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Viewsonic Monitors Reviews

Updated: Aug 4, 2015 00:33
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alaScore 86

ViewSonic VX2237wm

The ViewSonic VX2237wm LCD monitor is good value at this price, but only if you're looking for a very basic screen for use with a desktop PC.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 86

Viewsonic V3D241WM-LED

A 3D-ready, Full HD, 23.6in monitor including stereoscopic glasses for under £300 has to be a bargain.

3 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 85

Viewsonic VP191b

A few features set the VP191b apart from other monitors in its price range and help make it a good choice for an office setting. This monitor includes ports for one digital and two analog inputs, giving you options for sharing the monitor between two...

10 expert reviews | 92 user reviews

alaScore 85

Viewsonic VG2021m

Compromises to resolution and features keep the cost wonderfully low, yet this remains a credible panel.

6 expert reviews | 124 user reviews

alaScore 85

ViewSonic VP201s

The 20-inch ViewSonic VP201s is a big-screen high-res LCD with a low price for its size. It has some attractive features, but it also has some flaws that make it less appealing than some alternatives.

14 expert reviews | 118 user reviews

alaScore 85

ViewSonic VP912b

Image quality remains pleasing on the ViewSonic VP912b's new antiglare screen--though the previous antireflective screen was even better--and this LCD is packed with useful features

6 expert reviews | 84 user reviews

alaScore 85

ViewSonic VG2030wm

A pretty high-quality 20in screen for £270 represents good value for money. The ViewSonic's looks won't be to everybody's taste, but this is a very decent model that packs in plenty of colour and a sizeable work area.

4 expert reviews | 124 user reviews

alaScore 85

Viewsonic VP2330wb

Still, we’re wary of synching issues we observed on the two VP2330s we have in our Lab. While the monitors primarily had problems synching with a BFG GeForce 7950 GX2 videocard after a warm boot, or restart, we had a similar single occurrence with an...

11 expert reviews | 12 user reviews

alaScore 85

ViewSonic 19-inch ViewDock LCD

Superb graphics at an affordable price. The multimedia docking base is a welcome bonus, too

3 expert reviews

alaScore 85

Viewsonic VP950B

Once you've calibrated the colours the VP950b will deliver exceptional image quality.

4 expert reviews | 34 user reviews

alaScore 84

ViewSonic VP730

Only the most demanding and professional users will be able to fault the VP730b. Its image quality and performance recommend it as one of the best LCD Monitors we've reviewed.

2 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 84

ViewSonic Q22wb

This monitor, like Viewsonic Tech Support, stinks !!!! 1) We wanted to use the DVI cable instead of the DB-15. Despite at least 12 calls to Viewsuckit Tech Support and HP Pavillion Tech support, and nVidia Tech Support, all I ever got was...

83 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic VA702

Do you need to increase the space on your desktop? Then why not change your bulky CRT monitor for a slim line LCD screen.

2 expert reviews | 75 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic VA503b

This lcd monitor is one of the best brands, has a good price, its reliable, bright colors, good response, but maybe you should consider buy a wide screen version. It's worth the price.

78 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic Q20WB

Have been used around 2 years. Still displays qood qaulity pictures. Contrast ratio is out-of-date and brightness has become little dimmer, but was a best valued display. Still a satisfactory display for me.

193 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic VA703B 17" 82KHz 85Hz 0.26mm

I think our three-year warranty has two more weeks, so I'm going to try to get an exchange. Mighty coincidental timing of this failure, though...

33 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic Optiquest Q19WB

The is the worst monitor we have ever bought. The lifespan only lasts about 4 month. When the monitor was 4 month old, the screen started going to dark when I just turned on the computer. We need to re-turn on the monitor again and again. The...

227 user reviews

alaScore 84

ViewSonic Thinedge VP930B 19

The theft deterrence plug-in, which arrives on CD, renders the monitor nonfunctional if someone disconnects it from the original PC and fails to enter the user-selected password. This may be better for preventing migration of LCDs between offices than...

1 expert reviews | 5 user reviews

alaScore 84

ViewSonic Optiquest Q91b

I have purchased 2 brand-new ViewSonic Optiquest Q91b 19" LCD monitors. One of them has a line of bad pixels. Since the vendor did not have new replacement, I returned the monitor to them and bought a new one from another Vendor. However, the other...

13 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic Optiquest Q241WB

The flickering is really not that annoying, and I was reluctant to take a star off. It really is a good screen.

53 user reviews

alaScore 84


We have about 200 of these monitors and the failure rate is about 50-60%. It's often difficult to gauge the reliability if you order only one or two because bad monitors are probably chalked up as a fluke and quickly replaced by the company. I can...

2 expert reviews | 131 user reviews

alaScore 84

Viewsonic VE710

Envision continues to make impressive LCD monitors at appealing prices. The EN7220 has premium features at a value price, with generally excellent performance included in the deal. In a field of value monitors, this one is a bargain.

2 expert reviews | 49 user reviews

alaScore 84

ViewSonic VA2213W

Looked at various options and read what others said about this monitor before deciding this one was a good candidate to use on my mini mac. When I found out the price, I nearly fell over myself getting to the buy-it-now button before someone else beat...

1 expert reviews | 24 user reviews

alaScore 84

ViewSonic VG730m

I work for a medium sized company, and we picked up around 40 of these monitors about 1 year ago. After about a year, the monitors seem to have a problem with their power supply. The blue monitor LED will flash, but have trouble allowing the display to...

1 expert reviews | 15 user reviews

alaScore 84

Huawei E220

I knew this product from a previous use. It is literally plug and play, fully supported by recent Linux distrib (I use Ubuntu). It works, no problem or troubleshooting... that's all I asked, and I got it.

45 user reviews


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    About Viewsonic

    While Viewsonic's consumer market share in this product category has declined in the last few years, it offers a wide range of consumer and business monitors at various price and feature levels. It's budget line is OptiQuest, but there's also a Value line with a wide range of offerings. The Graphics and Pro Series lines are aimed at advanced graphics users, and the X series toward business, gamers, and home users.


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