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Samsung Monitors Reviews

Updated: Sep 17, 2020 16:50
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alaScore 90

Samsung XL2370

The Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 looks great, performs well, and hits the right price point.

30 expert reviews | 656 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung S32E590C

I am not a gamer with a thousand dollar graphics card, so I can't comment on what I don't know. But for a nice large general purpose monitor, I am extremely happy I chose this one!

1 expert reviews | 33 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung S24C450

My unit has over 30 of these things and even more of the older version with the external power supply and they all work very well. No issues like the other reviewer mentioned at all and these are used in both portrait and landscape mode. No dead pixels...

4 expert reviews | 55 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung S27A950

Fantastic image quality, versatile 3D and an ultra-attractive design make this a Best Buy

12 expert reviews | 169 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung SyncMaster P2370

The Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD is a great choice for those looking for a 23-inch monitor-HDTV combo.

37 expert reviews | 1419 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung SyncMaster F2380

The Samsung SyncMaster F2380 is a well-designed monitor with good performance that skimps on connection options.

18 expert reviews | 419 user reviews

alaScore 90

SAMSUNG SyncMaster PX2370

With more features and a better movie performance rating, the Samsung PX2370 improves--in most areas--on one of the best monitors we've reviewed.

31 expert reviews | 412 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung Series 9 S27B970D

The lack of an audio-in port is a glaring omission, and its $1200 price tag is a bit over the top, but if money is no object and you can live without a dedicated audio input, the Series 9 is a solid choice for a big screen monitor. That said, our...

23 expert reviews | 129 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung SyncMaster P2770

Samsung's hybrid cross between a TV and computer monitor borrows many of the best features of both, making an ideal shared-space solution.

22 expert reviews | 2448 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung S24C650

we tested recently, but they're simple enough and have all the basic controls you really need.

7 expert reviews | 56 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung FX2490HD

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18 expert reviews | 156 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung LD220

The Samsung LD220G works as a companion monitor, but there are better models out there if you're looking for a standalone 22-inch display.

22 expert reviews | 252 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung S24C770T

Overall, the Samsung Series 7 770 S24C770T has a good-looking display, with much deeper blacks than Dell’s P2714T, good viewing angles, and the ability to display slightly more of the color gamut than Dell’s offering. On the flip side, the Dell screen...

9 expert reviews | 31 user reviews

alaScore 90

Samsung SD590C

This Samsung produces a solid image for the price, and while its 1080p resolution is underwhelming, this curved display is cheaper than the we’ve , and offers another upgrade avenue for people looking to leave an old HD panel behind. If you’re a gamer...

6 expert reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung S24C750P

Locking the monitor rotation positions would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker for me!

1 expert reviews | 14 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung S19C450

Get what your users need. My user needed a product that could display a full page paper in portrait view. The other 2 monitors of this same brand in landscape view and do what the user needs.

32 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung S24D330H

"The screen is well priced. You can set different brightness settings depending on the ambient light. It comes with a HDMI cable. I was surprised you couldn't adjust the height of the screen or the angle it points. "

20 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung LS19C450BR

image/colour quality seems fine, and nice matte screen doesnt reflect light. 5/4 aspect ratio great for general web surfing and word processing. great build quality

19 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung S19C20KBW

This was a replacement for my Dell monitor which packed up. I just plugged t in and it worked without any need for me to set it up. The image quality is better than the original. The feature whereby the optimum viewing angle can be selected...

60 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung S27E510C

* Windows 10 brings out the best of having two of these monitors side by side

76 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung 27” Series 2 LED Monitor – S27C230B

The value of the would be best if a new product had been shipped. Product was advertised and purchased as a new monitor but a refurbished (Recertified) monitor was shipped. This translated into near a 25% reduction in value.

19 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung LC27F396FHU

Good monitor for word processing, videos, browsing and spreadsheets. Note there is no adjustments to monitor height / tilt. Refresh rate may be too slow for gaming.

92 user reviews


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    About Samsung

    Samsung's wide variety of monitor offerings includes consumer and business-oriented models. These range from value-oriented to fully-featured models and are available in square and widescreen aspect ratios. The new Touch of Color high-definition line offers a variety of inputs.