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Updated: Jan 22, 2017 23:24
alaAverage 5

Quad 22 L

Passive - Front / Stereo

2 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Axiom Millennia M3ti

In my pursuit of audiophile quality nirvana, after going through many name brand speakers over the years, the Axioms have hit the mark ! Here are the reasons, and not just technical ones.

7 user reviews

alaAverage 5

MartinLogan SL3 Loudspeakers

In the eye of the beholder My first encounter with MartinLogan electrostatic loudspeakers came years back. Like most newcomers to this genre of speaker, I greeted them with amazement. I found the sheer glamour of this futuristic speaker to be simply...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Dynaudio Contour S5.4

PolaroidsDynaudio introduced the Contour series in the mid-1980s, and a series of behind-the-baffle technological advances to the line followed. But it wasn't until 2003 that the Contours had their first-ever aesthetic makeover. They now look like...

2 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaAverage 5


This is the most powerfull center channel you ever hear I bought 4 so I can get them all around my sorround room if you can heard them they kick A**** you should get some heay

8 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Audio Physic Spark

I have had my Spark IIs (exactly the model pictured above) for over a year and enjoy them immensely. They are paired with a Plinius 2100i integrated amplifier and a Rega Apollo CD player (amongst other sources). I have found the Sparks to be...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaAverage 5


I heard these at the end of 1999. I loved them then but I was experimenting with other brands of the mass market variety. I finally decided to buy a pair, used, got a great deal, and must say the seller let them go too cheap. If you need to buy...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Eltax Millennium 500

Easy game with hilarious results. We keep all our past drawings and write what our 3 things were. This game is very entertaining and super funny. Don't have to be a great artist, in fact those usually end up being the greatest drawings. Highly...

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

NHT 2.5i

The NHT 2.5i are the latest upgrade to my stereo consisting of a Rotel RCD-971 CD-Player, RC-955 Pre-Amp giving signals to an Aragon 8002 Power-Amp. These speakers really do require a lot of clean power to get the sound they are capable of. My...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Monitor Audio Studio 20SE

Passive - <=3 - Front / Stereo

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Focal Mezzo Utopia

My search for a stereo speaker system is over. These speakers are as good as they get, IMO. Maybe a little better bass slam would be nice, but overall, I've not heard a better speaker anywhere. Wonderful deep and wide soundstage, great balance of tone,...

10 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Dynaudio Special 25

For the May 2001 SGHT, I reviewed a speaker that Dynaudio now describes as a "predecessor product": the Contour 1.3 Mk.II SE. It was an excellent example of what I saw as the hallmark of Dynaudio sound: cool and restrained, but detailed. I liked them...

5 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaAverage 5


i've owned much more expensive speakers. as much as 800.00 a pair. i wanted to upgrade from my infinity's. i thought they were to uninvolving. i went to my local hi fi dealer, and listened with an open mind. they had a few pairs of klh speakers, which...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series M80 Bookshelf Speakers (Slate)

I bought these speakers a couple of days ago. They have a beatiful, clear sound - I tried them with classical, jazz, and all kinds of rock - you feal like sitting in a studio behind that glass wall. (And this means better than sitting in the concert...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Harman Kardon Champagne

Great sub. Clean sound. Hits amazing lows.

7 user reviews

alaAverage 5


These are amazing speakers. I originally hadthem connected to a mediocre amp, but when I changed that out, they revealed exceptional soundstaging. They image exceptionally well. Incredible highs, too. While most people can't hear anything above 18KHz.,...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5


Typically available for as little as $50 each (that is what I paid), I don't think it is possible to find a speaker that will touch the KLH M365T at anywhere near the cost. The sound/cost ratio is truly astounding. These loudspeakers are an excellent...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Velodyne Acoustics FSR-18

IMHO I believe this is one of Velodynes best subwoofers. I own a FSR-15, and a CHT-15, all are excellent in blending with my other speakers, the FSR-18 with it's 1250 watt amplifier and the improved accelerometer, makes this sub. very fast, clear, and...

5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Sony SA-VE 325

Great little 6 piece set. The sound is crystal and the monitors image well. The biggest difficulty is finding the right placement for the SW so that it doesn't boom. When I placed it up on a table, the booming stopped and the bass extension (using...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 5


I feel obliged to write a report for this outstanding speaker. Snapped from the 2nd market at a very attractive price, I was stunned by its performance just after 1 week. The seller told me that he didn't use it for 3 months before selling it to me,...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Dynaudio Audience 40

Introduction Dynaudio, normally known for high-end hand crafted loudspeakers, has moved into the neighborhood where more of us live. The Audience 40s are a bookshelf size system priced at a fairly comfortable $699.00. For more than 20 years Dynaudio...

2 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaAverage 5

B&W Nautilus 800

I bought these speakers to replace a pair of 805 Sigs. which I had really enjoyed but had decided I needed real, direct-radiated bass. Yeah I know the arguments about the lack of directionality of bass but standmounts and a subwoofer just don't sound...

1 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaAverage 5

NHT 1.5

I just replaced my Jamo 200 surrond speakers with the NHT 1.5 speakers and the difference was big! Much more detailed sound, greater frequvence response and better looks! Now I can hear all the "small" sound that I've been missing in my DVD:s...

6 user reviews

alaAverage 5

Wharfedale ATLANTIC500

i bought these because i saw some reviews on here and i researched them on the internet i had a party recently (outside) and in the middle of the day at like 2 my neighbor called and complained and these things weren't even turned a 1/4 of the way up...

6 user reviews


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