The Best Halloween Apps for Android and iOS

Halloween is upon us, but the parties and the trick-or-treating doesn’t start until the evening. What better way to kill the time than killing some zombies in the process (not to mention keeping track of your young ones as well as staying safe). Here are some of our favorite Halloween apps for Android and iOS.


Angry Birds Seasons

Everyone should be familiar with the ever popular Angry Birds games. Angry Birds Seasons is the same beak smashing, pig squishing game play you find in the original, only themed to popular holiday seasons – in this case, Halloween. This time it includes a new type of bird and some delightfully eerie levels. Android uses even have the option to get it for free (ad-supported, of course).


Plants VS Zombies

This one has been out for a while on the Apple App Store, but only a few months for Android; nonetheless, Plants VS Zombies is an addicting strategy game set in your home, about to be overrun by zombies. Your only defense? Plants. Amass your army of photosynthesizing greenery and dig in for the long haul. This game is a hard one to put down, and the Android and iOS versions are currently on sale for just $0.99.


Pumpkins vs. Monsters

Though it’s clearly a knock-off of PopCap’s Plants VS Zombies, Pumpkins vs. Monsters is just as enjoyable, and arguably even more Halloween themed. The game play is similar, but much less immersive, making it a more casual experience, great for those brief moments of down time when you might have to step away at any time.


Ghost Detectors

What fun is Halloween without any ghosts? Both Android and iOS have plenty of ghost hunting apps available. Searching either the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace will give you a lengthy list of Ghost Detectors, EMF Sensors, and EVP Scanners. Some will even translate EMF and EVP signals into text! Spooky.


Other handy Halloween apps include Flash Light apps, GPS Maps and/or Route Planners, and spooky soundboards. There is also Trick or Tracker which is extremely handy for parents with multiple children who will be out trick-or-treating. Just remember to be safe out there and scare responsibly. Happy Halloween!

Editor in Chief alaTest.com : Arie Struik

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