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alaTest’s award winning review analysis technology aggregates, structures and daily analyses millions of expert and consumer product reviews from more than 3,000 international review sources and matches them to clients’ product catalogues. alaTest enables clients to offer their customers a comprehensive review experience that includes tools to visualize in real time what the world says about a product’s strengths and weaknesses and how it compares to similar products.

alaTest has offices in Stockholm and Wuhan and operates product reviews sites for consumers in 18 markets across the world.


Current Vacancies in Stockholm

Tech Team Lead

alaTest helps brands and consumers keep track of product reviews, as they are published across the globe.
We analyze and structure reviews to give immediate insights in the opinions of consumers and experts.
Brands use our online tools to get access to our analysis and the content we collect.
Consumers can visit our websites, currently in 18 countries and languages, to decide what products are the best for them. As our content is integrated across websites in all sectors of eCommerce, consumers get advice on the quality of products where it matters most: where they decide to buy.
alaTest’s award winning review analysis technology aggregates, structures and analyses every day millions of product reviews from more than 3,000 international websites and magazines.
alaTest HQ is in Stockholm with international offices in Wuhan.

Be part of our mission to help consumers find the best products.
Be part of our mission to help brands understand their customers and make better products.

As Team Lead you will be responsible to lead a group of developers, make architectural decisions, develop software, proactively solving client issues, managing the backlog, organizing the daily work and reporting to the management.

  • A solid understanding of SQL, Python
  • A bachelors degree in Computer Sciences
  • 7+ years work experience, ideally a few years as Team Lead
  • Strong experience with database design and performance optimization
  • Creative and efficient problem solver
  • Leadership skills
  • Excellent English skills. Our company language is English. Swedish language skills are not required
  • You must be authorized to work in Sweden

Note that this position is located in our headquarters in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Please send your application with a short personal introduction and CV to Please state 'Tech Team Lead' in your application.