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Updated: Oct 21, 2016 00:33
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First launched in 2009 at Musikmesse, the ADAM S3X-H is the successor of the jewel in the crown of its previous product range. But is it really an innovation or just an upgrade from the German manufacturer? R&D is back...

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() Premier Acoustic PA-8F Tower Speakers - Black

These Premier PA-8F Speakers Sound Amazing Just Like The Instructions Said It Takes About 30 Hours To Break The Speakers In Then The Bass, Midrange And Voices Became very Clean And Crisp!! I Like Them So Much I Would Like To Purchase A Second Pair...

6 user reviews

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Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series P300HD

I bought 2 of these for my condo. One for the upstairs den and the other for the downstairs living room. The sound is excellent. However there are many excellent subwoofers in the market. What makes this speaker PERFECT? Low profile - the speaker has a...

5 user reviews

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Klipsch Icon Series XW-500d

Thank you for searching out Australian HI-FI Magazine’s equipment review and laboratory test of the Klipsch Icon Series XW-500d Subwoofer originally published in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, September/October 2010 (Volume 41 Number 5).

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

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Klipsch KSP-S6 Surround Speakers

Old is solid gold by Klipsch.

6 user reviews

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Jamo C 809

I have owned mine for about 5 years. I never grow tired of listening to them. You will need a dedicated power amp to power these speakers (e.g. a receiver is not enough). Everyone has there own tastes in speakers. Mine are: big sounding, lots of tight...

2 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

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Spendor A5

Spendor impresses and inspires with excellent components, stellar construction, and down to earth engineering and design. The slight stature of the A5s physical presence makes them more than welcome in smaller rooms and a most flexible speaker overall....

2 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

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Monitor Audio Gold Signature 20

After 35 yrs in this hobby of HI FI this is the first time iv written anything! After listening to music over the last 3 evenings i felt i had to say something about these speakers! Iv had them for 5 yrs and feel iv had a lot of experience with them...

10 user reviews

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New 6.5"" In Ceiling Surround Sound HD Home Theater Round Kevlar Speaker Pair...

I purchased 6 pairs for my home (installed 6 speakers totaling 150.00 in my basement and insalling 6 speakers in my garage). I spent more money on my reciever (pioneer 1120 k)totaling 500.00 and subwoofer bic pl 200 totaling 270.00. A grand total of...

5 user reviews

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GTL Sound Labs Audio Excellence AE 82 In Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

I added a pair of these as surround back speakers; I already had installed GTL speakers as front, center, and surrounds. The look of in-wall speakers is so much cleaner than with floor-standing or book shelf speakers. I had been holding onto a DVR...

5 user reviews

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Power Force Lawnmower 1000W

The Lepa G1000 is the first 1000W power supply we have seen under the Lepa branding and this is very interesting to users today because this is a very competitive and popular market segment. The good news is Enermax has used its Revolution87+ 1000W as...

7 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

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JBL LCICH3-Way, High Performance Dual 5 -1/4-Inch Center Channel Loudspeaker...

As I mentioned in my review of JBL L830, I upgraded my stereo system from a 2.0 to 5.0 (living in an apartment, I have held off on a sub-woofer for the time being). As I was previously in a 2.0 configuration, I did not have a center channel, and with...

7 user reviews

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Archipelago Lighting RS100 100-Watt Outdoor Landscape Speaker Rocks Item

I'm very happy with these speakers. We've had them setup outdoors at our weekend house for about 2 months now. They've been in the sun and rain and still look and sound perfect. We don't have them hooked up to a top of the line receiver, but they can...

9 user reviews

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Infinity Beta BETA50

I stumbled across these on a Craigslist type site. The KID who had them clearly didn't know what he had.. He also didn't know how to terminate them properly. Also, had some of the worst audio equipment I've seen (90's crappy technics receiver (not all...

6 user reviews

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Cerwin-Vega iNTENSE! INT-118S

The specs you have written there for this sub are incorrect. Here's the link for the correct specs: [...] Power Handling (Watts): 225W RMS / 450 Program / 900W Peak at 8 Ohms. Please spec speakers that are worth their price correctly. Thankyou.

7 user reviews

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Energy ESW-V10 Subwoofer (Single, Black)

Nice powerful bass. My family room is about 10 by 20. Fills the room with heart thumping bass. Great product.

7 user reviews

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alaAverage 5

JAMO Concert E 660

I researched these speakers to the fullest before the purchase and found out that Jamo is a part of the Klipsch family, that should be enough said right there. These speakers rock.

6 user reviews

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700-Watt MB10000 Audiophile 5.1 Speaker System

First of all, I bought this system even when I live in Mexico City. I paid for taxes at custom office, via an importer company, and let me tell you that worth every penny. The size, design and construction is excellent if you want a small footprint...

6 user reviews

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I get excellent sound from this speaker. I installed it in a tiny bathroom and it now booms all around the house.

6 user reviews

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Insignia IS-SP3WAY - Left / right channel speakers - 40 Watt - 3-way

I have 6 of these speakers set up with an addition to a Pioneer center channel speaker and a woofer for my surround sound in my living room. It sounds awesome! Much better than any box set that I have heard. They are also relatively cheap which is a...

6 user reviews

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CSX-15 Active Powered 500 Watt Subwoofer

I own the: MARK II version, also on Amazon. My old Sony 12" active sub finally died after 8 years, so I began my usual internet scour. I decided to get a 15" sub this time, but all I could find were cheap, no-name knock-offs and of course, the...

5 user reviews

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KEF Ci 9000ACE

Ok I am a bit of a Theater buff" so I am always on the look out for newer and better stuff. Well I have found one. The Kef CI9000 was something that I accidently came across in one of my late night searches. To begin with my system goes like this: 65"...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

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Acoustic Research AR9 Main / Stereo Speaker

Original late 70's AR9's, just restored them with new surrounds. Sound absolutely great, had to bypass the crossover selector switches as they were introducing spurious static and dropouts to tweeter and upper mid drivers in one channel. These speakers...

13 user reviews


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