Everything You Need to Know About AirPlay Speakers

More than a year ago, Apple launched the AirPlay technology, making way for a wireless means of data exchange and streaming. When it was launched, people had great expectations and, one and a half years later, it can be safely said that AirPlay has delivered successfully on all of them. Ever since Apple allowed third party manufacturers to use the technology to produce AirPlay enabled speakers, the technology has led to some definitive changes in the world of music and audio devices.


Let’s begin from the basics. This is how the AirPlay technology works. You can use the AirPlay to stream music, video and other forms of media from an iOS operated device to AirPort Express enabled speakers or television. This way, you can play music or videos on your television by streaming the content from your iPod or iPhone or iPad, and it’s all wireless. That’s what makes it so incredibly cool.


So, basically, if one were to say it in simple words, AirPlay allows you to have music all over the house, streamed straight from your iOS enabled device. All you need to have is an iPod or an iPad or an iPhone and speakers or a television which support the AirPlay technology and you are good to go. In many ways, AirPlay is the future of the world of music. Apple made a big leap into the future by making way for a world where your phone or iPod will have all the data, but, you could send it over to better audio or video devices through a streaming friendly, wireless technology.


Now that we have laid down the fundamentals of the AirPlay technology, it’s time to look at some of the best AirPlay devices out there. We have already established the many benefits of an AirPlay speaker, the most prominent among them being that your music can literally be everywhere around your house. Ever since the AirPlay feature was introduced by Apple, all the major audio device giants have cashed in on the opportunity by releasing several models of AirPlay speakers. On the one hand, this means brilliant news, because, as a customer, you have all the options in the world. But, there is a tiny flip side as well. With so much to choose from, you might just go astray.


To make sure that you are on the right track, we have put together a list of the best AirPlay speakers in the market as of now. Here it is:

1. Audyssey Audio Dock Air- This is among the best AirPlay speakers out there. It is the size of a shoe box, but it can make a room come alive with its fantastic audio. The sound is sharp and crisp, both at extremely high and low volumes. The Audyssey Air Dock can easily replace your traditional speakers as the main audio device in the house. Besides the technical details, the design is simple and minimalistic, which means that the speakers easily blend into the décor of the room. In all probability, you won’t even notice them, except for the sound, of course.

2. Logitech UE Air- the Logitech UE Air comes with all features you would expect in a good AirPlay speaker- the sound is great and the design is sleek and simple. But the USP of this product is just how easy it is to operate. Unlike other AirPlay speakers, you simply have to download an app, fill in a few details and the set-up is done. That’s just how easy it is.

3. Philips Fidelio DS3881W- Philips made its entry into the AirPlay segment with these speakers among others. The Fidelio DS3881W speakers are shaped like doughnuts (yes, you got that right, doughnuts) and come with complete surround sound technology. They are very portable and they have a rechargeable battery. Did we forget to mention that the sound is great as well. So, if you are looking to spice your room up, get yourself one of these.

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