loudspeakers in place I'd...

22 user reviews

alaScore 81

Kinyo 2.0 True Digital USB Laptop Speaker (72-NB100)

It arrived on the day it said it would. No software/driver needed, just plug in the USB and works instantly, When you first plug it in, make sure the volume on your laptop is turn way down, because this speaker packs quite a punch. I didn't know that...

11 user reviews

alaScore 81

Yamaha MCX-SP10 MusicCast speakers

The MCX-SP10 speakers are a worthwhile add-on to Yamaha's MCX-A10 wireless digital media receiver for those who value aesthetics over sound quality.

4 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 81

B&W Nautilus 804 Floorstanding Speakers

Left me somewhat disappointed. Highs are superb, mids detailled but bass lacks cohesion with the rest. Compared the 804 Diamond with MA Gold 200 and 300. The 804 couldn't compete, just the highs being of equal quality.

1 expert reviews | 11 user reviews

alaScore 81

Epos M 16

Epos M16 It's hard to not be excited by the Epos M16. For fifteen-hundredninety- five bucks you get an English-designed, Chinese-built speaker possessing truly special performance qualities. The M16 can whisper yet still be clearly heard; it can play...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 81

Mono Pulse 32S

Unusual floorstander with splendid upfront voice coherence, but lacks warmth, body and richness lower down

2 expert reviews

alaScore 81

ALR Jordan Entry XL

Has attractively agile sound with good transparency, very superior voicing and fine communication skills

2 expert reviews

alaScore 81

ALR Jordan Classic 1

Typically polished and well-voiced design from the pen of Karl-Heinz Fink, in a tiny form factor. The price is on the high side for a speaker of this size and build, but overall its a very attractive option for use in limited space.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 81

Kudos Cardea C10

Lovely mid-to-top coherence with very delicate detailing, but a bit light in bass weight, and pricey, too

2 expert reviews

alaScore 81

Leema XONE

Compact, cute floorstander has a dry and forward sound with good coherence but some coloration

3 expert reviews

alaScore 81

JBL E 80 Northridge

These were the third set of speakers I auditioned in my home when I was upgrading my home theater. I have owned the complete 80 series Northridge speaker set for about four years now. These do need a sub to help out the really low bass, as they are...

2 expert reviews | 311 user reviews

alaScore 81

Vestalife Ladybug

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2 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 81


I have the 5.1 200W version of these speakers, hooked up to a Yamaha amp, and they produce stunningly powerful, rich sound for such small, discrete speakers. With the bass turned up, the whole room shakes and it just sends a shiver down my spine! I can...

1 expert reviews | 12 user reviews

alaScore 81

Harman Kardon JBL On Stage - Micro Black

I already had one of these. Had it for about 6 years. Finally wore it out and had to have the same exact one. Glad I could find it online because could not find it in the stores. Got it a lot quicker than expected too!

215 user reviews

alaScore 81

Acoustic Research AW822

It never worked right from day one.........hard to get it to connect

180 user reviews

alaScore 81

Altec Lansing XA3021

Accepts a wide variety of inputs, very nice design.

7 expert reviews | 103 user reviews

alaScore 81

Audio Unlimited 900Mhz Wireless Speakers with Remote

These work great! The sound is really good. We hook our iPhone up to them and you can put them anywhere in the house you want. If we are doing something outside, I take one of them out there and just plug it in!

83 user reviews

alaScore 81

Denon ASD-11R

Works great, but displays a message that it isn't designed for the newer iPhone models. It also works w/ my iPad2 to stream Pandora.

1 expert reviews | 61 user reviews

alaScore 81

HP 50-watt 2.1 Speaker System

I am a young guy who loves music. quality sounds in the car and i need something good for my computer. i have bought many different speakers for my computers before. i had the Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer which i loved and i thought...

40 user reviews

alaScore 81

Noah Company Dynavox AcoustaBar SD Home Theater Surround Sound Bar with 6...

We really love this product. It has a really great sound and looks so great on the mantel under our wall mounted flat screen TV. The piano black color makes it look like part of the TV and the sound and ease of use make it an integral part of our TV...

28 user reviews

alaScore 81

Cerwin-Vega VE-28S

Great buy more so because it has 50W extra than the previous one I had from a different range. The sound is perfect for the home theatre if you prefer to stay at home.

1 expert reviews | 28 user reviews

alaScore 81

Polk Audio R 30

I purchased these several years ago and always thought the sound was pretty good. However I recently wanted to upgrade them to get a larger sound stage so I purchased the Sony SS-F7000. After replacing them I felt like the new speakers were actually...

33 user reviews

alaScore 81

Vivanco CHS 5000

Our sound system is in the lounge and it is a bit of a way to the kitchen. The first idea was to get another small system for the kitchen to listen to MP3, radio and old cassettes (yes, really). Instead these speakers are brilliant, for less than...

16 user reviews

alaScore 81

Behringer Truth B2030P

Having been happy and content using JBL Control 1G Monitors for the past 10 years, I felt it was about time for a change, as Technology has obviously been sprinting ahead. I decided to try the Muscular Black and Anthracite monitors that bear the name...

15 user reviews


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