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Nintendo Wii Game Reviews

Updated: Nov 30, 2015 01:11
alaScore 86

Cave Story- Wii

The greatest NES game never made

8 expert reviews | 13 user reviews

alaScore 86

Bit.Trip Flux- Wii

I know. It was part of the (failed) joke. I know all the woes of being in this industry all too...

6 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 86

PES 2013 (Wii)

Over recent seasons, Pro Evolution Soccer has imported an increasing amount of its DNA from...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 86

La-Mulana- Wii

The Wii, and Nintendo platforms as a whole, have a short history of seeing the release of games...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 86

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias (Wii)

One of the best uses of motion control to date. The WiiWare platform has certainly not been as...

13 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaScore 86

The Godfather: The Blackhand Edition (Wii)

Wii: Godfather: Black Hand Edition Review

28 expert reviews | 125 user reviews

alaScore 86

Skylanders: Giants Review - Wii

Staggered figure release dates notwithstanding, all the signs point to Skylanders Giants as a...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 86

Nintendo WII Remote PLUS Black + WII Sports: Resort

More concerned with your well being than you are. The proof-of-concept that was Wii Sports has...

19 expert reviews | 28 user reviews

alaScore 86

Joe Danger: The Movie (Wii)

Hello Games expands the scope of their original sleeper hit with a Hollywood makeover.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 86

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii)

Overall, the DBZ Budokan Tenkaichi 3 offers a unique fighting experience on the Wii. With a very...

42 expert reviews | 24 user reviews

alaScore 86

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10- Wii

Get the version that includes the motion plus!

13 expert reviews | 20 user reviews

alaScore 86

Nintendo Poképark 2 : le monde des voeux

Nintendo has been somewhat shy in the home console scene when it comes to games from the Pocket...

9 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 86

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Wii)

Unlike, say, first-person shooters, there aren't exactly vast resources to compare soccer games...

25 expert reviews | 43 user reviews

alaScore 86

* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Wii)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition is what you'd expect to find out of it. It doesn't...

18 expert reviews | 31 user reviews

alaScore 86

WWE '12 (Wii)

For WWE fans, their only gaming fix comes annually in the form of THQ and Yukes' interpretation...

11 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaScore 86

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions- Wii

On playthroughs, levels open up in sets of four so players are free to choose the difficulty and...

14 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaScore 86

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11- Wii

It's been 12 years since the Tiger Woods series first entered the video game market and it has...

11 expert reviews

alaScore 86

Wii Sports (Wii)

For a long time, packaged games were a standard when you bought a system. In the case of...

65 expert reviews | 156 user reviews

alaScore 86

Wario Land The Shake Dimension (Wii)

Mario's greedy and ill-mannered rival Wario is something of a people's champion in the Nintendo...

26 expert reviews | 34 user reviews

alaScore 86

Trauma Team (Wii)

With six playable characters to choose from, Trauma Team has extremely high replay value. After...

19 expert reviews | 17 user reviews

alaScore 86

Battalion Wars 2 - Complete package - 1 licence (Wii)

I had heard vague stirrings of goodness about the Battalion Wars series for some time, so when I...

51 expert reviews | 61 user reviews

alaScore 86

Animal Crossing Let's Go to the City - Licence - 1 user (Wii)

Let's go to the City offers more of the same Animal Crossing gameplay that you know and love...

27 expert reviews | 82 user reviews

alaScore 86

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Action-stuffed story, Core of CoD4 remains as satisfying as ever, Tense, dramatic soundtrack

17 expert reviews

alaScore 86

Mario Party 9

Totally fun! Our family plays together and has a blast.

5 expert reviews | 7 user reviews


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