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Access 14 million product reviews and prices on your mobile!

Application Features

  • Integrated Barcode Scanner

    Point your iPhone’s built-in camera to a barcode and let the alaTest Barcode Scanner do the search.

  • Search by Product Name or Barcode

    Simply type in name or barcode of the product and you can read all the reviews available for that product from thousands of renowned sources and users around the world.

  • Wishlist with online Sync

    Save products you want to remember and sync them to your account at This makes it particularly easy to buy a product online if you found it on the iPhone. Just add it to your wishlist and it will automatically sync to your account. It’s that simple.

  • Better Performance

    Compared to the previous versions, we have boosted the performance of the app and it's now twice as fast. We also found a few bugs that have been fixed.