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Irobot Vacuums Reviews

Updated: Jul 12, 2020 16:49
alaScore 87

iRobot Caster Assembly For Roomba

Stays in place like it should

163 user reviews

alaScore 87

iRobot Roomba 621

Works like a charm on wall to wall carpet, doesn't pick up everything on hardwood floor (for some odd reason) but the claim that it can handle loose cables and small carpets is overrated. It does turn away from the abyss of the stairwell though and I...

31 user reviews

alaScore 87

Irobot Roomba 776

Had one of these for about a year now. Its one of those things that we now take for granted. The Mrs named him Roadie, so when Roadie goes off on his scheduled missions, he does a pretty good job. The thing is it does the vacuuming by perseverance...

1 expert reviews | 6 user reviews

alaScore 87

iRobot Roomba 870

The iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot brings to your homes a convenience most of us can get used to in our busy urban lives. There are other options that do the same, but at the moment the iRobot seems to be most feature-rich and dependable. Go...

3 expert reviews | 511 user reviews

alaScore 86

iRobot 500 Series Upgrade Kit, Black

Amazon search for AeroVac for Roomba 655 produced this item, which is incompatible.

248 user reviews

alaScore 86

iRobot Roomba 500

Standard price is $14.99 from - so beware what you pay for here. Works great and replacement is as easy as 1-2-3.

63 user reviews

alaScore 86

iRobot Auto Virtual Wall

Works great! It does exactly what it's supposed to.

34 user reviews

alaScore 86

iRobot 21936 replacement kit serie 700

All items were perfect and a great deal too !

506 user reviews

alaScore 86

iRobot Looj 330

Conclusion With the iRobot Looj 330 you can clear your gutters without having to get your hands dirty, and it drastically reduces the number of times you have to move and climb up and down your ladder. You may have to manually remove big, heavy...

1 expert reviews | 186 user reviews

alaScore 85

Irobot 500 Series Upgrade Kit - White

This is a nice way to upgrade an older model iRoomba. We now have 3 that function well. Two of the newer models, that come with this upgrade and the older one that I have retrofitted with this kit. Definitely improves the performance of the older machine.

20 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Roomba 565

I have two of these robotic vacuums. I use one around the main floor of my home whenever needed; the second one resides in my basement. I run the basement unit once a month or so to keep the basement floor clean. Sometimes I use this unit in my garage....

164 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Roomba 400 Series Maintenance Kit

Worked great! My roomba runs like new!

45 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot 3-Pack Hepa Filters & 3-Pack Side Brush

I wasn't expecting to see these in original packaging. I know these will fit and perform properly unlike some compatibles.

38 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Filter 3-pack

OEM product, but only 3 in package. NOT 3 sets, only 3 individual filters. Filters damaged and not in OEM packaging, shipped in a baggie.

268 user reviews

alaScore 85

Irobot Roomba 760

Died within two years of minimal use. Called roomba support and the only option is to replace the Core Unit to the tune of $300 dollars. We paid $450 initially. Very disappointed and will never by another product from them.

415 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Roomba 600 Series Replenishment Kit

Replacements are working as well as the O.E.

590 user reviews

alaScore 85

Virtual Wall Halo-- Roomba 500/600/700 Series

First it is just a virtual wall with a rubber sleeve that goes over it. You could buy a 2 pack virtual wall for about the same price and tape over the side emitter. More importantly, it did not work. I bought this for a coffee table that Roomba gets...

18 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Roomba 770

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7 expert reviews | 3117 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Roomba 620

Flagship cleaning performance breaks a new price barrier, but there are omissions.

3 expert reviews | 1999 user reviews

alaScore 85

iRobot Roomba 651

Well made brushes, they do last a long time. Fits perfectly, so far the best ones. Good price and very good quality.

1 expert reviews | 127 user reviews

alaScore 84

iRobot® Roomba® 564 Aerovac Pet Robotic Vacuum with 4 Extra Filters

I'm using this on my second floor and love it...I'll be ordering two more as soon as the special's a great value..wish they made one for the stairs :

16 user reviews

alaScore 84

Irobot Roomba 531

I have owned 2 Roombas and have always loved them. This time I would recommend NOT purchasing this Roomba. In less than a year the brushes had stopped spinning all together and it was no longer working even with regular cleaning and changing of the...

288 user reviews


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