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HX5V Cross SectionWe were going over our data for June and noticed a very interesting trend among our most popular products for the month. It turned out that of our 10 most popular items on alaTest, 7 of them were digital cameras. It seems that consumers are getting serious about taking some great photos, perhaps for summer vacations or family get togethers. We decided to take a closer look at our most popular cameras and what makes them so great.



“Bridge Cameras”

Many of the most viewed cameras last month were Bridge Cameras, which provide a “bridge” between the small, fully automatic digital compacts and larger, more expensive digital SLRs. They’re generally popular for supporting very high zoom lenses and advanced manual features while still maintaining a manageable size and price.


Olympus ZX-1

The ZX-1 was out number one most viewed item last month, popular due considerably to its compact size with much of the same manual functionality you’d get from an SLR. It offers essentially all of the same specs and features of the competing Canon PowerShot G12 and is even the same price, but manages to be a bit smaller.


Canon PowerShot G12

As the third most popular item last month, the G12 is certainly no slouch. While the ZX-1 may have it beat in terms of size, the G12 features the better lens (with 5x zoom instead of 4x) as well as Canon’s esteemed DIGIC 4 image processor and improved image sensor.


Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

The SX30 IS is another bridge camera, coming 4th on our list; however, it’s not a competitor to the G12 or ZX-1. This is because the SX30 focuses on combining the automatic features of a standard digital compact with the zooming capabilities of an SLR, and with a 35x optical zoom, it does just that.


Nikon CoolPix P500

Right behind the SX30 in the 5th spot is its main competitor, the Nikon P500. Also a superzoom camera, the P500 has a 36x zoom; although, compared to the SX30, it features a slightly poorer lens. This is made up for by the fact that Nikon uses a CMOS image sensor, considered better than the Canon’s CCD sensor. Still, general consensus lies with the SX30.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

The LX5 is a camera that looks great on paper, but compared to other products in its class generally fails to perform. Still, it managed to come in 10th in last month’s most popular products. It competes with the G12 and SX30 IS, but due to its poorer color-depth (19.6-bit vs 20.4-bit, which makes a tremendous difference), the LX5 does not produce the same quality of photos; however, it makes up for it with a much cheaper price, about $100 cheaper actually.



Traditional Compact Digital Cameras


Sony Cyber-shot HX5V

Coming in at number 9 in the top 10 was Sony’s HX5V. The HX5V is actually one of Sony’s last year’s models and is no longer in production, but because of this, it can be found for significantly under its original retail price. Replacing the HX5V is the HX7V, coming with all of the same features but upgrades the image sensor and LCD screen significantly; however, the HX5V’s price tag is hard to beat.

Editor in Chief alaTest.com : Arie Struik

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  1. Stanley Cambra says:

    the p500 is a great product —–BUT the battery is a problem—it is not holding a charge properly,,, if u take it out of camera when not in use—great!! and of course carry a extra battery.

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