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Updated: Jun 27, 2017 21:51
alaScore 79

iPod Speaker

For our conclusion we'll place the four sets we've reviewed in order of preference. In last place is the Bose. Not because of its sound quality, which is good, but because of its price. It's actually the most expensive set on test, but for twice the...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 79

Cyber Acoustics CA 2014

Cyber Acoustics' CA-2014 is one of the most affordable speaker sets. Unfortunately, it's also one of the worst sounding.

1 expert reviews | 505 user reviews

alaScore 79

Acoustic Audio RWSP3-2PR/RWC3

Something wrong about unit audio output hook up for 5 speakers here no sound

10 user reviews

alaScore 78

Audio Pro Black Pearl

I use this as 5ch in my HT set. Its sound is bright and powerful. It's good for movie more than music.

1 expert reviews | 13 user reviews

alaScore 78

Wharfedale Emerald 93 Bookshelf Speakers, Oak Veneer (Pair)

A little bigger than other bookshelf speakers so you can't exactly hide these, but the sound is wonderful, rich, detailed and good low frequency... perhaps not the best for rock or rap, but perfect for anything else. AND they are as good looking as...

29 user reviews

alaScore 78

Fender M80

I love this combo. I got it as a graduation gift from my mom when I was just starting to play the bass. This combo keeps surprising me. I just got a 5-string ATK-305 and the low B rocks without being muddy at all. It's clear, deep, refined and warm. ...

1 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 78

Creative Inspire CI4400 41W 4.1 Speaker

This is a bad-XXX set of speakers! I had 2 junky XXX speakers before. And they were XXXX. These speakers are tight. Clear sound. VERY LOUD! High bass. Enought to blow your house down! (No exxageration). I put the bass up all the way and my house...

19 user reviews

alaScore 78


Being on a budget, I was looking for a theater speaker system to purchase to get me through until I could afford a real system. I've used JBL on a previous stereo, so when I found these used for $150 I took a chance. And I must say, I was surprised...

12 user reviews

alaScore 78

ROCK 2001 Black 2.1 Speaker

good speakers for the money but they do crackle a lot it seems. the sub is excellent.

22 user reviews

alaScore 78

Boston Acoustics BA 4800

Hearing realistic 3D positional audio while playing games or while watching DVD movies on your home computer is something most of us have never experienced. Boston Acoustics hopes to change all that with this five-speaker audio system.

1 expert reviews | 36 user reviews

alaScore 78

KLH 980B 100-Watt 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black)

Gave these as a gift ,actually these are replacement speakers for the fist pair of KLH speakers,after 5 or 6 years of heavy use one speaker blew and he ask for the KLH speakers by name.

19 user reviews

alaScore 78

Hartke 115XL

A pretty good speaker. Nothing too special, but it gets the job done. I wish it could take a little more juice though. 200 watts is a bit on the meek side. You really have to check out the movement on the cone though! You get like 2 inches of movement...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 78

Creative TravelSound I300

We're not going to lie. As far as Smartphones go, we're as excited about the idea of the Samsung i300 as anyone could be. And while we're a little puzzled as to why the sample device Mobile-Review got to preview lacked the signature...

1 expert reviews | 49 user reviews

alaScore 78


I Purchased these as rear speakers to complete surround sound set. I had no idea that they would sound sooo nice! They have a wonderful range of response and the resolution is great! After plugging them in, I ended up routing all power just to them and...

13 user reviews

alaScore 78

Peavey Combo 115

I bought this 98' model of a Peavey 115 used off ebay and I couldnt be happier! The distinction of what year it is is in the outline color of the head unit, mine is blue. The power this thing puts out is AMAZING. For the price, there is no better unit...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 78

AudioSource IC8S Round Ceiling Speakers, White (Pair)

Excellent pair of speakers for auxiliary use, they're in my bathroom ceiling, connected to my main entertainment system. Easy to install, great sound.

25 user reviews

alaScore 78


The inexpensive JBL HLS-610's were true audiophile quality speakers that could 'hold their own' with speakers 3 or 4 times the price! I was lucky enough to buy a pair years ago before they were discontinued. These speakers got rave reviews by the audio...

11 user reviews

alaScore 78

Monsoon MH-505 6-Piece Surround Sound Speaker System

this was rare, I had lost the sale to buy these then they went off the market, and now there are other speakers that are evolved and affordable but I wanted these, the first good speakers that amazed the world for the price. one day while mourning my...

26 user reviews

alaScore 78

SWR Workingman's 15

I've been kicking this around as a spare for a long time, and for a while it was my main amp. These are ok amps for the money. An extension speaker is a must with these amps, otherwise you'll blow the 15 trying to keep up with drums and guitar. If you...

2 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 78

Bose Media Mate White Powered Speakers

I bought my MediaMate speakers back in 1996 when they were first released. This was just on the cusp of the PC multimedia rage, and I wanted something to make my Midis and MODs sound their best. . . not to mention games. I still use them on my primary...

39 user reviews

alaScore 78

Gallien Krueger 200MB

I never realized that this little amp actually can drive 200 watts at 4 ohms. I was told that this is a 400RB compacted to a combo amp. I drive a modified AMPEG cabinet 1 15 1 10 and tweeter at 4 ohms and it does not complain. I've used this bass for...

2 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaScore 78

Proson Twin 2010 SAH

As a mom of two young boys (2 1.2, and 4 weeks) this has been a great practical purchase. My youngest can sit in his carseat and be on one side and my 2 year old is comfortable on the other. It is not hard to manuver and fits through all doorways I...

10 user reviews

alaScore 78

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock PD200

If you're looking to turn your Creative Nomad jukebox into a powerful, somewhat portable home stereo—and you're a big fan of bass—the PlayDock is well worth its hefty size and price.

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaScore 78

Wharfedale Emerald 97 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers (Black Veneer)

I had a musician come into home, he started squinting saying those speakers sound real good, what are they, when I told him he never heard of them but kept saying they sound real good! They just never penetrated the US market and are very good, I think...

75 user reviews


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