Improve Your Workout Sessions With These Gadgets

Maintaining a strict workout schedule is not as easy as it sounds. At times, you might get lazy, you might be too busy with work, or you might just become too casual about the whole thing. The truth is that most of us need all the help we can when it comes to workout sessions. Luckily for you, there is a simple solution in the form of fitness gadgets which help you measure your progress accurately. Statistics can improve the quality of your workout sessions immensely; when you have hard numbers, you know exactly how much more effort is required.

Here are a few gadgets that will make your workout sessions more productive and entertaining:

1. Fitbit Flex – The Fitbit Flex is an activity tracker that can be worn as a wristband. It can track the distance travelled, calories burned, sleep patterns etc. It can also provide a detailed breakdown of the quality of your workout sessions. Later, you can connect the band to a computer through a USB or you can directly sync it to an iPhone or some Android devices. This way, you can track your daily progress and modify your workout sessions accordingly. The Fitbit Flex is waterproof, comfortable to wear and provides accurate results.

2. Fitbit One – If you don’t want to be seen wearing a wristband everywhere or  if you find it stifling, you can opt for Fitbit One which is a small device that you  can strap to your shirt or pocket. Just like the Fitbit Flex, it counts the number of steps you take in a day, the number of stairs you climb, the number of calories burnt and measures your sleep pattern.It can be connected to a laptop through USB and can be synced to your iPhone.

3. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale - It’s time to give up your archaic weighing scale. The FitBit Aria Smart Scale won’t just tell you your weight, it will track all changes in your weight and upload them to a free iPhone app through your wireless network. So, you don’t have to manually track your weight or make charts to track your weight, just let  the Smart Scale to do all the work.

4.  Bose SIE2i Headphones – What’s a workout without your favorite music? The headphones you use for workout sessions should have the following features – the earbuds should stay in place even when you run on the treadmill or lift weights, they must be water and sweat resistant and finally, the audio quality must be excellent. The Bose SIE2i headphones come with all of these features and make for wonderful workout companions.

Editor in Chief : Arie Struik

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