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Updated: Dec 18, 2018 21:18

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Buying Guide - PC Games

Nearly every genre finds its home on PCs, but a few in particular reign supreme. PCs do first-person shooters and real-time strategy games better than consoles, and you can also find adventure games, role-playing games, and puzzle games. Some genres, like sports games, aren't as popular on PCs though. Hundreds of new PC games come out every year to fit every taste and budget, though the market is smaller than that of consoles. Popular PC game developers include Blizzard, Maxis, Bioware, and Valve. PC gamers outfit their gaming computers with a lot of accessories, including gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, and surround sound speakers. Online gaming found its first home on the PC, and multiplayer gaming is free for most games except for those that charge monthly subscriptions. While the overall outlook for PC games isn't as rigorous as for console games, PC games remain a fun and exciting genre for many gamers.

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