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Dyson Vacuums Reviews

Updated: Aug 21, 2014 00:14
alaAverage 4.3

Dyson DC 01

Well what can I say, they are perfect for my Dyson sorry I can't get too excited, but they do fit, you need to be very strong to put them on mind you!! Very good price, and I just love you Amazon cos if I need it, you've got it Thank you.

241 user reviews

alaAverage 4.3

Dyson DC38 Multifloor

Dyson have created yet another gem when it comes to dealing with the boring job of cleaning your carpets

1 expert reviews | 39 user reviews

alaAverage 4.3

Dyson Asthma and Allergy Cleaning Kit

I like the extra Accessories I have purchased for my Dyson Animal 25 Vacuum Cleaner. They are really helpful, one can reach places to be cleaned you normally could not. I think these items are a must for persons with Allergies. Thanks for the good...

8 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC11 Allergy

In case you're in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, there's a nice little review of the Dyson DC11 Allergy vacuum. It got good marks overall, with the only main problem being that the dust container needed to be emptied too frequently, a problem...

2 expert reviews | 236 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC 40 Animal

You could do a lot worse than the DC40; however, you could also do better and spend less.

5 expert reviews | 1296 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson Soft Dusting Brush

Always use when doing the regular vacuuming, so it seems like the same task. This tool is larger than that which comes standard and is larger so it seems to get the dust more easily. Keeps the dust in the vacuum, not floating around in the air.

274 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC05 Motorhead

My only complaint would be the filter has a strong chemical odor that dissipates after a few usages. Worth the purchase though,

175 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson Mattress Tool

price and quality of the production are quite good. It can pick up all the dust and pet's hair from your mattress and bed sheets. A must have for pet owners

133 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson Extension Hose for Handheld and Upright Vacuums

Using the wand on the Dyson had been a frustrating task,due to the rigid design. The flexible hose now makes it so much easier to reach furniture and under furniture. I would recommend the flexible hose to all Dyson owners!

11 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC 31

Dyson's vacs are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever did suck. And we mean that in a good way. Meet the debris-gobbling DC31 wonder vacuum.

11 expert reviews | 661 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC29 Allergy - Vacuum cleaner

Background house: Apartment 80m2, 2 person living (one very messy the other very clean), a hamster who lives in a cage and a british short hair who is currently malting. Kitchen used fulltime. We have no windows but rely on ventilation system...

5 expert reviews | 2606 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC 34 Animal

You can read more Dyson DC34 customer reviews on Amazon if you wish. Of the “cons” shown above the biggest complaint by far is the short battery life, and some people even report buying an extra battery so they don’t have to stop and recharge so often....

3 expert reviews | 1600 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC18

For pet owners, the Animal is man's second-best friend. This sucker picked up an astonishing amount of fur from rugs that looked fairly clean at the outset, courtesy of a pneumatic actuator that forces the cleaner head into the carpet for maximum crud...

6 expert reviews | 1034 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson DC 26 Allergy / CITY Allergy

We'll have a full review just as soon as it hit sthe streets!

1 expert reviews | 281 user reviews

alaAverage 4.2

Dyson MiniTurbine Vacuum Cleaner Brush

I got this to add to my Dyson DC 25 and it's doubled the usage of the vacuum. I have two long haired cats and this attachments gets their fur off the furniture and drapes with ease! I only wish I had gotten it sooner.

16 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

You don't need to pay $649 to own a vacuum that cleans at this level, and if you are paying that much, you deserve a machine with a better design than this.

5 expert reviews | 2678 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC07 Animal

Avg. consumer rating = 84/100 In this vacuum cleaner review we investigate the Dyson DC07, a vacuum that rates reasonably well according to what consumers report. There are two Dyson DC07 models – the “All Floors” model and the “Animal” model. These...

1 expert reviews | 2552 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC17

The DC17 Animal has a motorized brushbar which can be turned on or off (via the touch of a button). The ability to turn the brushbar off is useful when transitioning from carpet to other more delicate flooring (like some hardwood floors or delicate rugs).

1 expert reviews | 1351 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC27 ALL Floors

I bought this for my DC28 and it fit fine, but then I found out the hose allowed the wand to just fall straight down. This both pinched my hand and ended up knocking off the top plastic part of my wand. It did not break it but if this happens...

46 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC23

Consumer comments also indicate that if you have a lot of carpet the Dyson DC23 Motorhead is likely a better choice (although it is more expensive). The brushbar on the Turbinehead is air driven while that on the Motorhead is motor driven giving it...

11 expert reviews | 2100 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC 26 Allergy Parquet

So much about this vacuum impressed us...until we started cleaning with it.

12 expert reviews | 499 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC14 Animal

Consumers also comment that the DC14 is, in general, an improvement over the DC07 - being generally much more user friendly. However it does have a slightly shorter power cord and a smaller dirt container (there seems to be disagreement as to whether...

4 expert reviews | 2950 user reviews

alaAverage 4.1

Dyson DC33 Animal

Took about 15 minutes or so to replace the belts, and the tools included made the job really easy! At first the brush didn't want to spin...after a few minutes on different forums we learned to push the brush with a screwdriver a few times to get it to...

1 expert reviews | 307 user reviews

alaAverage 4

Dyson DC24 BALL ALL Floors

We've all seen Dyson ads on TV. You know, the ones that make it look like these cleverly designed cleaning machines are the greatest inventions devised by

15 expert reviews | 3557 user reviews

alaAverage 4

Dyson DC50 Animal

You can buy a better-performing vacuum for far less money, making the Dyson DC50 a poor value.

4 expert reviews | 331 user reviews


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