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Updated: Dec 4, 2021 16:08
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alaScore 94

HP Omen X 27”

The HP Omen X 27 is a desirable gaming monitor that gives 1440p gamers the sizzling 240Hz refresh rate their 1080p rivals have long enjoyed.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Benq EX3501R

BenQ EX3501R delivers a smooth immersive experience in fast-paced action titles. It supports HDR10 just fine but doesn’t offer as much contrast as some of the competition and has a little less color saturation in HDR mode. For SDR material however, it...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 94

LG 34WK650

When it comes to PC productivity, media, and gaming, having a monitor with a proper amount of display real estate can be critical. Whether it's for everyday computing or more intensive applications like photo/film editing, there's really no such thing...

3 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 94

Acer Predator XB273K (27-inch, 2018) Series

Bottom Line: The Acer Predator XB3 is a nearly perfect compromise between the lowest and highest ends of the 4K 144Hz monitor market.

9 expert reviews

alaScore 94


With features geared to casual gaming, paired with the high resolution, large screen, and color coverage of a productivity monitor, MSI's Optix MAG321CURV is a decent, price-aggressive fit for both worlds: working by day, playing by night.

3 expert reviews | 1 user reviews

alaScore 94


A solid curved gaming monitor defined by its strengths and weaknesses, both of which are noticeable and at the forefront of use. Good image quality and speed plays unreliable HDR and color with a loss of sight and any extended viewing angles.

3 expert reviews

alaScore 94


Solid in most departments, but with a few faults: the AOC C27G1 is good, but it isn't great

4 expert reviews | 1000 user reviews

alaScore 94

HP Envy 32"

Launched at CES 2020, a great 32-inch DisplayHDR 600 screen and a powerful sound system are only the beginning for HP's latest all-in-one.

3 expert reviews | 26 user reviews

alaScore 94

Lenovo Thinkvision P32U

Lenovo's ThinkVision P32u-10 is a winner, whether you think of it as a productivity monitor with exceptional color accuracy or as a professional monitor with a slew of convenience features.

6 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Samsung CHG90 49-Inches

A thousand bucks is a lot to spend on a monitor but given the other monitors that sell for around the same price, such as the HP Z38c or the LG 38UC99-W, Samsung’s 49-incher feels like a good deal. It’s among the most impressive monitors we’ve ever used.

12 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Acer ConceptD CP3271KP

Such weirdness can be overlooked when performance, adjustability and connectivity all meet high standards, and the CP3271KP is generally a strong showing from a manufacturer with relatively little experience making top-end pro monitors. The MultiSync...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 94

LG 27UK650

The LG 27UK650-W is a good monitor and will please you in most usages. It has wide viewing angles and the large screen gives you more space to work on. Also, the high resolution allows you to see small details. The monitor has HDR support but it fails...

2 expert reviews

alaScore 94

LG 32GK650F

We were excited about testing today's monitor because the product falls into one of our favorite categories: affordable but decent gaming monitors. Lots of companies try and target this market segment but it's difficult to come away with a winner, but...

2 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 94

Samsung C34F791 Series

Ultrawide curved monitors are impressive to behold. They just look great. They’re aesthetically pleasing, they create a luxuriant workspace that supplants typical two-monitor setups, and they’re immersive. Size and scope often compensate for any...

14 expert reviews | 62 user reviews

alaScore 94

Samsung S27F350FHU

Bottom Line: Gamers and video hounds alike will thrill to the Samsung CHG70 27-Inch Curved Monitor's winning combination: its fine standard-definition and HDR image quality, wide color gamut, high refresh rate, and superior stand.

4 expert reviews | 151 user reviews

alaScore 94

Acer Predator X27 27"

Bottom Line: Acer's formidable (and formidably pricey) Predator X27 is an elite-performing 27-inch gaming monitor that provides 4K UHD resolution, very high brightness, lofty refresh rates, and G-Sync support. It's the ultimate gaming panel.

15 expert reviews | 4 user reviews

alaScore 94

Dell UltraSharp U3419W 34"

Bottom Line: Dell's UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Monitor (U3419W) is an ultra-wide business display with great color accuracy and a host of connectivity choices. It's a solid alternative to a multi-monitor array.

3 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Asus PA34VC 34-Inches

The Asus ProArt PA34VC boasts great quality, solid design and loads of features, but it’s undermined by the fact that it can’t handle certain professional workloads

6 expert reviews

alaScore 94

AOC Agon AG322QC4

The AOC AGON AG322QC4 review shows that this screen isn’t worth buying if you want to invest in HDR. There isn’t a huge amount of content right now, and the AOC’s entry-level standards and relatively low brightness measurement means that HDR content...

5 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Dell S2719DC 27"

Ultrawide and 4K monitors may have taken the limelight, but standard 27-inch monitors don’t get much more exciting than the Dell Ultrathin 27. It’s thin, light, and sleek — everything you want to match something like a Dell XPS laptop or MacBook....

4 expert reviews

alaScore 94

Samsung Syncmaster SB350H Series (22", 23", 24", 27")

Samsung's 24-Inch CF396 Curved LED Monitor has the modest port selection and 1080p resolution of a typical under-$200 display, but the panel is bright and vibrant, with some surprising features on call.

2 expert reviews | 1655 user reviews

alaScore 94

MSI Optix MAG27CQ 27"

Bottom Line: With its high refresh rate and quick pixel response, the MSI Optix MPG27CQ is a good choice for high-performance esports gaming, but it lacks HDR and was only so-so in our video testing.

7 expert reviews | 9 user reviews

alaScore 94

MSI Optix MAG271C

MSI’s latest Optix screen is a bit of an enigma, although it features an impressive spec list, the lack of availability right now, damages the overall accessibility of it. Ultimately, if you can deal with the pixel density being a little bit less than...

5 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 94

Acer Predator X35

Bottom Line: The ultrawide, ultra-bright, ultra-fast Acer Predator X35 is a dream come true among gaming monitors, even if its price will make it just a dream for most gamers.

5 expert reviews


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