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It’s an age old dispute – OK, not “age old,” but it’s been around for as long as home gaming platforms: Which does gaming better, console or PC? Considering the gaming market today, and how most games are cross-platform compatible (aka have versions for each console and the PC), it can be tough to choose a side. We’ll let the two duke it out in a few key categories and tally up the winner. Read the rest of this entry »


2011 is halfway over, and it’s time for a quick status check, starting with the best PC games released this year. There have been some really spectacular titles so far this year that went well beyond expectations, as well as a few that fell short. Here’s a list of our current favorites: Read more on the Best PC Games of 2011


GPU TeaserWhether you’re into high-end 3D gaming, or just want the best HD viewing experience, it’s important to have the right graphics card. They range from inexpensive integrated cards build right into your computer’s motherboard to dedicated cards for extreme gaming enthusiasts.

If you are thinking about upping your computer’s graphics performance, here’s a list of some of the best dedicated video cards for popular price points.

Read more on the Best Graphics Cards

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Tablets vs NetbooksWithin a year of their creation, Netbooks occupied a whopping 20% of the entire laptop market. But now, Tablets are fast encroaching on Netbook territory, and would-be buyers are met with a choice: Netbook or Tablet? We’ve narrowed the battle down to several categories: Price, Performance, Productivity, Multimedia, Size, and Battery Life. The winner will be the one that performs best in the most categories. Ready… FIGHT!

Read more on tablets vs. netbooks


Just like console games, PC games make great gifts for the holiday season, and even though PC hardware is a bit more expensive than say an Xbox 360, it remains the preferred platform for state of the art games, first person shooters, and strategy games.

PC games are also excellent last minute buys since many of them can be purchased online as a direct download. Read the rest of this entry »

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