Best Speakers for Gaming Enthusiasts

Every gaming enthusiast knows that a powerful audio output is a prerequisite for a high quality gaming experience. Over the past few years, a new niches of gadgets has emerged which caters exclusively to the needs of gaming. Laptops such as Alienware M14x and Asus G75VX come with powerful graphics and surround sound and are designed exclusively for the gaming market. Similarly, there is a brand of speakers which are designed to enhance the quality of gaming by providing top notch audio output.

While considering the sound quality of a speaker for the purpose of gaming, one must consider two factors – a sound card and the speakers. In the most recent computers, a sound card comes pre-installed in the mother board. To get the best possible results, it is a good idea to gather information about the kind of sound card installed in the mother board. Before buying a computer, you might want to read reviews about the sound card in question. The other component which determines the audio output is the quality of speakers. Typically, a surround sound system consists of multiple speakers, a subwoofer and sound controls. These elements work together to create a complete gaming experience, one where you will be immersed in the virtual world of gaming.

At alaTest, we have put together a list of some of the best PC speakers for gaming:


1. Logitech Z2300 – The Logitech Z2300 speaker system is composed of a subwoofer, two speakers and a console that can be used to control sound. The system comes with top notch 2.1 THX certified audio quality, a response bandwidth of 35Hz to 20kHz and the subwoofer boasts of 120 watts power. In simpler words, these speakers from Logitech provide excellent sound quality. The audio output is powerful enough to shake a large room even as the detailing is immaculate.


2. Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 - The PC speakers from Altec Lansing ship with 2.1 THX audio system along with 200 watts of sound. The entire system consists of two speakers, one front firing subwoofer and a desktop controllers which allows users to control volume, bass and treble. This control also has a set of audio jacks for headphones. The sheer power of the subwoofer makes for a delightful audio output which has the potential to please any gaming enthusiast.


3. Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System – Bose has been one of the pioneers of the world of audio devices. The Multimedia speaker system lives up to the pristine glory associated with Bose. Unlike other speaker systems, the Bose Companion system offers connectivity through USB ports and is equally suitable for a large living room and a smaller study room. The TrueSpace surround-sound feature promises to overwhelm you within sharp and crisp sound quality.


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