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Receiver & Amplifier Reviews

Updated: Jun 23, 2022 16:41
alaScore 100

NAD C 700

The price tag can be intimidating, but the NAD C 700’s design, build quality, and exquisite audio performance fully justifies it.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 99

Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier

With second-to-none build quality and no-compromise sonic performance, the versatile Michi X3 integrated amplifier represents one of the best in its class far more than its price tag would suggest.

10 expert reviews

alaScore 98

Technics SU-G700

Technics is a brand that has been with us seemingly forever, and as a result there is no shortage of very diverse opinions out there about the brand and what it stands for. Some audiophiles look fondly upon Technics, whereas...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 98

Denon AVC-X3700H

Denon AVR-X3700h AV receiver. With 105wpc x 9 built in amplification, you can use the internal amps to power a 9CH speaker configuration or add a separate 2CH amp to power your main Left/Right channels and run a full 11CH surround system. Imagine the...

8 expert reviews | 108 user reviews

alaScore 97

NAD C298

The NAD C298 reminds me in a good way of several NAD power amplifiers that I have owned or listened to over the decades. Lots of power and good sound at a reasonable price – and in a cheap packaging. The Danish Purifi Eigentakt amplifier modules are...

6 expert reviews

alaScore 97

Marantz NR1200

The MARANTZ NR1200 is like a Swiss army knife of receivers. In one very affordable box, you get the flexibility to stream music, the ability to integrate with video, and enough power for all but the most power-hungry speakers in the largest rooms. It...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 97


As should be apparent by now, I really enjoyed my time with the new Bluesound Powernode. Sonically, I think it delivers a lot for its asking price. And functionally, the Powernode delivers a ton.

12 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 97

Denon AVR-X4700H

Early adopters of cutting-edge home theater, especially 8K enthusiasts. You want a titan of a home theater brain, combining power, performance, and longevity.

6 expert reviews

alaScore 97

Cambridge Audio CXN V2 & Acoustic Energy AE1 ACTIVE (Black)

I’m in love with Cambridge Audio’s superlative CXN (v2). This network music streamer is sleek, smart, flexible, powerful, well thought out, and will fit into a variety of audio ecosystems. If you’re a mixed audio marriage household juggling AirPlay,...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 96

McIntosh MC312 2-Channel Solid State Amplifier

The McIntosh MC312 2-Channel Solid State Amplifier is one of their newest designs that easily carries the 70-year tradition of providing leading...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 96

McIntosh C2700

The McIntosh C2700 is our new favorite among high-end class preamps. This is both because it is so useful and flexible, but also because it delivers the music on a silver platter. The practical DAC module with HDMI input, and the quiet and crystal...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 96

Naim Nait XS 3

The Nait XS 3 is a gentle upgrade but remains one of the most musically enticing options at this price

4 expert reviews

alaScore 96

Cambridge Audio Evo 150

Now headquartered in London, English audio product manufacturer Cambridge Audio was founded in 1968 in the university city of the same name. The company's initial product was the walnut-trimmed 20 watts-per-channel (Wpc) P40 integrated amplifier....

5 expert reviews | 15 user reviews

alaScore 96

McIntosh MC1502

The McIntosh MC1502 will go down in history as one of their classics, on a par with the MC275. It combines brutal control and quantities of power, with openness and sophistication. The amplifier is potent enough to power most speakers, and will only...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 96

Audiolab 6000A

Audiolab's all-in-one integrated amplifier is a remarkable component that delivers excellent sound quality, build quality and functionality. Audiolab's all-in-one integrated amplifier is a remarkable component that delivers excellent sound quality,...

6 expert reviews | 14 user reviews

alaScore 96

Denon AVR-X2700H

Denon’s AVR-X2700H provides an affordable jumping on point for the brand’s 2021 X-series AV receivers. The price tag hints at budget components, but in a smaller viewing room (rather than a cavernous theater), it defies expectations.

3 expert reviews | 241 user reviews

alaScore 96

Sonos Amp

And now there’s the new Amp, which is designed to fill in virtually every other gap with the full set of Sonos’ capabilities, whether that’s running a set of hidden speakers in the ceiling, making your vintage speakers connect to a modern music...

21 expert reviews | 128 user reviews

alaScore 96

Marantz NR1711

Among slim receivers we have tested before, Marantz has always come out best in tests in its class. And the 7.1 receiver NR1711 is Marantz’s best so far.

4 expert reviews | 11 user reviews

alaScore 95

MDR-110LP Headphones

Bel Canto REF150S Stereo Amplifier Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower Loudspeakers Rotel RB-1582 MkII Stereo Power Amplifier Cambridge Audio Azur 350A Integrated Amplifier

5 expert reviews

alaScore 95

Denon PMA-A110

Denon PMA-A110 is an amplifier that evokes warm, nostalgic feelings in the reviewer. First, it looks like something that could have been built in the heyday of Japanese hi-fi. Or rather: It resembles the beautified memory of that time – because even...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 95

Cambridge Audio CXA81

Class leaders are constantly being replaced in hi-fi, but rarely is it done so soundly as by Cambridge Audio’s CXA81 integrated amp

1 expert reviews | 151 user reviews

alaScore 95

NAD C 338

THE NAD C 338 HYBRID DIGITAL INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER offers great sound, Chromecast, Wi-Fi, and the ability to drive any speaker for a very-reasonable $650.

5 expert reviews

alaScore 95

Arcam AVR30

The Arcam AVR30 isn’t cheap, but the best rarely is. This flagship AV receiver combines extensive object-based support with class-leading room correction, powerful amplification, and uncompromising immersive processing. If you’re lucky enough to be...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 95

Denon AVC-X6700H

This AVR has Audyssey XT32 room correction and is now compatible with the new MultEQ-X app for PC ($199) that offers deep configuration options to Audyssey users. You can tune this AVR to extremely high-performance levels and it’ll grow with your needs...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 95

Marantz Model 30

Marantz Model 30 is a magnificent amplifier for both eyes and ears, and the quality goes beyond most things.

3 expert reviews